OSI Group’s David McDonald Has Been Focusing On Expansion for the Past 30 Years:

David McDonald has a long and storied career in the food business. Since 1987 he has been working with global food processing giant OSI Group and helping the company to expand its reach that now extends to 17 international countries. Today, David serves as Chief Operating Officer and President at OSI Group but he has gained this prestigious role by working his way up from the bottom. When David graduated from Iowa State he accepted a role as a project manager with OSI. His task in this role was to help the company build and expand its brand its the markets of Asia and Latin America. It was part of the continuing growth that the food service wholesale giant had been experiencing since major international expansion began in the 1970s. After over thirty years in business with OSI Group, David McDonald still maintains his passion for entrepreneurial spirit today and has been helping the company continue to expand its reach further over recent years.

Part of the recent OSI Group expansion that the last few years have seen have taken place in Europe. OSI partnered with British food company Pickstock in 2014 in order to increase its market share in the U.K. and this move was followed up on in 2016 when the company purchased the rights to food British wholesaler Flagship Europe. That same year the company also purchased the rights to Dutch food outfit Baho Food. David McDonald was heavily involved in both of these major OSI transactions and has commented on how pleased he has been with the way the deals came together. He also emphasizes that both companies are really tight fits with the OSI program and add great value to the company’s market share in Europe. Both Flagship Europe and Baho Food fit well with the company’s processing strengths. OSI also recently announced that the Flagship Europe name will be dropped as part of a rebranding that will see the operation continue under the name Creative Foods Europe.

Other recent news that has come recently during David McDonald’s tenure as President and Chief Operating Officer includes the purchase of a food processing facility formerly operated by Tyson in Chicago, Illinois. The plant has been re-opened under the OSI Group banner and has greatly increased the company’s processing ability in the region. The addition of this facility adds a second Chicago area location for the Aurora, Illinois based food powerhouse and production in the region is expected to as much as double.

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