A Unique Cleansing System for all Types of Hair

An online magazine known as Bustle, recently had a post by a young woman who wanted to share her hair care experience. The woman was trying the Sephora.com fig variety of the Wen cleansing conditioner. She chose to create a week long journal of her experience in using this product for the first time. She decided to use the cleansing shampoo to help add body to her fine hair. She also had some issues with frizz she hoped the shampoo would take care of. Her daily accounts include self-photos, which show how her hair did become fuller and had an increase in shine. She did state that when she skipped using the shampoo for a day, she noticed her hair was dull and oily.

A Uniquely Formulated Cleansing System

The products in the WEN were able to correct the issues the young woman had with her hair, because they are formulated to clean and condition at the same time. These cleansing conditioners are available online through Amazon.com in several different formulas containing natural ingredients. The varieties available include lavender, pomegranate, fig, sweet almond mint and cucumber aloe. The ingredients used for each variety are designed to address the different issues people can have with their hair. These cleansing conditioners can get rid of frizz, add shine, increase body and make hair more manageable regardless of what type of hair a person has.

Not only is Wen designed to condition and repair hair, it also cleans without removing the natural oils that help keep hair healthy. Chaz Dean had a vision for the products he created, which led him to make not only his superior cleansing product, but also several other hair care products. The WEN line offers people a nourishing mouse that will provide superior hold, while adding volume and shine when hair is blow-dried.


Kyle Bass’ Floundering Career and Money Making Schemes

Investors once looked to Kyle Bass a source of sound advice. Investors were in awe at his appearance of financial wisdom, because Kyle Bass is one of a tiny portion of individuals that knew the recession was coming down the pike beforehand. Now, investors are still in awe about Kyle Bass. Instead of being awestruck at his wisdom, they are awestruck by his foolishness. Furthermore, people are horrified at the incredibly unethical things he has been engaged in. Kyle Bass has been making less and less money from legitimate, ethical sources. Sadly, Kyle Bass’ earnings are soaring from a very different type of source. His new career as a patent troll to the manufacturers of medicines has been incredibly profitable for him, but it is costing many lives. It has become a menace to the public health.

First, Kyle Bass’ television appearances were looked upon very positively. Due to this, the media was happy to have him on air. These appearances were very well paid ones for Kyle Bass. He was in the public spotlight in a positive way. Now, his appearances are looked upon very differently. Economic predictions of his haven’t been correct, since his well known 08′ forecast. As a result of the wildly incorrect nature of his forecasts, the media is very conservative in the amount of money he is paid. However, possibly in attempt to make up for his lower pay rates, Kyle Bass increased the number of media appearances lately. Despite this possible method of compensation, he makes less money in total from the media than before.

Kyle Bass certainly has a lot of strange political interests as evidenced by his blog. His interests actually appear to be quite strong with international politics. However, this isn’t any sort of humanitarian effort out of concern for citizens of another country. Instead, it is involvement with some of the most hated politicians of Argentina. No matter how much she messes up and makes life difficult for Argentine citizens, Kyle Bass keeps on praising Cristina Kirchner.

The worst thing that Kyle Bass is up to is his patent troll career. As a patent troll, Kyle Bass built a patenting organization on the founding principle of personal profits. Believe it or not, Kyle Bass no longer even tries to deny it! Major drug companies will come to his organization looking to patent their lifesaving treatments. He simply coldly denies them the patent, at a shocking frequency. Then, they can’t make money off the medicine, because it cannot be sold. Of course, many citizens are eagerly awaiting the new drug hitting the market, because it can treat or cure their potentially life threatening illness. People needlessly die, due to his devious plot. When companies go into the slump he creates, that’s when he invests. During their rebound, Kyle Bass profits from the sale of the stocks.  Read more on Wikipedia.

Ricardo Guimaraes’ Leadership Exalts BMG

Ricardo Guimaraes is the heir as well as the President of Banco BMG. He is a successful banker who has been in charge of the family business since 1998. He has managed the bank to become a leader in providing payroll loans in all of Brazil, displaying his outstanding leadership and administration skills. The focus of the bank has been on providing customers who have a low level of default with credit at low-interest rates. This has seen the bank prosper over the years.

