Dick DeVos Gives Financial Contributions To Charities That Make People Take Notice

Many people are in need of help in the world today. The type of help varies from person to person but the need for help is prevalent in the world. There are many reasons why people need help. Although the reasons maybe different, people have various places that they can go to receive help. One of the places that people can go to receive help are charities. The role of charities concerning helping people is an important role in the effort. People go to charities to receive help and many charities attempt to provide help in numerous ways.


In the end, charities are able to help many people because the charities have the money available to help people. Without the money, charities would not be able to do many of the things that are done to help people. While there are various ways that charities can raise money, one of the most popular is through financial contributions. Millions of dollars are given to charities as a whole every year. The individual charities receive various amounts of financial contributions. Some charities receive more contributions than other charities. The reasons why some charities receive more contributions than other charities are numerous.


One of the reasons is because some charities are able to get substantial contributions from people who contribute large sums of money. The people who contribute large sums of money can make a huge difference to charities. These people give contributions that can go into the millions of dollars. One of the people who gives financial contributions of this size is Dick DeVos. With a net worth that makes him a multi millionaire, Dick DeVos has the money to give large contributions to charities.


Over his lifetime, Dick DeVos has given over 139 millions dollars to charities. The type and causes of the charities are different, but the reason for given by Dick DeVos remains the same; he wants to help people. Dick DeVos has a passion for helping people. Along with his wife Betsy DeVos, the couple has helped thousands of people over the past few decades.


Dick DeVos is an executive who is well respected in the business world. He has held key positions with the Orlando Magic and Amway. He serves as the current president of the Windquest Group. In all his executive roles, Dick DeVos has produce great results for the companies where he has provided leadership or provides leadership. A man with many business talents, Dick DeVos has a rare blend of personality and business savvy that allows him to rally employees together to work for common goals.


I think that Dick DeVos is a special person because he cares about other people, and he is willing to give of his own money and time to help others. While many people maybe willing to help a little, Dick DeVos goes the extra mile in numerous ways to help other people.



White Shark Media: Selecting An Established PPC Management Firm

Are you looking for professional PPC management service? Need to get the most successful results feasible with your PPC advertising campaigns? If you’re serious about expanding your business using pay per click advertising, White Shark Media can assist you.


White Shark Media is a well established ad agency, providing PPC advertising solutions and related services to business around the world. This company has clients from a wide array of industries and has a good reputation for rendering superior services.


Unlike placing your advertising in the newspaper, PPC, which denotes pay per click, is designed explicitly to get potential clients to click on ads. It is a simple advertising method that offers the opportunity to generate traffic efficiently.


As an advertiser, you get charged for individuals click on your ad. But it is vital to learn how to create captivating titles and descriptions, and to pick the right keyword phrases for your business, product or service.


Before you even start to establish an AdWords account you need to be certain you have an efficient strategy and defined goals. The team at White Shark Media will teach you how to design and set up your own PPC ad campaign.


Whatever the amount of your budget, you should be devoted to making PPC an important component of your marketing strategy in order for it to be a success.


Keyword research is the foundation on which you set up your PPC account. The better the keyword list, the more powerful your account will be. Keywords are the words or key phrases your customers would use when looking for your services or product. When a customer enters a keyword phrase you’re bidding for they will be presented with an ad.


Contact them right away for more information on how to get started with your own profitable PPC advertising campaign.



Can Equities Be Used As Loan Collateral?

A lot of small and medium sized businesses have cash flow problems at times. Usually, they will go to a lender who will provide a loan after long, complicated forms are filled out, and a business plan is put in place. The lender needs to know what the loan is for, and has control over the use of the funds.Some of the lenders will accept equities as collateral for loans. The government, however, regulates how much a lender can lend on equities, and the interest rate is usually fairly high. The loan to value ratio on equity loans is low, also.

Equities First AU is a private company, and the government does not regulate private companies in the same manner as they do conventional lenders. The loan to value ratio on equities as collateral at Equities First AU is higher — up to 80 per cent loan to value ratio. The interest rate is much, much lower on equity loans at Equities First, and the borrower can use the money for any purpose they deem necessary. There are no long forms to get in the way, and funding is faster and more convenient.

