‘Culture Club’ Comeback

Break out your old roller skates and leg warmers because the 80’s are back. After a ten-year hiatus, “Culture Club” is back in all their iconic glory reports Lime Crime.

The lead singer, Boy George, formed the group in 1981 after his stint singing with “Bow Wow Wow.” The other members are Mikey Craig, Roy Hay, and Jon Moss. The eclectic mix includes a transvestite Irish man, black Briton, Anglo-Saxon and a Jew, which begot the appropriate name “Culture Club.”

The group was wildly popular in the 1980’s, with ten of their hits reaching the U.S. Top 40. Over time, they have sold over 50 million records, with their second album “Colour by Numbers” being the most popular, selling more than 10 million units itself.

Even those who do not particularly like their genre are familiar with their song “Karma Chameleon.” They have been called the most influential band of the 80’s, first in Britain and then with the rise of their popularity in the U.S. thanks to MTV.

Their North American tour is currently underway in anticipation of their upcoming album “Tribes”, which is available for pre-order. Exact concert dates are listed on their official site.

Irish singer Val Doonican dies

Singer and TV personality Val Doonican died at the 88 in a nursing home in the English county of Buckinghamshire, a spokesperson for his family has revealed. One of the most famous performers in the UK, Doonican had been a showbiz institution for more than 60 years in the UK and Ireland. The BBC reports the major break for Doonican came after he was booked to appear at the London Palladium in 1963 and caught the eye of TV executives in the UK for his strong singing voice and relaxed style with his audience.

Doonican fronted his own TV show from 1965 to 1986 and led to him filming 25 Christmas specials for UK TV stations until his retirement from performing in 2009. Doonican became known for wearing comfortable sweaters and sitting in a rocking chair during his TV shows, which led to his style being imitated by many comedians and fellow performers throughout his career. Folks at Boraie Development note that the singer is not reported to have been suffering from any specific illness at the time of his death aged 88, but his daughter stated he had simply run out of energy.

Kim Kardashian Flashes Nipple

This week, Kim Kardashian was not too shy about letting her maternity style get a little wild. Lately she has been the mom to watch, her pregnancy style this time around is beyond trendy. Not only has Kim continued to wear her sexy high heel well into her 5th month of pregnancy, but the tight dresses, cleavage baring tops and red carpet glamour haven’t skipped a beat says Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. Now that Kim is making herself the new hip mama of Hollywood. Much to everyone’s surprise, Kim is making a comeback from the fashion fails of her first pregnancy.

Gone are the days when Kim was criticized for her unsightly swollen feet in strappy heels, and water weight. Goodbye to the embarrassing fashion blog disses, and social media memes.
Kim is taking back her crown and letting it be known that her second pregnancy is going to be her most memorable.

While on her way to the Glastonbury Festival, Kim was caught by the paps in a super see through tight black top. Not only was her top completely see through but flashes from the cameras make her nipples appear plain as day. Kim didn’t seem to notice as the photos were being taking, and if she did she didn’t care because she didn’t even attempt to close the sheer jacket she wore to cover herself. As for now the photos are making their way around the internet as usual and Kim is getting all the attention should could ever want. Pregnant women are usually more insecure about their bodies, but Kim wants to let it all hang out.

The Who’s Final Farewell

The two remaining members of the famous rock band the Who, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend played their final scheduled show in London Friday the 26th. Sam Tabar indicated that despite being towards the tail-end of their more than 50 successful years of rocking, the Who were still able to sell out London’s Hyde Park in advance with 65,000 fans from all ages coming to hear the legends for perhaps their final performance in London.

Although the Who are not unfamiliar with farewell tours, many people are convinced this well be the final tour. Before the start of the show, a video played on a large screen covering the bands more than 50 years of rocking and rolling. Despite their ages, Roger Daltery 71 and Pete Townshend 70 were able to put on a captivating performance showcasing their trademark moves such as the guitar windmill and swinging microphone.

No Who concert would be complete without some sort of tribute to the rest of the band’s fallen members. The Who’s lead guitarist, Pete Townshend reminisced about experiences with former drummer Keith Moon and former bassist Jon Entwistle commenting that he missed them “terribly”. The Who headlined the Glastonbury Festival yesterday and are scheduled for a few stops in the United States. There are still opportunities to see one of the best and most influential rock bands in the world on what very well may be their last tour.

Kylie Jenner Contemplating Breast Implants

Kendall Jenner recently made waves on the internet, and it was due to her comments on Kim Kardashian. In case you missed it, Kendall said that she is not in competition with her big sister, and Kendall also added that she is very happy with her own body. However, Kylie Jenner is a completely different story, and it seems that she wants to have a better body than Kim.

Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page is filled with hundreds of scandalous photographs, and most of them include booty and breast shots. Workers at Madison Street Capital see this as a bit inappropriate when checking Instagram or Facebook for that matter. It should be noted that Kylie Jenner is only 17-years-old, but that hasn’t stopped her strange behavior. Nonetheless, Kylie Jenner is contemplating surgery, and it seems that she wants to have bigger breasts.

Kim Kardashian is stacked on both sides of her body, but Kylie Jenner wants to be bigger and better than Kim. Hollywood Life recently revealed an interview with Kylie Jenner, and it’s very obvious that she will be getting a boob job in the near future. Some fans on social media are hoping that Kylie doesn’t go through with it, but there are many other people who are okay with it. Kylie Jenner isn’t the most beautiful girl in the family, but she is quickly becoming the most scandalous.