Guimaraes is a football fan, and his love for the game goes beyond this. He served as a sponsor and president of Atletico Mineiro Club, a team of which he is an avid fan. He saw an opportunity to use sports marketing as a way to strengthen his brand by spreading awareness. By having the three orange letters printed on the shirts of players all over the country, BMG has gone ahead to receive visibility as a brand. Wiki has more cover on him.
Sports advertising is a high-cost affair. However, Ricardo Guimaraes goes ahead to justify the huge cost, claiming that the financial returns and brand recognition arising from the advertising outweigh the costs incurred. He also works with impartiality when it comes to the sponsorships offered by BMG. Despite his support of Atletico Mineiro, Mr. Guimaraes states that BMG does not root for any specific team.

Through the many sponsorships offered by the bank, BMG has received brand recognition. This is a natural process as the games that are played are broadcast on national television or observed by an enormous audience from a certain region. Those that watch these matches end up becoming familiar with the brand. Today, BMG ranks as the top sponsor of football in South America’s largest country. It also ranks as the company that enjoys the highest financial returns arising from sports advertising.

Pressure in the market pushed Ricardo Guimaraes to diversify the products that the bank offers, so as to cater for the new customers drawn by the awareness created by sports advertising. To do this, he went ahead to buy two financial institutions, GE Money Brazil and the Schahin Bank. This move saw BMG compete in other areas as well as offer new products. BMG was also able to offer various types of loans, all in a bid to cater to various customer profiles. The sponsorships by BMG also go a long way in increasing the confidence of potential customers.

George Soros Predicts a Financial Crisis

If you want to be successful in the current market on bloomberg.com, you must be very cautious. Any crisis affecting any country can have serious effects on the international community, so investors should follow all the news concerning other nations and how their currencies are doing. It is also advisable to listen and follow what the wealthy and influential people are doing, and this way, your chances of making any mistakes will be lower.

One of the most influential people you should watch and listen to keenly is George Soros, a very famous billionaire who is currently based in the United States. Apart from being one of the richest individuals in the world, Soros is very wise when it comes to the hedge fund financial activities on opensocietyfoundations.org, and this is why he has managed to accumulate too much wealth in his entire career.

In the year 2007, the Hungarian-born billionaire advised the international community that an international financial crisis was emerging. Although some investors did not take this serious, the crisis started, and it affected very many nations, including the nations in the developing world.

In order to be on the safe side, it is important to stick to the ideas of the billionaire. George Soros has recently warned investors of an upcoming financial crisis, telling the investors to be cautious in all their activities. According to the billionaire, the global market is already in a crisis, and this should send an alarm to the investors.

Speaking during an economic forum held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the billionaire and hedge fund manager said that the crisis was originating from China this time round, and the climate already resembles that of 2008.

For some time now, China is fighting hard to acquire a growth model, and it has not managed to get any success. The value of this nation has been devaluating for several years, and experts say that these problems are being transferred to the world economy gradually. Although the country is working very hard to return to a positive interest rate by 2020, experts in the financial industry say that for a developing country like China, getting that status back is a big challenge.

At the start of 2016, the global currency and stocks were already under fire, with the currency from China sinking gradually, adding to more problems. According to George, China has serious adjustment issues, and these have already brought a crisis.

George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund, one of the biggest companies internationally, and he invests in several platforms. He is active in philanthropic activities, and he gives most of his funds through his organization, the Open Society, which he started years ago.

Jon Urbana’s WordPress Professional and Artistic Achievements

Jon Urbana is a well known person for his high profile career and diverse artistic interests. He was very successful in Lacrosse as a defense player and now owns Next Level Lacrosse Camp, one of America’s most popular lacrosse camps. He lives in Denver his childhood home (https://about.me/jon.urbana) and majored in economics at Villanova University. Urbana’s interests include entrepreneurship, music, photography, aviation (more details here), videos and philanthropy.