Equities First is a private company and can help small businesses with emergency loans quickly and easily. Emergencies do occur, and if you have an emergency, taking a month to get a loan is laughable. Equities First AU is there, ready to help. They will listen when others don’t, and they will lend when others won’t.

Thor Halvorssen’s Political Activism and Film Production

Thor Halvorssen is a revolutionary political activist with an inclination to philanthropy and film production. He has his voiced his perception on the topics on top international media houses such as New York Times, which regards him as the hero of the underdogs and the voiceless. In 2010, Thor delivered a TEDx talk at the University of Pennsylvania. He started his political works in 1989 in the United Kingdom by strategizing resistance to the South African Apartheid leaders. He is a Venezuelan and Norwegian native who got inspiration from his father’s political imprisonment in the Venezuelan region. In 2004, Thor started Human Rights Foundation in New York after his mother’s fatal death during a political protest. The organization promotes democracy and perseverance for supporters of political prisoners. It works to liberate federal inmates in Latin America through legal court measures. Since its set up, Human Rights has overseen the release of seven political activists by providing substantial evidence to Truth Commissions, presenting particular cases to key international human rights bodies and educating the public on individual rights and laws of the state click here.


Thor Halvorssen hosts regular political events geared towards various movements. In 2014, Thor set up Hack North Korea to increase information overflow to North Koreans. He gathered engineers, investors, designers, activists, technologists and defectors to input into the mission. He established College Freedom Forum at Yale University, the University of Colorado and Tufts University to educate students on their rights and the state of the laws. His Linkedin, In 2012 and 2013, Thor helped sensitize the public on the impact of electing authoritarian elects into power during the New York United Nations gathering. With the support of Peter Thiel, Sergey Brin, Anne Woiciki and Aung San Suu Kyi, Thor’s HRF brought awareness on how people dehumanize one another. The event educated the public on the resolutions of restoring humanity in the grassroots. Thor is the founder of Oslo Freedom, which hosts an annual gathering for human rights supporters. Thor film work includes founding Moving Picture Institute and acquiring Ny Tid, a Norwegian news magazine. Currently, he is working with Bryan Singer to reproduce Robert Heinlein’s film; The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

More visit: http://www.slate.com/authors.thor_halvorssen.html

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is Promoting Sleep Apnea Research

The founder and executive chair of Dental Sleep Masters situated in New Jersey, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has exceptional experience of developing innovative solutions for addressing sleep-related disorders. After acquiring his DDS, he opened his dental office known as Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. He acted as the senior dentist at his practice for close to two decades, bagging awards from the dentistry community. He won the Best Dentist Designation for a couple of years.


Infiltrating the sleep medicine scene


Dr. Avi Weisfogel developed a keen interest in the sleep arena while he was still managing his private practice. He researched intensively on the ways physicians and dentists could be of assistance to people with sleep-related diseases. In 2010, he opened up Healthy Heart Sleep, a firm that partnered with medical professionals around the world and equipped them with skills of instituting and overseeing sleep labs.


Diving deeper into the sleep world


In 2012, Dr. Weisfogel demonstrated that he was a driving force in the sleep world by founding Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. This company became an authority in the arena of sleep barely a year after its establishment. Through this firm, Dr. Weisfogel and his team lectured dentists on reliable tactics for offering better services to sleep patients and increasing their numbers. In 2014, he achieved yet another milestone in the sleep arena by establishing Dental Sleep Masters (DSM). DSM concentrated on assisting dentists to establish successful sleep labs and use oral appliances to manage sleep complications. As the founder and manager of DSM, Dr. Weisfogel advances sleep apnea research and obtains in-depth knowledge about the illness. He delivers this information to dentists and physicians to help them identify individuals who have high risks of getting this obstructive disease.


