Who Is Nine9?

Nine9 is the one agency that can transform your career in a new way and help you reach new levels in the industry. This company has all the right connections to guide you when you get started with acting and getting into the world of show business. The key is to be hardworking and specifically do your part when working with Nine9. Their actors have been featured in shows that have been on national television. Their amazing success stories can show proof that they know how to guide anyone to get on the right track. Nine9 CEO .

Barbara S.

This young girl was recently cast in a runway show that she got booked from through Nine9. She discovered that they helped guide her and get her seen by the right people. She loves getting all the new opportunities and getting auditions for new things often. Watch Video .

Maxine H.

This woman started with Nine9 and loved the new jobs that were being thrown her way. She was called in to instantly be an extra for Wheels and Homeland. She also just recently got to audition for a Samsung commercial. She loves getting the auditions because she knows it’s an experience in itself. Nine9 Blogs .

Nine9 has been in existence for many years. Starting back in 2003, they always knew that the outcasts needed a place to be. In a time where agencies are always looking for just the perfect people, they avoid working with all kinds of newbies because they aren’t seasoned actors. However, Nine9 does the exact opposite of that and they want to help all kinds of people get on the right path. They will help you with photos and guide you to being a better actor by giving great workshops. Nine9 is the agency for those of you looking to grow in the right acting direction.

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Wengie’s Tips For Falling Asleep

Sometimes our days are so full it can be hard to settle down and fall asleep. Wengie has some tips. Here are several of Wengie’s suggestions. She says there’s a spot in the middle of our foreheads that’s like the third eye. You can rub it or apply Jasmine oil to it. If you have white noise device or app on your cellphone, you play something like a waterfall.


If you want something to eat or drink, a spoonful if honey or some honey added to warm soy milk and a touch of vanilla. This video has more sleep aid tips.


Lime Crime’s Exciting and Colorful New Launches: Introducing Unicorn Hair

Bold colors are almost always in style and with the changing seasons, they are about to make a huge comeback. Metallics and bright colors are big in the beauty industry right now, and thanks to Lime Crime beauty lovers have two big reasons to be excited. Lime Crime announced that they have two exciting new launches coming soon.

The first launch has an expansion to their Diamond Crushers Collection, a top coat lip product that can be worn on its o or over other lip products. Lime Crime made it known that they will be releasing three new metallic inspired shades to this range. The first color is Cleopatra, a rose gold color that is sure to be a favorite by many. The next color is Acid Fairy, this is a holographic color that will be on every trendsetter’s must have list. The last color is Black Unicorn, an “oil-slick hue” color with lots of shimmer, perfect for any beauty risk taker. These three colors are made with the same formula as the others and will be sure to provide long lasting non-drying color.

The second exciting announcement was their release of Unicorn Hair Dye, a line of bold and vibrant non-permanent hair dyes. The only thing better than the name is the fact that these dyes are vegan and cruelty-free. The are made without amonia, perioxide, or bleach, and are actually conditioning to the hair. Bold colors that won’t damage your hair? Unbelievable. The color range allows for so many different options that is sure to allow for some creative hair colors.

With these exviting launches coming up the beauty industry is about to go crazy with all the exciting pops of color. Lime Crime is about to shed a little color on the beauty community with these exciting new launches.http://www.ilovelimecrime.com/

Desiree Perez a Force to Reckon with In Music Industry

Des Perez is one person in the music production that you can never compete. His competitors also know his might and skills. He has a lot of reputation not only in the US but also worldwide. Tidal has experienced great success over the years and with its app boasting of more than a million members. Tidal deals with the production of well-known and artists who include: Rihanna, TI, Kanye West and Beyonce. These are the best artists and are recognised worldwide.  Check crunchbase.com.

Tidal suffered a setback when some of its principal executives left for other companies. However, this did not affect Tidal at all, and its success continued as usual. The key personnel behind this achievement is Desiree Perez. Tidal’s main competitor is Cookie. Des is a man feared by everybody including Cookie.

