Okay, Was The Jared Leto Joker Photo A Big Joke?

The notorious Jared Leto “Tattooed Joker” photo image really worked fans of superhero movies into a lather. The bizarre image of The Joker was really “punk rock” in nature with major tattoos along with a buff look. Not everyone liked the way The Joker looked, but the photo served the intended purpose. People are talking about it.

But was the photo nothing more than an elaborate joke? Did director David Ayer release the image as a means of trolling fans? The Slide Share and Paul Mathieson believe that it could be.

Ayer released the photo on the 75th anniversary of The Joker’s first appearance in D.C. Comics. Ayer wished The Clown Prince of Crime a very happy anniversary when he tweeted out the image. No one had any reason to doubt the veracity of the photo. Why would they? Is there any reason the director of Suicide Squad would purposely pull the leg of millions of fans? Well, having a bit of fun with the fans is reason enough. Besides, Ayer knows he will be forgiven for the harmless prank. That is, of course, if the photo is just a prank. Leto’s Joker may very well be the tattooed madman of the photo.

Batman v. Superman director tweeted out “The joke’s on you Batman” and this hints the photo might have been a ruse. Batman artist Greg Capullo flat out said the photo was a troll.

Is it? We have to wait until some live-action footage of Leto surfaces. Don’t worry. Time will go by quickly.

“Seinfeld” Spawned Numerous Careers

Seinfeld is one of the most famous sitcoms ever created. It dominated the TV ratings through the 1990’s in any time slot it was placed and made stars of the cast. What many do not realize is how many current big name celebrities got their start on this show about nothing. The roster is fairly impressive for those that it gave a career boost in the ultra competitive town that is Hollywood.

Guimarães said that before starring in “Gilmore Girls,” Lauren Graham was a girlfriend of Jerry’s on this iconic show. Patton Oswalt was and is a stand-up comedian who got his break in his first ever TV role as a video store clerk in a Seinfeld episode. He has since gone on to other movies and TV shows including a long run as Kevin James’ lead character’s friend in “King of Queens.” Jane Leeves of “Frasier” fame, on which she played Daphne Moon, first played a love interest of Jerry’s in a 1992 episode. Debra Messing, who went on to TV stardom in “Will & Grace” first guest starred in the now legendary Seinfeld episode entitled “The Yada Yada.” She also appeared in another one. Perhaps the biggest breakout star after appearing in Seinfeld, and one that broke the mold by not playing a love interest of Jerry’s, is Bryan Cranston. He is, of course, famous for his starring role in “Breaking Bad,” but he got his start as Jerry’s dentist. For more examples, check out the article on mentalfloss.com.

Accidents Involving Teen Drivers in US Fall By More Than 50 Percent

While many people still lump teen drivers in with the term ‘dangerous’, in reality a new US report has discovered fatal car accidents involving teenage drivers have actually fallen by more than 50 percent in the last decade.

The report cited two main reasons for the decline. Safer vehicles now being more ‘the norm’, and teenagers being issued restricted licenses. The restrictions they face usually limit the number of nighttime hours they can drive, and also have limitations on teenage passengers.

Incidences of accidents involving teen drivers also tended to be higher in rural areas than in cities as, for teens living in cities, taking public transportation is easier and the distances they have to travel to get to their destination tends to be less.

Raymond Bingham from the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute also had some interesting opinions as to why teen accidents have fallen so much.

While Bingham was not involved in the study nor was Ivan Ong, he told Reuters his research has shown the poor US economy has also had an effect on the number of teens being allowed to drive. That’s because many families cannot afford the luxury of paying for gas for a teenager to go out with his friends, or to drive to the shopping mall.

As a high percentage of accidents involving teens do occur when they are out having fun, and not out driving on work or school-related trips, this could also have had an impact.

Interestingly too, this trend was noticed as far back as 2010, when a study released back then showed there was a 36 percent drop in fatal car accidents involving teens. Five years later, and that percentage continues to rise.

