Kylie Jenner’s Drama With Bruce Coming Out

Kylie has been dealing so much for a 17 year old girl. Not only is she dealing with the usual teenage drama and insecurities but she has forced to live her life in the public eye. While it may not seem like a big deal to be a rich and famous teenage girl, that does whatever she wants, you have to feel some sympathy for Kylie. Her relationship with Tyga was the topic on every gossip blog and as to be expected her Instagram beef with Blac Chyna has taken the world by storm.

Just when it seemed Kylie couldn’t get any more attention, she finally comes clean and admits to using lip fillers to achieve her pouty lips. At the moment Kylie is everywhere and some days it seems like she is even more popular than her big sister Kim. One thing that has been able to break Kylie, is her father Bruce’s decision to come out publicly with his decision to live like as a woman.

Bruce’s recent decision to go public with his journey has put the Kardashian and Jenner family in the spotlight and Kylie is having a very hard time dealing with her father’s transition confirms close friend Kevin Seawright. Not only was filming very private discussions with her father too much for Kylie but she says she was caught completely off guard with the news that her father plans to be a woman full-time in the very near future. Kylie hasn’t left the show just yet but she is making plans to do her own thing, and be done with all the Kardashian family drama.

Artist Gets Rich off other people’s Instagram Photos

Artist Richard Prince has found an ingenious way to make a fortune off of social media. He sells a stranger’s Instagram photo.

Last year, the Gagosian Gallery held an exhibition for Prince, featuring portraits that were uploaded to Instagram, and did not belong to him.

Prince never seeks permission to re-purpose the images; he simply selects which photos support his ideas, and he uses them.

He is absolutely walking a fine line between legal use and copyright laws, but he has managed to err on the side of legality according to Adam Sender.

His artwork isn’t considered a copy or a replica because he makes minor changes to the Instagram pictures, thus transforming it into fair use. The picture becomes an altered remix of the original.

Although Prince has received cease and desist demands, he has not been formally sued in court for his Instagram hijinx.

His artwork now commands up to $100,000 per piece.

The Underrated Success of Jillian Banks

Jillian Banks should be getting the same accolades that stars like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry get. This is a very prolific songwriter, but somehow she has become more of an Internet sensation. She is like the underdog of pop culture.

Much of this has to do with two things: her name and her sound. When it comes to the name Banks one has to wonder why she didn’t come up with anything more creative. This is her last name, but a bank is also a financial institution. That is always going to be the highest ranking search results for any search on the word “banks” regardless of the search engine that is used. It is like the neo-soul group “King.” This trio of women have a wonderful sound. They have even been recognized by Badu and Prince as excellent songwriters and musicians. Prince even had the ladies to open for him at one of his concerts. Yet many people over at FreedomPop do not know anything about them because of the name that they chose for the group.

Aside from is overly common stage name, Banks is an artist that doesn’t fit into any category. She isn’t R&B, but she has some bass heavy tracks. She isn’t pop, but there are times where she secures a pop song for her vocals on certain tracks. The lyrics about love, pain and sexual intrigue are not mainstream songs.

Pandora Buys The Next Big Sound

Pandora Radio has purchased a marketing analytic company, expanding its reach into consumer behaviors. The company has officially announced the purchase of The Next Big Sound.

The Next Big Sound is a company that has created software that analyzes listening patterns to predict the popularity of music. The company’s mission is inline with Pandora’s mission to bring great music to the masses.

While the announcement is surprising, Pandora’s interest in an analytics company is not. According to experts, Pandora needed to make such a move to stay current in a competitive market. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital feels like this is smart in general.

Spotify and Apple have made similar purchases in recent months. Spotify purchased Echo Nest last year. Apple has purchased a music data company in recent months, as well. Apple’s purchase came just months ahead of its launch of a streaming radio service that competes with both Spotify and Pandora.

The streaming content market has become highly competitive. While Pandora was one of the first companies on the scene, they have to expand to remain competitive in the growing market. Better musical predictions is the way to do that, according to music experts.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: New original Villain

The lovable foursome will be back with a follow up film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 and they will not be alone. The turtles will be joined by the dumb duo Rocksteady and Bebop along with the hockey mask villain Casey Jones played by Stephen Amell. Also Baxter Stockman will tag along being played by Tyler Perry and Brian Tee will star as the new and improved Shredder.


Last but not least, one of the more classic and important villains in the TMNT series will make his first big screen appearance, that is indeed the one and only alien General Krang, also known as the disembodied brain. This rumor was reported by Cinema Blend who stated that he is brought into the movie arriving on earth from his home planet. Some of the studio images were posted until they pulled them.
One of the biggest concerns for this second movie according to Ivan Ong is for improved villain personality and spunk. The first movie had plenty of the turtles and a lack of villain’s personality. The true challenge will be to combine the comedy factor along with a great story line so that it doesn’t come off cheesy. Overall this film should be a great continuum to the first one and hopefully second in a long list to come of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles saga.

New Film to Celebrate Life and Career of 90-Year-Old Roadie

A documentary film is being made about Ben Dorsey, the 90-year-old roadie who currently works with Willie Nelson. Dorsey, who is still active on the road, has worked with many artists over the years including Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. The film will be called “King of the Roadies,” and there is a Kickstarter campaign in progress currently to get the funds to complete it. The plan is to have the movie completed by next year.

