Equities First Holdings Completes First UK Transaction

Equities First Holdings has recently completed its first UK transaction. EFH, which specializes in stock loans to high net worth individuals, has provided financing to several AIM (Alternative Investment Market) companies and executives. Andrew Newland took out $2 million in financing against his shares of his biotechnology company Angle PLC. Newland recently bought back his shares, although other AIM entrepreneurs have not done quite as well. Rob Terry of insurance outsourcer Quindell opted not to buy back his shares due to the share prices taking a big hit. Edi Truell of invoice firm Tungsten currently has an outstanding loan which he hopes will turn out to be a profitable deal.

EFH has 14 years of experience in providing securities-backed financing to individuals and businesses. Most loans are non-purpose, so they provide a great deal more flexibility than bank loans and other traditional financing options, and their deal-by-deal operational style means that each client gets a customized deal that meets their needs. Their stock loans also allow for a much higher LTV ratio than with banks.With EFH’s recent acquisition of London-based Meridian Equity Partners.The firm has become a truly global investment company, giving investors and companies around the world an alternative way to raise capital as traditional lenders adopt more restrictive criteria.

The firm boasts offices in Indianapolis, London, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Perth, and Switzerland. According to founder Al Christie Jr., in addition to stock-based loans providing easier qualifying, these types of loans also provide a kind of hedge if the market declines. In most cases, these loans are non-recourse loans, meaning the borrower can walk away at any time in the event of a loss. Stock loans can be preferable to margin loans as margin loans can be called in at any time and often require qualification and LTV ratios along the lines of a conventional bank loan.

Source of the article : http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/equities-first-holdings-experiences-rapid-international-growth-in-2013-establishes-offices-and-furthers-reach-into-europe-and-asia-pacific-241281021.html

The Outstanding Path Of Greg Secker to Success

Greg Secker is the organizer of Knowledge to Action Group, which holds various organizations, including Learn to Trade, The Greg Secker Foundation, Capital Index, and Smart Chart Software. Every one of these organizations make them thing in like manner they offer some type of preparing and training on exchanging. Through the training gave, Greg Secker plans to enhance the lives of individuals in one way or the other. These organizations reveal to you a considerable measure about Secker. He is an ace dealer, an altruist and a global speaker, just to specify a couple of caps that he wears.


In a current meeting with Inspirey, Greg Secker got the chance to describe how he got into the exchanging business. He revealed to Inspirey that he got in the business to enable individuals to get into the exchanging market effortlessly. He had noticed that a great many people, who had no training of money related exchanging, had such huge numbers of battles beginning in exchanging. In addition, the learning apparatuses accessible were so costly. In this manner, he chose to think of an apparatus that would enable individuals to take in the craft of exchanging at a lower cost.


Amid the meeting, Secker likewise said how he got into exchanging. He was in the corporate world and making an OK pay yet was forever discontent. Rather, he needed to be helping individuals figure out how to profit. Thus, when he was still in the corporate world, he began an internet exchanging stage, Learn to Trade, which he worked from his condo. Inside a half year, the stage was paying him as much as he was gaining from his corporate business. Furthermore, by reinvesting the cash he got from Learn to Trade, he was soon maintaining a beneficial business, which empowered him to leave his occupation at the youthful age of 27.


He likewise committed such a significant number of errors when he was beginning. Be that as it may, each error was fundamental to building his business. It was through his missteps that online classes and courses were set up to instruct individuals to maintain a strategic distance from similar errors that he himself did.

Research & Innovation: Clay Siegall’s Fight Against Cancer

There are numerous diseases that plague the earth and mankind. These diseases can be life threatening, or they can be an inconvenience. Cancer is no where near inconvenient, and it has threatened the life of millions of people over time. The fight against cancer is becoming more innovative thanks to the abundance of advanced technological medications. Seattle Genetics is by far the leader of the pack when it comes to producing cancer fighting drugs, and these drugs are saving lives in higher percentages than in the past. The Bothell, Washington based biotechnology company is headed by Dr. Clay Siegall. This man has been in the industry for many years, and he’s using his brilliant mind to better mankind.