Desiree has a lot of experience in the music production sector. Des has worked for several years in SC Entreprises. Desiree also partners with her husband, Juan Perez, and they work for Roc Nation Sports. Desiree is known as “Boss” by many people due to her fierce character and persistence in what she wants. Desiree Perez is well remembered in the Rihanna Samsung deal. He also played a key role in Beyonce’s stadium tour formation.

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Roc Nation’s success does not only depend on Desiree alone. It includes other people such as Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim, Jana Fleischman and TyTy Smith. Tidal’s primary challenge is capital and faces competition from Apple Music and Spotify. However, despite the challenge it has been building its reputation in the streaming industry and in a matter of time, it’s going to be the best.

Desiree Perez is not a stranger to many, and she is married to Juan Perez. Her social life is not an issue in her marriage life, and she can handle them properly without any difficulty.

Desiree was recognised and nominated for his production on: On the Run Tour by Beyonce and Jay-Z. She is peeking very well, and in some years’ time, she will be at the top. Tidal is assured of a brighter future, and under the leadership of Des, more is yet to come.  Follow Dez on her tumblr.com page.

Hit  http://www.complex.com/music/2016/03/tidal-reveals-kanye-west-the-life-of-pablo-streaming-numbers

Voting Period Starts For Contest Co-Sponsored By Milstein Family Foundation

On March 20th the voting period began for the Inspired By Israel contest. It is expected that hundreds of thousands of people, both Jews and non-Jews alike will participate in the first voting period. The first voting period is when the general public decides which video of all the entrants will make it to the final 10.


Once the general public has voted for a span of 10 days beginning on the 19th of March and ending on the 29th of March, the top ten most popular videos will be screened before a panel of judges who will decide the winner. About 80 different people and organizations have entered this year’s contest. The grand prize winner of the contest will receive an award of $8,000 dollars. Total prize money given out during the entire contest is $20,000 with runners-up receiving smaller cash prizes.


The major sponsors of the Inspired by Israel Contest are the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation along with the 12Tribe Films Foundation. IsraelVideoNetwork is the official host of the contest. The official winner of the contest will be announced on the 30th of April, when public voting has ended and after the panel of judges have screened all of the final ten contestants. The judges include Adam Milstein of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, David Suissa of the Jewish Journal and Tribe Media and Michael Dickson of StandWithUs Israel.


The goal of the Inspired By Israel Contest is to broadcast by video the people, places and innovation of Israel that inspire not just Israelis and Jews but people all over the world. The winning video will be broadcast and shown on the online pages of major Jewish media outlets such as the Jerusalem Post and Algemeiner. Jewish organizations and represented officials will also screen the winning video.


Who Is Adam Milstein And What Does The Milstein Family Foundation Do?


Adam Milstein is a major Jewish philanthropist who founded the Milstein Family Foundation along with his wife, Gila. The Milstein Family Foundation supports, organizations efforts and events such as the Inspired By Israel Contest, StandwithUs Israel and Birthrate Israel.

White Shark Media: Setting Up A PPC Management Service



Are you in need of digital advertising advice or guidance? Need someone to show you how things work in the advertising arena? Wondering why numerous businesses rely on the experts at White Shark Media for advertising management?


White Shark Media is a well known ad agency, focusing on PPC advertising. The business has an established history of supplying exceptional service, and assisting clients accomplish fantastic outcomes with their ad campaign.


Running a PPC advertising campaign is not an easy task and requires the expertise of qualified advertising professionals.


White Shark Media has highly experienced and also knowledgeable experts that are fully devoted to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Any person can enter into search engine advertising and marketing, however it takes experience as well as proper administration to extend an advertising and marketing budget and create a return on your financial investment.


White Shark Media has lots of clients around the world that depend on the company’s services due to their superior client service. They have created top notch results for numerous clients and a huge amount of money of ad spend.


