How Desiree Perez Stood Up for Tidal’s Reputation

Music Streaming is a multi-million industrial sector. While Tidal still remains in the rare end of the vast latitude of music streaming companies, the Executive, Desiree Perez is working to turn tables on the situation. She even went ahead to affirm that the firm remains resilient to maintain its niche in the industry.

There was a lot of speculations concerning the firm’s lifespan, following high management turnover that saw many executives quit their jobs. Amid these jeers, the company’s founder, and one of the prominent rappers in America, Jay-Z, has maintained his focus. The established rapper has even resolved to other strategic plans to salvage Tidal from succumbing from its downside trajectory. With assistance from Ms. Perez, the company is taking some advanced steps. Now, it is happy to announce increased membership and a heightened curiosity from music fans. However, she seems not to be complacent. Rather, her next priority is to bring customers on board.

Among the best decisions that Jay-Z has ever made was when he hired Desiree Perez, check this on   Since then, she has been a silent operator behind some record-breaking contracts on behalf of Roc Nation. It is something she shines at. In fact, her involvement with Tidal has seen more people subscribing to Tidal’s streaming application. She has incorporated some exclusive award-winning albums by Beyoncé, Kanye West, Rihanna, and T.I. That single move has seen millions of new subscriptions to the application.

About Desiree Perez

Known industrially as Dez, Ms. Perez is a renowned music producer and a prominent figure in the showbiz realm. She heads the Tidal negotiation teams, and is also the woman playing the silent role behind the scenes of Roc Nation. She has cutting-edge negotiation skills and is well versed with the entertainment industry. Dez is particularly recognized for assuming a pivotal role in the “On The Run Tour” that featured Jay-Z and Beyoncé. She also produced “Change: The LifeParticle Effect, a documentary.  Related article here.

Desiree Perez was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Awards in 2015, where she stood the chance to earn the award from the Outstanding Special Class Program. She has a long following in Social Media where she interacts with young music fans in matters pertaining Tidal and Roc Nation.

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Karl Heideck Works On Your Case In Overdrive!

Karl Heideck will work on your case
Karl Heideck will work on your case

Have you ever seen the old show Matlock and seen how that lawyer was always in court battling the big corporate giants and helping the small guy get justice in the a big city? Well that is only part of what a litigator actually does on a day to day basis. A junior litigator just starting might spend all of his day away from court- researching policy and writing memos and case briefs for presentation later. They may also have to play investigator and detective interviewing and screening witnesses for the trial later that year. What kind of education you need to be a litigator? Typically you need a four year degree in any major and a law degree from an accredited institution. You should have also passed the bar exam for that state too in order to practice independently or join a law firm as an associate.


Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia based attorney who has great expertise in the area of risk management and compliance. Karl Heideck has been perfecting his craft in these areas for over 10 years now and is considered one of the top attorneys to go to in his field of expertise. Karl Heideck graduated from the Tempe University Beasley School of Law with honors.

Karl Heideck will work for hire and for you on your case all the time as he has experience in commercial litigation, legal writing, and civil litigation among other skills. He brings fresh and unique experience to litigation as he served as an English major in undergrad before coming into the law field full time.

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Desiree Perez Revolutionizes the Tidal Streaming Business

The music industry is a lucrative business. While most of the money gets acquired through the sales of records, millions of dollars also get tapped from the streaming business. Tidal is a music streaming company. However, it is an underdog in the industry. The company’s executive, Desiree Perez seeks to uplift the company and ensure it becomes the favorite among video streamers. The company’s management has evolved over time. However, the change hasn’t deterred the founder, Jay-Z. After the administration had stepped down, he steered into another direction with the idea of saving the company. Today, with the help of Desiree, Tidal is thriving with new membership and a large base of music fans.