Siegall’s blogs are a big part of his business as it provides much needed information on what’s happening in cancer research. On the other hand, Siegall speaks on other topic such as politics and climate control. If you read any of his blogs from two months ago, you’ve probably came across his criticism of the Paris Climate Agreement as well as his criticism of Donald Trump. Dr. Siegall also speaks about any new drugs that are working its way through the company’s pipeline.


His advancements in the genetics sector is legendary. The guy actually has a Ph.D in Genetics and a B.S. in Zoology. His lengthy resume of greatness can’t be outdone as he’s played a role in the advancement of cancer research for over two decades. He began his career with the prominent Bristol Myers Squibb. He climbed the ladder of success from researcher then to co-founding Seattle Genetics in the late 90s. His strong passion for helping others is unmatched thanks to the use of antibody-based therapies. These advanced treatments yield a much higher percentage in saving lives than cancer treatments of the past decades.


All in all, cancer research has come along way over the years, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. As long as there is cancer present, Seattle Genetics and Dr. Clay Siegall will do their very best at eradicating it.

Michel Terpin – Opinions

I was interested in writing some articles for a website/blog. The owner’s name is Michel Terpin, and I have been interested in writing for him for five years. I have no experiences in writing for a website: However, I am a fast learner and a go-getter. I love writing poetry and short stories. I would like to gain more information on racing topics that can be discussed.

Secondly, I am fine with PayPal.

My Strengths: I conduct in-depth research on every subject matter before writing.

Being a freelancer, I am able to adapt to different writing styles; conversational, descriptive or narrative depending on the demands of the client and his targeted audience.

Weakness : I get too engrossed in writing that I sometimes let other things suffer.

I am open to any topic outside of technology. The word count is the determinant to how many articles I can handle a week, on an average of a 1,000-word count, I can make one per day.

Writing on Michel Terpin as a Leader? My Thoughts and More

I don’t think great leaders really exist, but in an ideal world, a great leader would be someone who knew right from wrong, who didn’t see our world as teams or was merely competing for power as seen in Game of Thrones. Terpin’s a great leader.

I am usually paid honestly, as is Terpin, so that’s great. My strengths in writing are five years of experience, an obsession with reading books – which helps with writing – and the fact that I studied English literature, which gave me a lot of experience. I don’t recall any weaknesses at this moment, nor those of my role model, Terpin’s.

I am available to write at least 15 articles of 500 words per week, if the pay rate is fair. I am somewhere “in between” politically as is Terpin. I believe both options are right and wrong, so it doesn’t hold much value to me. I honestly try to be as objective as possible, without letting any personal agenda get in between the reader and the absolute truth.

Honey Birdette – Offering High-Quality Lingerie Products to Contemporary Women

Honey Birdette is a name synonymous with quality in the world of lingerie. The brand was launched in the year 2006 and soon became a leader in its genre in Australia. The company expanded globally with the help of private funding it received through a venture capital firm named BBRC. At present, there are 55 boutiques of Honey Birdette in Australia, and the company plans to open many more in the time to come.

Honey Birdette hasn’t stopped its expansion in Australia itself but has scores of boutiques in the United Kingdom as well. In the United Kingdom, its first store was launched in Covent Garden. As per the announcement made by the company, there would be nearly 40 Honey Birdette stores in the United Kingdom by the end of the year 2018. Honey Birdette is a brand that was started by Brisbane based entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan. Due to the exclusive and unique designs offered by the company, its products quickly became a rage among the women.

The demand of Honey Birdette lingerie is huge in the United States as well, where the company recently witnessed a surge in sales by 374 percent. It was what made the company decide on launching its e-commerce site in the United States. An e-commerce site based out of the United States would help in ensuring that the customers get timely and fast delivery as well as access to a broader range of products. It is a strategic move by the company to help strengthen its base in the United States, where the company has been getting rave reviews from its patrons. The sales have been soaring in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia, which has made way for the company to plan expansion in the other key destinations in Europe and Asia soon. With its global expansion strategy, the company plans to become one of the preferred global designer, manufacturer, and retailer of lingerie products.

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Twitter @honeybirdette


MB2 Dental: The Go-To Place For All Dentists Needs

It’s interesting to know that even dentists need other dentists’ help. This is precisely what is happening in the case of those who wish to acquire the services of MB2 Dental, the dental management firm that not only offers enhancement to all dentists who practice their craft, but also offer the best services to all their patients.