Social media Presence

Urbana interests and activities are well detailed in his blog post (https://jonurbana.wordpress.com.) He is active in various social media platforms such as Instagram, twitter (https://twitter.com/jonurbana1,) Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/jonurbana) and Pinterest. He also has LinkedIn account that contains a well briefed resume of his professional life. As an active proponent of the environment, Urbana was recently featured on WRCB TV.

Jon Urbana’s Photography Interest

Urbana’s photography entails breathtaking views of nature and different culinary styles. His photography is uploaded on his Instagram account, his blog post and other social media accounts. His recent photos which can be viewed in his blog (https://jonurbana.wordpress.com/category/photos/) include a cookie and milk magic photo which depicts a traditional popular dessert, chocolate dropping in milk and a picture depicting a magical view of a Beira mar restaurante.


Urbana has various accounts with Soundcloud and MTV where he shares his music with his followers. He creates original music and at times produces remix of famous songs. His music can be accessed through his blog (https://jonurbana.wordpress.com/category/music/. )His recent updates on music include the best voted scenes of 2015 and features various artists, Jane Horrocks’ performance and other top musical renditions.

Urbana’s professional life

Urbana is the head of business development and one of the founders of Ellipse Technologies (http://www.jonurbana.com/ .) This company specializes in development and marketing of medical devices specifically lasers and IPL. There recent development is the introduction of Nordlys Hybrid System a more efficient device for many skin types. His entrepreneurship skills combined with being a successful Lacrosse player made him co- found Next Level Lacrosse Camp (https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jon-urbana.) This camp deals with training of young lacrosse players into developing better specialized skills.

Passion for videos

Urbana’s skills in video editing enable him to create videos that help in his charity campaign. Most of his videos cover his interest in nature and flying. Urbana’s Vimeo account and YouTube channel (https://jonurbana.wordpress.com/category/my-youtube-videos/) contain most of his uploads such as Life on Lake, sunrise from Afar and Ripples and Waves From Below among others.

Athlete profile and achievements

Jon Urbana is a successful lacrosse player. He played the defense position and his team received an honorable mention All-American Honors due to his effort. During his time, his team ranked 7th in the nation’s defense scoring (http://www.villanova.com/sports/m-lacros/mtt/jon_urbana_101801.html.) He started Next Level Lacrosse camp to nurture young players and refine their skills.

U.S. Money Reserve To Develop New Website With E-Commerce Coin Catalogue.


U.S. Money Reserve, the industry leader in rare, uniuqe gold, silver and platinum coins is launching a new website and online E-commerce coin catalogue. The new look and feel of the website reflects their leadrship status in the industry of precious metals. The website will feature many high quality photos and educational information that will help to make the buying experience and the educational experience more enjoyable.

The launch of the new website was first posted on CBS 19 and a link to the full article can be found here: http://www.cbs19.tv/story/31302020/us-money-reserve-encourages-visitors-to-explore-its-new-website-and-e-commerce-coin-catalogue

For many years the buyers of gold and silver coins have been using U.S. Money Reserve to obtain the coins for their collections. Most of the buyers got a catalog in the mail or an advertisement and bought their coins that way. Having an updated state of the art website is a direct benefit to every collector. Buyers can now take a look at these high quality gold, silver and platinum coins and search the knowledge center with ease. There is also a level of security and trust when buyers can communicate with the company and engage in secure online and offline transactions.

Things like live competitive pricing that is often updated to reflect the current and ever-changing rates of gold and silver bullion and bars, as well as exclusive products make this website top of the line. When you sign up for their client connect advantage program you will get access to one on one consultations, special release coins and bars and so much more. You can feel good about doing business with U.S. Money Reserve because they are the leader in their industry. They are the nations number one distributor of gold, silver and platinum products. They are the largest when it comes to U.S. government issued metals.