The best decision Jay-Z made for the company is bringing Desiree into the enterprise.  Click on for related article. She has helped complete some multi-million dollar contracts. At such a time, having Desiree assist the business in transitioning from one step to the other has born great fruits. Additionally, she has helped Jay-Z transition from the rap industry to music streaming. She has the right mind and the ability to finalize deals profitable to musicians and the company. The Tidal app is gaining ground after exclusives from Rihanna, Beyoncé, TI, and Kanye West. Today, it has more than one million subscribers.  Go straight to this important link for more reading.

Desiree Perez is married to Juan Perez of Roc Nation Sports. She exhibits excellent managerial and accounting skills. She is credited for the Beyoncé’s Formation Stadium tour and Rihanna’s deal with Samsung. Since her input, the Tidal app is finally cutting its path in the streaming industry.

Desiree is a shrewd entrepreneur and a figure in the entertainment industry. Today she serves as an executive at Roc Nation, an entertainment company. Roc Nation also offers management services to musicians. Additionally, she works with Jay-z in the management and development of the Tidal streaming business. Perez has worked in the entertainment industry for two decades. She has successfully negotiated deals skyrocketing her client’s profits. Perez also works at SC Enterprise.  More of this on

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Todd Lubar, A Real Hero In Real Estate

According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar is not just not famous, but he is a brilliant, successful business entrepreneur recognized globally. Real estate industry management became his passion back the year 1985 which he carried on for a while. This was after acquiring a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from the University of Syracuse. He discovered that his zeal in helping out other individuals on top of his remarkable experience in business would make him a man of honor in the world of business as well as finance his goals. He began his adventure journey saw him venture into business as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation which is a prominent company. This gave him credible experience on mortgage banking services. This boosted his career a notch higher, and it gave him confidence that he was headed in the right direction. Todd Lubar has acquired knowledge over the year which has led him to spend plenty of his time developing unmatched relationships with a variety of real agent personnel, financing managers, insurance agents and many other relevant bodies.

Four years later, Todd Lubar obtained a higher position with the Legacy financial group which is also a great organization. This boosted his career advancement. This milestone saw him gain experience in the lending department where he could act as Direct Loan Mortgage Bank. Todd enlarged his territories even further in the year 2002 after gaining ample experience. He came to a decision of opening a company and named it Legendary Properties. His initial operations gave him enough confidence that he was capable and there was no room for failure. The company was a Real-estate with an aim to serve clients as a private development organization. The idea was a significant boost to his endeavors as it facilitated rapid reintegration. The team gave him a leading platform to advancing relationships with various experienced experts in the field of building trades. This gave him unimaginable returns. His relationship between major banking companies was also significantly enhanced during this time. Todd managed to hit twenty million dollars as credit lines as a result of his idea to open his real estate company. All the major firms he traded with had their trust and confidence in him doubled. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

What’s Your Favorite EOS Flavor?

EOS lip balms come in many different flavors and there is something for everyone. They are 100 percent natural and 95 percent organic. EOS lip balms are unique not only because of their orb shaped vessels, but because they are natural and come in many new and exciting flavors.

EOS offers not only many different flavors, but also different options, such as Organic Smooth Orbs, Shimmer Smooth Orbs, Visibly Soft Orbs, and even Organic Smooth Sticks.

EOS Organic Smooth Sticks come in flavors like Vanilla bean, Pomegranate Raspberry, and Sweet Mint. They are 100 percent natural and 95 percent organic. These Organic Smooth sticks are also paraben and petroleum free and packed with shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil to keep your lips looking soft.  Follow EOS on their page

The Visibly Soft Orbs come in Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, and Blackberry Nectar and nourish your lips with vitamins C and E. These orbs smooth on clear and will keep your lips feeling smooth and pampered for hours.

EOS Shimmer Smooth Orbs come in Pearl and Sheer Pink and will not only moisturize your lips but will add a touch of shimmer to your lips. They contain jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E to give you moist and softer lips.