The Goal of MB2 Dental
The work of a company comes from the drive its people have to offer quality service. In the case of MB2 Dental, that drive comes from the understanding of the challenges of dentists. It is the mission of the business to solve all the needs that dentists have.

These problems are what’s usually stopping the dentists to provide the best kind of patient care they can offer.
It is also the sole goal of MB2 Dental to make sure that there are opportunities for growth for all dentists. In fact, they offer in their website a complimentary practice assessment for all dentists to assess where and why they need improvement in their skill set and credentials.

What MB2 Dental Can Do For Dentists’ Career

No one in MB2 Dental believes that dentists have a high ceiling to reach and break. They don’t believe that the career of dentists stagnate, and that is why they continuously offer endless growth opportunities for them.
MB2 Dental Solutions prides itself in offering dentists a network across different regions to enhance the practice of dentists and develop the clinics they operate.

MB2 also offers an array of multiple affiliated offices to the dentists so they can also upgrade their understanding of the craft and the new technologies that improve patient care and its delivery.
With the 100% clinical authority that the company maintains, it’s not that hard to give your trust to the staff operating MB2.

The MB2 University that the firm offers also offers different dentistry programs that are up to date with the latest standards in the practice. In fact, MB2 Dental Solutions just recently finished their recruitment season in Texas to provide more opportunities to would-be doctors.

The Foundation of MB2 Dental Solutions
The mission of MB2 Dental is built on the principle that doctors have to help each other grow. They have to accomplish more than they are expected to do. They have to work independently but at the same time have the network of close-knit dentists across the states to improve the craft. With the recent activities of MB2 Dental, the foundation of the company stays true to its word.

James Dondero’s Creative Success in the Alternate Investments

Good Highland Capital Management is one organization that is making strong strides in the option venture space. In a meeting with Barrons, the President and fellow benefactor of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, influenced it to clear that his greatest energy originates from the test of assuming complex obligation exchanges that appear to be difficult to pivot. At that point he turns them around. He is skilled at finding rising patterns and esteem where few do. Barrons is a week after week money related daily paper distributed by Dow Jones.

James Dondero is likewise the prime supporter and President of Highland Capital Management’s recorded sister organization, Highland Global Allocation Fund. The reserve gives capital financing to shared assets speculators. Because of the assorted variety of the securities held as resources, the assets are presented to showcase instability. Be that as it may, this is of little importance since with the money related ability and wizardry of James Dondero; the venture reserves remain sound. He is capable at utilizing unpredictability to boost returns on his portfolios.

Dondero is an alumnus of the University of Virginia. He worked for American Express after graduation. He helped to establish Highland Capital Management in 1993, an industry pioneer in collateralized advance commitments with spearheading credit-based items for foundations and individual purchasers. Dondero utilizes careful research and investigation on a proposed resource and makes educated projections that characterize the benefits conduct in a given period.

Dondero’s speculation groups have a blended way to deal with conveying inventive items to customers. A decent illustration is Dondero’s invasions with the Argentinian sovereign obligation. In 2012, Argentina’s obligation bubble burst. Dondero’s groups set out on a legitimate examination and recuperation projection of the nation’s obligation circumstance. They picked to take a huge stake in it. With another legislature set up in 2015, the economy is as of now recouping, and Dondero’s wagered is generously compensated. Moreover, Highland Capital Management has put intensely in key restricted organization units in the oil and gas industry.

Highland Capital Management is extraordinarily put to augment the open door for bargains that conventional store chiefs would disapprove of. They have a solid position on developing patterns, for example, perfect, sustainable power source and imaginative pharmaceuticals.

Desiree Perez and ROC Nation

It’s time that people sit up and take notice of the name Desiree Perez. She is the powerhouse behind many a celebrity and is taking the industry by storm. As one of the few female talent managers in the game, she has proven herself a worthy opponent and has helped to assist many a singer in becoming famous; for example, Rihanna.