Taylor Schilling Dishes on Nude Scenes

Taylor Schilling is one of the main stars in the hit Netflix show, “Orange is the New Black”. And for those who have watched it, you know that viewers get to see quite a bit of Taylor as she plays inmate Piper Chapman. Piper and her on-screen girlfriend Alex Vause, played by actress Laura Prepon, have some of the steamiest scenes on television currently.

The 30-year-old actress recently sat down with People Magazine and discussed her nude scenes in the hit show. She said that her family actually watches “Orange is the New Black” and enjoys the show. When People asked about how they handle seeing her nude scenes, she said that they just don’t discuss that issue. She said that her family has enjoyed seeing the evolution of Piper Chapman and how she has grown as a person during her time at Litchfield Correctional Facility.

The Emmy-nominated actress can also be seen in “The Overnight”, a comedy about two couples who venture into the world of swingers after spending a night drinking and doing drugs. Crystal Hunt can’t wait to check that one out. Honestly, that sounds like something I could see her character Piper Chapman participating in, if she wasn’t locked up of course.

For the full interview with Taylor, check it out on People.com.

Rob Kardashian Continues To Struggle With Weight And Depression

Khloe Kardashian is a strong girl, not only has she been dealing with her broken marriage, her step father’s recent transition into a woman, and the death of a close friend, but Khloe has been dealing with the ongoing drama surrounding her brother Rob Kardashian who has been living with her for over a year and seems to be battling depression. While it may seem that Khloe has it all under control, the truth is she is running out of creative ways to make Rob feel welcomed in her house without enabling his binge eating and unhealthy social anxiety.

For over a year Rob has refused to go out in public and be seen by cameras, he has even resorted to making other people run his errands for him to avoid all human contact says Ivan Ong.
Kris Jenner has resorted to hiring professionals to help the rest of the family figure out how to tackle Rob’s issues, but Khloe is left out of the discussions because she is a conflict of interest considering her hindering loyalty to her little brother. Kim Kardashian is beyond fed up with Rob’s wallowing, and feels that the best thing anyone can do is leave him alone.

Rob’s most recent sighting at an In ‘N’ Out Burger, has gone viral and everyone is wondering how he can continue to gain weight with so much access to fitness coaches, personal chefs and lipo. The obvious issue is Rob’s struggle with depression, for years he has mourned the death of his father and now it seems he is dealing with more than anyone could begin to imagine. Even while owning his own successful business Rob is going to need help pulling himself out of this hole but nobody can help him until he is ready.

Taylor Swift and Her Disdain for Music Streaming

In time people may come to realize that Taylor Swift is the smartest or craziest person in the world of entertainment. She has refused yet another music streaming deal with another juggernaut, and people are wondering if she is doing the right thing.

According to Healthcare Recruitment Services, a Letter posted an open letter detailing why she would not be letting Apple place her music in the music streaming outlet that the company is venturing into. This is bold, but it isn’t unexpected. After all, this is the person that pull her entire catalog from the insanely popular Spotify website. Spotify even attempted to woo her, but she refused to get on board. Now Apple is finding that they don’t have enough money to buy Swift either.

For Taylor Swift there has to be some type of advantage on her end. Right now she isn’t seeing one with music streaming. The reality is that she is finding herself in a place where her fans are loyal. They are buying her music so there is no need to stream it and earn less of a profit. This is Taylor’s perspective. She has millions of dollars. Apple lucrative deal doesn’t mean much to someone that already has money, and Swift has a lot of it. Taylor has stated in the past that she may be open to Tidal. She is a fan of a streaming concept that is owned by the entertainers.

“Em Should Be Smiling”

Eminem recently posted a picture where he worse an extremely serious face. However, people all over the world believe he should have been wearing a smile on his face. This is because he recently set a record like no other.

The record label Eminem is under has had artists whom have gone gold and platinum. However, Eminem has become the first artist on this label to go double diamond on the digital market. The owner of the record label was very happy to make this announcement, and he was also happy to take a picture with Eminem and the two awards. The record label manager believes Eminem will continue to set records as he continues to make music. The manager also believes no one will ever catch up to Eminem, either.

Artists from all over have congratulated Eminem upon reaching this milestone. This is because not many artists every see this success. This type of award goes to an artist that is exceptional on every level according to sources. This type of artist must also be a genius among other things as Handy employees will point out.

Not many record labels have ever had this type of success with an artist, especially since CD’s hardly sell anymore. Eminem’s record label is happy to have this type of artist on board. Everyone at the label says there is no one like Eminem. They also say there is no person whom will ever surpass Eminem on any level.

Lex Luthor Heading to Comic-Con

The days of printing off a few posters and putting a simple teaser trailer on television or in front of a few movies to serve as an effective marketing campaign for a movie are pretty much in the past. These days, multimedia approaches and years of saturating the appetite of fans are necessary to move the big budget blockbuster films into the box office. Promoting a movie is no longer a simple task, and giving fans a taste of things to come seems to help films generate buzz moving toward the release date.

With “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” expected to be one of the biggest films of 2016, at least one of the stars of the film will making an appearance at the massive marketing blitz knows as San Diego Comic-Con. According to Screen Rant, Jesse Eisenberg, who will be bringing Lex Luthor to life, will be ready to whip fans into overdrive during the panel for the hotly anticipated movie.

Movies getting stars to make special appearances at events like Comic-Con is not a new concept. The stars and the characters are what audience members like Jaime Garcia Dias seem to be craving all the time, and Eisenberg already has a strong following. With the next installment of the DC Comic movies set to be a huge picture launching several new characters, any help in the marketing and buzz generating area can only be a positive. Plus, this could be a career defining picture for the veteran actor.