Dr. Weisfogel’s views concerning sleep apnea


Sleep apnea is an awkward disease since it can affect almost anyone of any age. However, hosts of studies have revealed that risk factors increase extensively with the increase in weight and age. Close to 50 percent of patients undergoing sleep apnea treatment are overweight, indicating that fat deposits block their airways. Dr. Weisfogel confirms that sleep apnea is not restricted to overweight persons.


Sawyer Howitt Racquetball

Sawyer Howitt is a standout racquetball star hailing from Portland, Oregon. He competed in the Boy’s High School Singles, #6 Gold and the Boy’s High School Singles, #6 Red. He is strongly linked with the Raquetball Club of Portland, Oregon and is the son of the founder of the prestigious Meriwhether group. It would not come as a shock of Sawyer decided in the future to represent the US Raquetball Men’s team in the Olympics.



Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Compiles Article For MarTech Advisor

Talk Fusion has been a key business in the video marketing industry and CEO Bob Reina has helped keep the company ahead of competitors in terms of video email marketing and newsletter solutions. He recently returned as a contributor to MarTech Advisor, a digital research magazine that posts information on technological marketing developments. His article “Video Advertising Trends of 2017,” is about different video styles and techniques that have scored big in the last year, and why businesses need to consider using them for marketing. Reina’s company also recently won an award from the Technology Marketing Corporation for Product of the Year with their videoconferencing and WebRTC recorder tool.


Bob Reina started Talk Fusion really out of just a hobby he was engaged in at the time. Reina resides in Tampa, FL is a retired member of the police force. He had taken up various multilevel marketing opportunities but wanted something that would tap into a market not explored yet. While vacationing in 2004, he had taken videos of a house and wanted to send them back to his family but couldn’t do so through email because the video files were too large. So then he got the idea to build a video email marketing platform. It took a little while to develop, but soon Reina had the platform developed and began Talk Fusion as a way to sell video email solutions to businesses and non-profits who needed them.


It didn’t stop there as Reina started seeing the potential for Talk Fusion in the multilevel marketing industry, so he then started the associates program that allows others to make commission income through reselling Talk Fusion’s product suite and referring others to the program. He also started free trials that allow customers to try all of Talk Fusion’s products risk-free for 30 days and they don’t even need a credit card to signup. Associates who make monthly sales volume and referral quotas as well as getting customers to signup for free trials can earn rewards such as authentic rolex watches, diamond jewelry, paid luxury vacations and even brand new sports cars.


Maggie Gill- The Exceptional Leader of the Reputable Memorial Health Medical Center

Maggie Gill is the president and CEO of Memorial Health Medical Center. Before working for Memorial Health, Gill worked at Tenet South Florida as Chief Financial Officer. She has also worked at Coral Gables Hospital, Shore Medical Center, and Palmetto General Hospital. Gill started working at Memorial Health as the vice president of finance in 2004. One year later, she ascended to the position of Chief Operating Officer. She later rose to the position of president and CEO of the firm in 2011. She is now responsible for corporate communications, government relations, physician relations, internal audits, orthopedic procedures, and neuroscience programs.

Maggie’s Education Background

Maggie graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University. She later acquired her MBA from Saint Leo University. Gill attended Wharton School for training in strategic management.

Memorial Health Medical Center’s Performance at the 16th Annual Heroes Awards

In the 16th Annual Heroes Awards by the Georgia Medical Society, Memorial Health team clinched seven awards; The Heroes Awards are held to recognize professionals who have committed their careers towards improving the well being and health of the community. Their work benefits not only the current generation, but also impacts the future generations. Individuals and organizations are nominated in six classes: health care education, health care innovation, institution/organization, community outreach, physician lifetime achievement, and allied health professionals. The winners from Memorial Health were:

  • Community Outreach: The two winners from this category were Jimmy Gordon, Memorial Health’s regional emergency coordinator and safety officer. Cynthia and Dwaine Willet, supporters of Willet Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Center
  • The Infectious Disease Response Team working at Memorial Center
  • Health Care Innovation: The Accelerated Track Program
  • Health Care Education: The Teen Drivers Program
  • Physicians Lifetime Achievement: Carl Boyd, leader of Memorial Center’s trauma center


And Linda Sacks, the leader of Memorial Center’s neonatal intensive care unit. Maggie has proven herself at the helm of Memorial Health Medical Center. With her extensive experience in health care, and her track record in the health industry, Maggie is set to earn Memorial Health more awards and a high reputation in the medical fraternity.