U.S. Money Reserve has a highly trained team of  twitter experts who know their stuff when it comes to coins. These top notch professionals go above and beyond the standards of the industry. Every customer and every transaction is important them and they take pride in what they do. U.S. Money Reserve is always looking to build long term relationships with their customers and the new website and catalogue will help everyone. If you like to collect gold and silver coins you owe it to yourself to check out the new website and the company U.S. Money Reserve. If you know anyone who collects on any level, the chances are good that they are already aware of the fine reputation that U.S. Money Reserve has built over the years. The best way to start collecting is to talk with someone from the company and see what they suggest to get you started based on your needs. Why not check them out today?

Veterans are Appreciative the US Money Reserves Support of Lone Sailor Memorial


U.S. veterans from WWII and those who have served in the armed forces appreciate the support of the United States Money Reserve (USMR) according to Kusi.com. This precious metal coin seller has created a 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor coin that they are selling for the United States Navy Memorial Foundation. The Pearl Harbor coin is made out of gold and silver and it features the image of the Lone Sailor.

The Lone Sailor is a famous statue and iconic figure that has been around since the 1980’s. This particular figure is constructed as a statue that has been located at different naval bases all across the country. The next place where a model of the Lone Sailor is going to be erected is at Pearl Harbor. Veterans and current servicemen who are a part of the Navy Memorial Foundation really appreciate the US Money Reserve for raising funds to get this memorial set in place.

The Lone Sailor memorial is a seven foot high statue made out of brass and it weighs over 1000 pounds. The figure of the Lone Sailor is standing next to a duffle bag. This sailor will be erected on a docking area at Pearl Harbor looking out into the Pacific Ocean. Every year, the Navy Memorial Foundation sponsors events that are related to the Lone Star. Memorial and Veterans Day are two time of the year where the Lone Sailor is remembered and so is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Veterans from all over the nation use the Lone Sailor symbol to pay tribute to fellow sailors all over the world.

The Lone Sailor statue at Pearl Harbor is expected to be erected before Memorial Day of 2016. If not, it will be in place by December 7 within the same year. Veterans are anticipating for this iconic statue to be set up at Pearl Harbor because its presence there will help everyone to remember one of the darkest and best moments in American history. There is more information about the Lone Sailor on Yahoo.

We Are Repeating 2008 According to hedge fund mogul George Soros

George Soros, the chairman and founder of the open society and the hedge fund mogul, has predicted that the current market is heading for financial crisis experienced in 2008. The cause of the bear global market crises in 2008 was the subprime crises experienced in the United States. However, the cause of current bear market is China. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/01/07/soros-its-the-2008-crisis-all-over-again.html.


Soros has ardent followers from investment communities, and they have enough reason to follow him. Soros has a net worth of $24 billion. In addition, he has been credited for predicting correctly the U.K pound devaluation in 1992. Besides, the Japanese stock plunge in 1989, and the rise of Germany mark after 1989. His recent prediction is associated with the idea that the current market environment is reminiscent of 2008. Though the current turmoil distinguishes itself from the 2008 crises, which was led by reckless lending, lax regulation. http://marketrealist.com/2016/01/repeating-2008-says-george-soros/


The subprime crises of 2008 shook united state, the world market at large. The housing market collapsed and left the united State in a major recession. It is already seven years, and the housing market and the U.S economy has not fully recovered, despite the federal initiatives on monetary policy that included zero-bound interest rates and asset-purchase programs. http://marketrealist.com/2016/01/repeating-2008-says-george-soros/


Soros believes we are repeating 2008, from his perspective the points of similarity between 2008 and now includes the fact that the US economy is broke and the plunging US stock market is increasing demand for safe havens. According to Bill Gross, the current US economy outstanding debt is about 100% of its GDP, while the stocks extend beyond that. The social security costs under various programs currently account about 400% of GDP. http://marketrealist.com/2016/01/us-economy-broke-says-bill-gross/