She’s been by Rihanna’s side through many a tour and is not only someone who has enhanced Rihanna’s stardom, but is also one of her trusted confidants. She is the brains behind many of the big deals that have brought Rihanna to become a highly-recognized singer and top performer, although many people don’t realize where credit is due and Des Perez is okay with that. She likes being the tough lady behind the scenes making things happen and not a celebrity on display.

She’s played a big part in Jay-Z company’s success by assisting in a variety of roles. From helping talent to rise to making sure that tours succeed without a hitch, she’s showing the big players that she is a force to be reckoned with. Perez at LinkedIn.

She’s the woman who feels comfortable negotiating, helping talent to develop into stars, and has been a great asset to Jay-Z’s success in Roc-Nation. She knows how to get things done in a tough industry, doesn’t take any nonsense from people, and she moves with the kind of confidence that is demanded of people in the music and show-business industry.

Desiree Perez is a woman who knows how to negotiate and make things happen and as a producer, so it’s no surprise that she is a part of the Hova Circle of Influence. As someone who has negotiated huge deals for many stars and for ROC Nation, she deserves all recognition in the music industry. She’s someone whose name doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

http://runninglip.com/celebrity/desiree-perez-is-roc-nations-secret-to-celebrity-success/ for more.

End Citizens United Struggles To Sanitize The Political System

End Citizens United is a political watchdog that is interested in bringing to an end the use of Big Money in the electoral process. It has come to light that the successful election of a leader whose campaign has been financed by corruption money leads to propagation of the vice further. It is because the elected leaders start rewarding those who were loyal him/her in the course of the campaign process. Immediately after the election of Donald Trump to the presidential office, he nominated corrupt individuals to hold multiple powerful seats in his government since they had previously invested heavily the campaigns.

When such activities are undertaken, the masses never benefit from the political process as the rich put their needs first to regain the money that was previously invested. End Citizens United was born out of the decision by the Supreme Court which was made in 2010, with regards to a motion that allowed wealthy persons and corporations to offer as much finance as possible in support of the different campaign processes.

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As a result, atrocities started to be committed by the political elite who did not take into account the interests of the typical voters. The primary policy of End Citizens United is that none of the members donate more than $5000. The PAC currently has 100,000 members, and this is a tremendous increase considering that about 40,000 members of the total figure are persons who are donating for the first time.

End Citizens United is using the finance that is given by its members to fight the utilization of a campaign system that is primarily considered to be broken. The PAC supports the election of more Democrats into office because it views the Republican leaders as the primary hindrance towards the achievement of success. The Republicans have always objected the plan to overturn the ruling that allows the use of Big Money.

The massive effort invested into the process by the PAC is continually gaining momentum, considering that the PAC has managed to raise more than $4 million within the first quarter since its inception. The movement projects that it will have managed to raise more than $35 million before the congressional midterm elections that are set to take place in 2018. The expected amount is quite high because only $25 million was raised before the 2016 mid term elections. The voters are fighting back by trying to change the system entirely since it has stopped serving them as expected, but instead, it is being used as a cash cow for the wealthy.

Untold Facts about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

America is the land of the free, home of the brave, and also a place of opportunity. In the United States, people from all corners of the globe find solace. America is also the home of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), an organization dedicated to helping cancer patients find their healing. To date, the organization operates in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa, with its five hospitals namely: the Southeastern Regional Medical Center, Midwestern Regional Medical Center, Eastern Regional Medical Center, Western Regional Center, and the Southwestern Regional Medical Center being fully operational.


It is only at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America that you can get professional assistance from a team of highly qualified doctors working closely under the directive of its top physicians. There is always a doctor to tender to your needs depending on the type of cancer you have. By using approaches like immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is objective enough to find a lasting solution to your problem. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has always been passionate about fighting cancer, and for that reason, it recently partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth with the aim of launching a customized oncology treatment platform.


Since the partnership, the fight against cancer has gotten real. Today, the new oncology platform is home to evolving cancer data, making any advances to finding a cancer cure readily available to oncologists across the globe. Due to the constant flow of data, errors made in the treatment of cancer have now been eliminated thus helping avert risks previously known to affect patients. Thanks to the platform, oncologists today can compare various treatment options only taking the approach with the most pros. With such a platform in hand, physicians specialized in the treatment of cancer now have an avenue that allows them to brainstorm ideas regarding finding a lasting cure for cancer.