The Star in Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall in his WordPress page has written a lot of educative posts. On 6th March, he wrote on what to do when a Lyme-infested tick bites you. He was driven to write due to the spread of Lyme in the mid-Atlantic region. The figures from research show that the number of Lyme cases reported have doubled from 2001 to 2015. Clay also explained on the effects of Lyme, which include flu like symptoms and arthritis. He further explained that one should always be on the lookout for ticks. He gave a guide on what to do when one spots a tick; relax, use tweezers to pull out the head of the tick, check whether the tick you picked is from a Lyme infested area, take the tick to a lab for study and monitor to see if you have got any Lyme related infection.


On 4th March 2017, Siegall wrote on how a doctor launched a vision to help astronauts’ eyeballs. Siegall explained how a doctor had done research and found out that after spending too much in space, one’s vision usually changes; one generally struggles to read. The scientific explanation to this was that while in space, the fluid around the heart moves to the head and causes damage to one’s vision. This was due to the anti-gravity state, but doctors were working to resolve the issue.


Clay B. Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics, which he founded in the year 1998, and is the Chairman of the Board, the company’s President, and the Chief Executive Officer. He is a scientist with emphasis on targeted cancer therapies. He built his foundation with the main aim of attaining scientific innovation, religious research and drug development practices. Under Clay’s leadership, the company has been guided to securing the 2011 FDA approval of its first ADC products. Seattle Genetics has collaborated with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, and is now a brand approved in 65 countries. Dr. Siegall has also led Seattle Genetics’ fund raising activities by raising more than $1.2 billion. Previously, Dr. Siegall had worked with the National Cancer Institute, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and the National Institutes of Health.

Jose Borghi: The Drawbacks of Inbound and Content Marketing

In the corporate world, advertising is widely believed to be the soul of business. This maxim has is often used interchangeably with another one, which states that content is the backbone of business. Each passing day, more companies come up with ways of marketing their content. More often than less, content marketing is accompanied by inbound marketing. However, many entrepreneurs expect quick results whenever they launch an advertisement campaign. There is need to first understand the concepts of inbound marketing and content marketing.

Demystifying Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing

Mullen Lowe Brasil founder and CEO, Jose Borghi states that inbound marketing is simply a business strategy that seeks to attract the audience by delivering products and services that solve a prevailing problem. Simply put, inbound marketing involves the delivery of relevant content to the audience. It is through such a high level of commitment that a brand can easily gain market leadership in its field, and customer trust.

On the other hand, content marketing mainly involves propping up content that has been delivered by inbound marketing strategies. Mr. Borghi advises companies to be careful as far as the formulation of these marketing strategies is concerned. Many entrepreneurs get excited by the prospect of getting more clients. This often makes them formulate poorly planned strategies that fail in the end. This highlights the importance of evaluating all concepts, and having an understanding of the market.

How to Formulate a Marketing Strategy

The advertising guru advises marketers to be smart when coming up with inbound and content marketing strategies. It is important to understand that any content that will be published on websites, blogs, and social media pages will either earn a company points, or make it lose its reputation.

The content should not only be interesting but also market oriented. This will go a long way in improving SEO optimization. The CEO of Lowe Mullen Brazil similarly points out that there is great importance in disclosing the content and material in numerous areas since it boosts the perceptibility of a firm.

About Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi is regarded as the most successful entrepreneurs in the Brazilian ad scene. As an advertiser, he is credited with the creation of advertisements that captured the imagination of the entire nation. His most prolific work is Mammals Parmalat, a feature film featuring children dressed like animals. The ad was meant to increase public participation in wildlife conservation. It was a major hit among Brazilians, and helped establish Mullen Lowe as the go-to Brazilian ad agency.