As China continues to affect the worldwide market, so far the US stock market has been hammered. Since the beginning of the year, volatility and uncertainty have been on the rise. For instance, on January 15, 2016, Dow Jones gave up 391` points for an aggregate loss of about 1400 point in two weeks. Fear has already gripped the market, and it is sending the equity market south. Nevertheless, the carnage being experienced in the oil sector is hammering investors and equity market as well. Investors have started looking for safe investments, this can be inferred from the rising price of silver, and gold by 1.1% and 1.6% respectively, the key factor driving the rising price is a call for safe havens. http://marketrealist.com/2016/01/us-economy-broke-says-bill-gross/


China economic story of the last thirty years is soaring in the eyes of many analysts. Since last summer, a stock market crash is being experienced, and t has thrown tremendous difficulties, in the recent months a raft of data has disappointed China leaders as the country retry to refocus from manufacturing to a consumption economy. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/01/07/soros-its-the-2008-crisis-all-over-again.html

Jon Urbana Has More Flair Than Beyonce, Say His Twitter Followers

Jon Urbana is an inspiring human being. He is the founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp which is a youth lacrosse camp located in Colorado that is dedicated to refine the specific skill sets that each player has in their position. The kids that participate in the camp get instruction from top coaches and also some of the best professional players. Jon Urbana played lacrosse on the college level where he gained honors as an All-American defensive player at Villanova University. He took this passion and developed it into a way to help others and inspire kids to achieve their goals and develop their talents.

Jon Urbana lives his life pursuing his passions and inspiring others to do the same. Besides lacrosse, Jon is an avid photography, musician, pilot, and business entrepreneur. He shares his passions and talents through most of the common social media platforms and is a must follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photography is something that many of us take part in because of the access to great digital technology, but it takes an eye to capture special moments in time and skill to do it with the right lighting and angles. Jon’s Twitter history shows that he has a great eye for snapping beautiful pictures of everything to do with nature, the animal kingdom, and humanity. His Instagram account will give you a great idea of what some of his work is about.

Music is also a passion for Jon Urbana and he has a wonderful ear for remixing in a new age and electronic sound. His tracks some of which are even originals can be followed on his SoundCloud account where he is starting to gain quite a following of enthusiasts of his work.

Publishing unique video is also something that we can enjoy from Jon Urbana. His Vimeo channel is full of great high quality video’s showing some of Jon’s interests and adventures. His channel page is a great place to also find links to everything Jon does online.

Living a life to it’s fullest potential is something we all aspire to achieve. Jon Urbana is a man that puts himself out there for everyone to see and he does so with the effort of helping others and giving back to his community.

Eight Predictions in 2016 for the NY Real Estate Market and How Will They Affect Town Residential

The year 2016 has begun and by all predictions, it will be a year of change for homeowners, buyers and sellers alike. In fact, 2016 will bring change for everybody and real estate will create a change in the way that property is bought and sold. New York City’s real estate market is reportedly going to see interest rates change people’s ability to purchase and how this will affect the housing market.

Here are the eight top-of-the-line market predictions for New York in 2016 as reported by the New York Daily News.

1. Interest rates will rise, causing buyers to chill off.
2. Housing deals will get more complicated and more difficult to seal.
3. Buyers will take longer to make their decisions.
4. Buyers will focus on prime properties.
5. Sellers stuck in 2015 will create distance in the realistic buyers of 2016.
6. Baby boomers will slowly move back to the city for many reasons.
7. Buyers will turn into renters in Brooklyn and be drawn to newer buildings.
8. The number of luxury condos, apartments over $10 million in Manhattan will grow as current purchases linger.

Town Residential is a leading luxury real estate agency in Manhattan and the Upper East Side; they specialize in matching spectacular condos, New York apartments and luxury homes with the right buyer or renter,

TOWN has their motto, “My Town. Our Neighborhood. Your Home,” which is the essence of the reality of owning or leasing an incredibly beautiful place in a thriving community. Town Residential buys, sells, leases and rents property for their clients. Manhattan has hundreds, if nor thousands, of luxury properties, and TOWN is proud to show most of them.

Luxury condos and apartments ranging from $1 to $3 million will continue to be in high demand as the exclusive real estate agency of TOWN Residential will continue to offer high-end properties for their clients.