EOS also offers lip balms in stick form and they offer tantalizing flavors like Vanilla Bean, Pomegranate Raspberry, and Sweet Mint. They smooth on easily and clear and contain shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E to pamper your lips

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The Beginning of Life Transformation at the Kabbalah Centre

People across the world seek self-fulfillment at certain points of their lives through spiritual guidance and teachings. The Kabbalah Centre, a non-profit organization and university offers students the opportunity to study the body of spiritual wisdom. Kabbalah is spiritual wisdom which holds the keys to universal secrets and the wonders of the souls and hearts of human beings. The teachings should not only be learned, but applied and used in everyday living, as well.


Kabbalah universal wisdom has been taught more than 4,000 years ago, including to Abraham and Moses. Modern Kabbalists teach students the difficulties of the physical and spiritual nature of humanity with the material and non-material universe. Their teachings assist students during the whole transformation process to peace, joy, and self-fulfillment. Learn how to remove suffering and pain from the body and chaos from your life.


The Kabbalah Centre is an organization that allows continuous learning and growth to make changes and increase wisdom. Beginners may start life transformation by attending Kabbalah Online University to receive lessons by video or live lectures. Beginner courses introduce students to universal wisdom, the basic tools for change, and the power of level one


Each course at the university provides students with knowledge to expand spiritual growth. Classes for intermediate students include Kabbalistic Astrology that teaches how to discover true nature of the human being and signs of the material world. Kabbalah University teaches wellbeing to achieve spiritual transformation, fulfillment, and success in one’s daily life. Learn the power of words, wellness based on kabbalah principles, and how to become a beacon of Light and learn more about Kabbalah Centre.


Find a location near you in Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Oceanic, or United States. The Kabbalah Centre teaches universal wisdom based on Kabbalistic principles to all people desiring oneness with the universe and the Creator. Its teaching comes from ancient Zohar texts and KabbalistRav Isaac Luria’s 16th century writings. Students will obtain understanding about the origin of God’s creation, universal spiritual and physical laws, and the soul. The teaching of Zohar is said to be a lifesaving tool that brings authentic peace, healing, fulfillment, and fortification and more information click here.

How Securus Technologies Offers Communicative Solutions For Inmates and Their Visitors

Securus Technologies is becoming well-renowned among correctional facilities today. It is important to note exactly what it is and what it entails. Securus Technologies is continuously improving its technologies to ensure that its users are provided an opportunity to communicate with one another via safe and secure methods. Although it is important for people to know that Securus Technologies offers its platform under protocols that are safe, secure, and confidential, law enforcement officials will have access to the conversations that take place. This is because they may need to use certain things that are talked about for investigate proceedings. This is why it is highly recommended for individuals to ensure that they refrain from speaking about illegal matters, as well as refraining from engaging in them, as they should not want to have a part in causing harm to themselves or others.


Securus Technologies is offering inmates an opportunity to possibly chat more frequently with their visitors. Oftentimes, visitors need to travel long distances to visit the inmates who are in jail; however, it may be difficult for them to do so if they have busy schedules. By speaking with a customer service representative, a current or prospective user can get the assistance that they need. It is highly recommended for prospective users to navigate through the website to see how they may be able to benefit from the program. Although there are many different ways that someone can engage in a visitation session with an inmate, Securus Technologies is one that offers convenience. Appointment scheduling through Securus Technologies is absolutely easy and fast. A customer service representative will happily guide you through the entire process of signing up and having the program installed.


Sawyer Howitt reveals his passions for Racquetball and Business Finance

Rising star entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt does more than just navigate through financial corporate straits. An avid sports enthusiast, Howitt can be found at on the courts battling a different type of opponent- a racquetball.

Currently attending Columbia University, Sawyer Howitt spends time burning off endorphins at the Racquet Club Portland, a country club. The gorgeous grounds of this lovely private club were established in 1945 with an emphasis on family values. Howitt, being an Oregon native– prides himself on supporting local institutions. Howitt is a ranked player, the results of his single matches and rankings can be found on the USA racquetball events website.