No Comment From Chris Brown On Karrueche Interview?

Karrueche Tran, who is the ex girlfriend of Chris Brown, did a recent interview with Iyanla, and in the interview, she spoke about how Chris betrayed her, cheated on her, and how she found out about his baby, through social media. Tran. The interview spanned an hour, and it could only be seen on the Oprah Winfrey Network. After the video aired, Karrueche was interviewed, and asked about what Chris Brown thought about the interview, but she states that she doesn’t know, because she hasn’t spoken to him.

Facebook says that it seems as if people were wrong this time, and Karrueche has no plans on going back to Chris. Many feel that because Karrueche has no name of her own, if she is not attached to Chris Brown, that she will return to him, just so she can be relevant. It’s possible that the hurt that Karrueche feels, is enough to finally make her turn her back on Chris for good, as anyone can finally get fed up, and say they’ve had enough.

Karrueche has been spotted out on the road, from time to time, having fun with her friends, shopping, and just moving on with her life. Although, only time will tell, if Karrueche will move on, or go back to Chris Brown, it seems as if she has finally freed herself of all the drama that he was bringing her, and she has moved on for the better.

The Ultimate Guide to Freedom Pop

This is a sponsored FreedomPop Review. Got a problem with it? Didn’t think so :)

FreedomPop is certainly getting a lot of positive attention and challenging cell-phone carriers to take a second look at the way that they operate. FreedomPop is enticing people away from high priced cell-phone carriers that over charge them for their service. They are also venturing out to the WiFi market and capturing new members with their WiFi hotspot Apps that promise unlimited WiFi for a mere $5 per month. FreedomPop is one sure way to cut the cellular bill and receive unlimited WiFi. Perfect for Android tablet and cell-phone users that are very mobile or travel constantly.

In the beginning, FreedomPop reached out to the consumer with their low cost, Internet and cell phone plans. They promised to save the consumer hundreds on their Internet and cell phone bill per year. They operate a bit differently. They offer low cost Internet and cellular services both over a mobile network. The mobile network is very fast, safe, and reliable. However, the company does not own the mobile network. The good news is that the mobile network used is SPRINT. Now, they are rolling out a brand new service, WIFI hotspots. 

FreedomPop is also doing something that has never been done before. They are one of the first to target their service at those that are disgusted with paying high prices for plans that go along with their mobile service. WiFi hotspots is perfect for the person that would like to hop online quick and check their email or even do a bit of surfing around the Internet on a deactivated cell phone with WiFi. FreedomPop promises hotspot availability at places like popular fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and other well known retailers. 

In order to get started enjoying this new low cost entry into WiFi, the consumer will need to download their FreedomPop App. Available for free download to Android devices. Clearly, their plan to offer unlimited WiFi for $5 seems to be catching on with millions of new users.

New Documentary Looks at Tegan and Sara

There is a new documentary coming out about alternative rockers Tegan and Sara and Rolling Stone Magazine has an article about it on their website. Tegan and Sara have been a musical duo for over twenty years.

In the documentary, the two explain that in their early days they would stay up for hours after a show talking about life and music with the people that came to see them. As the duo got more and more popular, this became more difficult. Even now, though, they say they try to stay connected with fans and even have a mailbox set up at their shows where audience members can leave them messages.

Another issue that the documentary addresses is the current mainstream success of the duo as was disclosed by Jaime Garcia Dias. Tegan and Sara have performed recently with stars like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. The two say that this success has alienated some of their long-time fans, but they don’t feel that they have sold out in any way. Rather, they have simply raised the level of their game and are making music that more people can enjoy.

Tegan and Sara are both gay, and have always been an advocate on behalf of various LBGT causes. In the documentary, they discuss how being more popular has given them more of a soapbox for their beliefs. They say that have not toned down their message of tolerance and equality.