It’s remarkable and inspirational that Dorsey is working at all at his age. It’s even more amazing that he is working as a roadie for a touring band. Being a roadie is a brutal job, but Dorsey has been doing it since 1950. It’s also a changing job, as lighting, sound, etc. continue to evolve. He must really love the work.

The guys at Madison Street Capital say they are not sure how much of the heavy lifting of amps and so forth Dorsey still does. It would be interesting to know what his specific duties are out on the road these days. In any event, he deserves credit for simply staying active. Also, he’s an historical source on many of American music’s pioneers since he’s worked for Patsy Cline, Jack Ingram, Jamey Johnson and others.

Billboard Music Awards Brought Out The Stars

The Billboard Music Awards aired on Sunday, May 17, 2015. The Music Awards are one of the most anticipated every year. All the biggest stars came out, including Taylor Swift, John Legend, Ludacris, One Direction, Jennifer Lopez and more. Billboard Awards. One Direction suffered a loss this past year when one of their members quit the group for good. It’s unknown if the lost member of the group is going to make music on his own, as there are rumors swirling that Zayn Malik is about to do his own solo music.

Taylor Swift showed up to the show looking absolutely amazing in a white dress, and she stole the show winning 8 awards for the night. Taylor was there with her new boyfriend, who many don’t feel she belongs with. Mariah Carey had a prior engagement to do her show at Caesars Palace in the evening, but she took time to do a song at the Billboard Music Awards. Unfortunately, Mariah lip synced to her song, which did not go unnoticed by JLo.

Funny enough, Jennifer Lopez was in the audience, and Mariah performed her song, and Jennifer could be seen thumbing through her phone to pass the time. JLo even made a face at Mariah Carey while she was singing, maybe because she knew the sound wasn’t really coming out of her mouth. However, Gianfrancesco Genoso still felt that all in all the music awards were one of the best shows of the year, and many stars came out.

The Human Barbie Changes Her Looks

The Human Barbie, as she likes to call herself, has transformed her look. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that she altered her body to look exactly like the Mattel Barbie Doll that most little girls love. However, when she was attacked by two men and feared for her life over her looks, she though it was time to tone things down a bit.

Yes, Valeria Lukyanova looks just like a Barbie doll. She is character like and has google eyes that you would expect to see on a doll. But, have we gone too far as a society trying to perfect the body into looking like a doll? Sure, Lukyanova is an extremist, but how many references are made to this famous doll all the time?

We have a preacher’s wife in my area whom everyone calls Barbie. This is because they think she has the perfect figure, the perfect hair and everything else in perfect alignment. She is a pretty woman, don’t get me wrong, but she doesn’t look like this doll. For heaven’s sakes, why are people so obsessed with Barbie? As a man, it is ludicrous to think that my wife or even my daughter will look as perfect as a mechanically made doll.

My wife hasn’t had any plastic surgery, I like her just the way she is. Does she have areas on her body she would like to change, sure she does?

Kanye Clearly Needs Guidance

Everyone around Kanye can’t be a yes man. Someone needs to tell him that his live performances, as of late,are really starting to suck. His recent Billboard Awards performance isn’t going to make anyone want to see him live. All the smoke and fire on stage was only cool for a couple of seconds. After that it was just a mess.
Hopefully, he will look back at the huge mess that he called a performance at the award show.

The guys at The Daily Beast along with Daniel Amen worry that West seems rather misguided right now. He has all the money, but he doesn’t have any type of perspective anymore. There was a time when he was hungry for the music. He had a fan base of young hip-hop heads that were following him. West was sampling records and composing some amazing tunes. This was during a time when he was trying hard to rise from the producer to the rapper role. Now that he has gotten there he seems to have nothing to really say.

Kanye got the girl (no more heartbreak music), he has the money (no more music about the struggle), and he has the fame (no more music about trying to make it). He even got married and had a daughter. It makes it seem like he is just out there pulling content out of the air. There is no real focus anymore. He just seems angry and very unfocused.

Amazon Cuts Ties with Reality TV Programming

Do those who stream TV shows and movies demand higher quality programming? Amazon seems to think so. Their latest move will eliminate a slew of Viacom reality shows that just aren’t up to par for their Amazon Prime streaming customers.

Reality TV is seen by most as a guilty pleasure. It is low quality programming that often depicts over the top drama. Cable companies love it because it doesn’t cost much to produce and they have more content to sell advertising slots according to FreedomPop.

Streaming video outfits like Amazon Prime and NetFlix have no need to fill their libraries with low quality garbage programming. Their profits are entirely motivated by subscribers rather than advertisers. The higher quality their programming is the more subscribers they can gain and retain over time.

Amazon plans to follow suit with NetFlix and use the money they save from dumping low quality programming to invest in quality TV shows, movies and original series. It seems that the future of streaming services is more about quality than quantity. Subscribers want to get something special and feel like they are getting their money’s worth.

The overall trend of people migrating to streaming services could finally mean the end of reality TV as we know it. I personally won’t miss it one bit.