At Columbia University, Howitt is studying Entrepreneurial Finance and is expected to graduate 2022. Sawyer has an early start, combining his studies with the workforce. Howitt worked alongside project developers as a Business Analyst at RFID Checkout last year. As Project Manager at Meriwether Group, Howitt hopes to grow his industry connections and forge his path through these turbulent times of the Internet of Things.

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While racquetball is one of his main hobbies, Howitt also spends time supporting his local businesses, being a proud spectator and attendee of the Portland Trail Blazers. Howitt maintains an active online presence with mentions on Crunchbase and Angel.Co, photography another hobby of his, see Howitt’s work here.


Bruce Bent II Oversee An Innovative Financial Technology Corporation

Money Market Funds are are short-term vehicle in which one can invest their money. The money market mutual fund as it is sometimes called, invests in such investment vehicles as US Treasury bills and commercial paper.

According to Wikipedia, The US Treasury bill, backed by the U.S. government, is a short-term debt. The T-Bill can be bought in varying denominations from as low as $1000 to as high as $5million, with maturity debts issued at a discount. Note: T-bills can have a maturity date that stretches from 1 month to 30 years. In past years, the US government had stopped issuing the 20 and 30 years bonds. However, as of 2017, these bills are now available.

Why the attraction to the US T-bill? It offers low risk and you will earn a guaranteed return on your money. For instance, an investor can purchase a $1,000 treasury bond at a discount of $950. Let’s say the bill has a 1 year maturity date. When that bill matures within that time frame the investor will have gained a $50 profit off the T-bill.

There are both benefit and drawbacks. The benefits include:

  • They are low risk investment.
  • Backed by the US government.
  • They are exempt from state and local taxes.

The drawbacks include:

  • Low return.
  • Subject to federal taxes

Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation and it’s subsidiaries and affiliates, Bruce Bent II, oversees the most innovative, financial technology business.

Bruce Bent II career has rested solely with Double Rock. His work with Double Rock has helped the company to change the cash management industry into multi-trillion dollar industry. Under his guidance, Access Control Advantage, a subsidiary of Double Rock, developed an automated contribution plan loan solution that has help reduce borrowing by plan participants by 25%.

Bent II is on the board of the Young Presidents’ Organization (responsible for connecting global business leaders worldwide), served on the President Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson (an environmental organization), and a former chairman of Gotham Chapter in Manhattan.

He received his BS in Philosophy from Northeastern University.

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Goettl Demonstrates the Benefits of Zone Controlled Heating

Goettl Air Conditioning is a well-known company that is based in Phoenix. The company was established several decades ago, and it has helped very many individuals living in the United States. The air conditioning company has been working hard to demonstrate the importance of having a perfect relationship with the communities around them. In its recent endeavors, the company is focused on showing what it means to make a difference in the world.


In the last holidays, the establishment decided to provide a reliable source of light for a family living in Las Vegas. The family of Abana Stephenson had been residing in a home without a proper functioning air conditioner, toilet, and heat unit. Abana’s two teenage children were already used to the unfortunate situation.


When Michael Gamst, the manager of Goettl learned about the needy situation, he decided to help. Together with several other professionals from the air conditioning company, Michael arrived at the Abana house and installed a brand new air heating unit, air conditioner, and toilet. All this was done free of charge. Workers at the company partnered with Tripple5teens to provide several gifts to the needy family. The Stephenson’s expressed a lot of gratitude because of the kind gestures.


Before the new unit was installed, the family was using at least six hundred dollars every month for electricity. After the new installation, the team of professionals from Goettl says that the bill will go down by almost half at the very least. The company used its latest technological innovation to help the people living in Les Vegas to conserve energy. The new technology will contribute to saving on heating bills. Although the region is predominantly warm, the air condition company emphasizes on the need of a well-functioning heating unit. The experts are hoping that more families will adopt this technology.