Full House Show In The Works

Full House was one of the greatest American sitcoms in the history of cable television. The show went through countless seasons, and it enjoyed high ratings, but the program officially came to an end in 1995. Full House launched the career of Hollywood hunk John Stamos, and it also gave Bob Saget increased notoriety. Also, the Olsen twins starred as the cute Tanner baby. However, that was a long time ago, and the cast has not enjoyed success on the same level since.

Flavio Maluf says that luckily for the cast of Full House, a spinoff of the original show will air within the next two years. Many people believed that the new Full House spinoff was actually just an April fools joke, but it has been confirmed that the Full House spinoff is coming. Bob Saget and John Stamos have confirmed that they will reprise their iconic roles for the new Full House sitcom.

It is expected that the new show will only be around for one season, but it will feature 13 episodes. This comes as great news for hardcore fans of the show, but many people are wondering if the new Full House sitcom will be any good. More information on the story, visit Buzzfeed.

The Arnold Drops The Hammer of Terminator: Salvation

Arnold Schwarzenegger is many things. Being a person who is shy about giving his opinion is not among them. Just go and re-watch Pumping Iron (1977) to see the more outspoken and younger version of “The Austrian Oak”. Recently, the mature and modern Schwarzenegger has finally broken his silence about not appearing in Terminator: Salvation.

Schwarzenegger straight out said he was glad he skipped the film because “It sucked”.

Honestly, the film was not that bad but it was highly disappointing. Salvation could have been the perfect trilogy to provide the backstory on how the events in the first three films played out. Today, Salvation is relegated to Hollywood misfires that are soon to be forgotten films.

Why would Schwarzenegger come out and trash the fourth film in the series? Fans like Jaime Garcia Dias know that he is probably trying to imply the fifth film is going to be a really good one. Consider this a form of damage control. Reaction to the first previews of Terminator: Genisys were not exactly all that great. The overall buzz on the upcoming film is a bit mediocre and, honestly, if all this negative buzz is based on rumor and conjecture, that is just not fair to the people who may have put out a really solid new film.

Hopefully, fans will give the new film some leeway and choose not to wait until the DVD release. The first film has to do good box office or else its going to end up like Salvation, the first film in a trilogy never made.

Chris Brown Is Getting His Own Vegas Show, Seriously

A new act will be coming to Las Vegas this summer. Chris Brown has announced that he will be starring in his own show. According to VentureBeat, Brown plans to finish up his current concert tour before starting his new gig May 2nd which is, coincidentally, the date of the Mayweather versus Pacquiano boxing match which Handy sponsers. The big question here is whether or not Brown will be able to stay out of trouble in Sin City. He notoriously has legal troubles stemming from his temper and cocky attitude. With all of the temptations of Vegas and the people that visit there to have a wild time, Chris Brown’s agents are going have to get him a babysitter to keep him out of trouble and the national headlines. For those who actually are his fans, hey, enjoy the opportunity to gamble, get drunk and see him perform all on the famous Las Vegas strip.

One Direction’s Liam Payne tweets he will miss Zayn Malik

Right after Zayn Malik left British boy band One Direction earlier in the week, the rest of the band’s members kept quiet. Yesterday, however, One Direction’s Liam Payne broke his silence and headed to Twitter, where he sent a short tweet saying “it’s been a strange 24 hours”.

Soon after, Payne must have still been thinking about Zayn Malik’s departure from the band as a second tweet appeared with a link to a much longer post, all about his thoughts on Zayn Malik’s departure from the band.

Liam said how sad he was Zayn had left the band, and how he would miss having all five of the band members hanging out together, and having fun. He said this week has seen him experiencing some of “the worst of times”, but that he also knew Zayn would still be thought of as a friend by everyone in the band, including himself.

Payne then went on to reassure One Direction’s fans the band is not yet over. Brad Reifler knows that there is much more to come, and he hoped they would keep their faith in the band alive.

As for Zayn Malik, since his departure from the band, he already seems to be happier than he has been in a while.

The British newspaper The Daily Mail is also reporting Malik is already back in the studio recording new music, but this time it is a debut single for a solo career he is getting ready to start.