When it comes to assisting business enterprises the best conversion rates, White Shark Media has got the knowledge. White Shark Media has been providing services for many years, and can enable you prosper. They review complaint instantly, and resolve the issue to assure that the customer is delighted with the resolution.


At White Shark Media, their complete satisfaction of the client is their top priority. A primary reason for their success and continued client full satisfaction and loyalty is due to their reporting, communication and transparent approach.


Have a look around White Shark Media’s website, check out the various sections to become familiar with their terms and conditions, then contact them for free consultation.

Investment Tips As Revealed By Sam Tabar

At the beginning of each year plan their financial resolutions for that coming year. But the world of investments and securities is quite complex. Hence it can get overwhelming for those who are new to this world.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar is a trained attorney from Columbia Law School. He is a capital strategist too. He is always trying to help out those newcomers who are looking at increasing their net worth as well as planning for their retirement. Learn more about Sam Tabar: https://angel.co/sam-tabar

He advised that commodity trading can be much riskier as compared to traditional bets that include mutual funds besides others. This is because commodity markets are much more volatile as compared to stock markets or even mutual funds.

This means that investors must do their due diligence before they decide to invest in commodities. Hence commodity trading is not recommended for the novice or the casual investor.

A lot of research is required in order to profit from commodity trading. This also means that commodity investors must have deep pockets in order to absorb potential short-term losses that are usually taking place in a volatile sector like this.

He also provides an alternate to traditional stock markets. This can be in terms of investing in private business. Today social entrepreneurship is rising. Hence investing in social startups can be a really good opportunity. It helps in making some money as well as helping out others.

He has recently invested in THINX, which is a women’s undergarment manufacturer. For each pair of underwear getting sold by THINX, seven sanitary cloth pads are donated to AFRIpads. They are donating these sanitary supplies to the needy women in Africa.

He also stresses on the need of a properly diversified portfolio. This is because new investors tend to opt for some new investment vehicle or some stock that may be outperforming its peers presently. What needs to be remembered here is that all good things have to come to an end. Hence it is important not to keep all eggs in one basket. Sam Tabar advises all to start investing right now rather than repenting later.

The Lip Care Market Is Growing And Beauty Startup Evolution of Smooth Is Leading The Way

As quiet as it’s kept there is potentially a new boom industry that is coming to town, so to speak. The key to that industry is located in purses, pockets and drugstores around the world. In case you’re wondering it’s not a wallet, it’s a tube of lipstick or in some cases a sphere of lip balm. Lip balm is so ubiquitous that it can be easy to overlook. In some ways it is so integrated into the daily lives of consumers that it sort of fades into the background. That said, while consumers might not think a lot about the ubiquity of lip balm that does not mean that entrepreneurs have all fallen for the idea that there is nothing exciting happening in the business behind lip balm. While many lip balm brands seem to have failed to give the way their lip care products looked a lot of thought other companies that have entered the lip care space saw lackluster lip care product design and packaging as a big opportunity to make an exciting product.

For the founders of Evolution of Smooth.com using lip balm could be more than a thoughtless chore for the people that were buying it to keep their lips moisturized. According to Fast Company Magazine Evolution of Smooth’s founders believed that using a lip care product could be an experience that delighted the customer and that had the potential to even be fun. With that insight in mind after carrying out market research that helped them identify the most avid lip care customers (women) and their pain points (the need for a lip care product that wouldn’t get easily lost) they went about creating a new kind of lip balm that would incorporate fun and delight. The shape of Evolution of Smooth’s main lip care product the Organic Smooth Sphere made it stand out to customers and has helped the company to sell one million units of their product a week. Within a short time, EOS lip balm appeared on shelves of stores from coast-to-coast in the United States. Stores like Walgreens, Target and Walmart started stocking EOS lip balm.


Jeffry Schneider: A Man Who Makes the World a Much Better Place

The world is a better place because of people like Jeffry Schneider. His influence and inspirational way of living give many people hope and a model to emulate. As founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC. Jeffry has raised $1 billion and plans on earning $50 million a month over the course of the next year. His company’s workplace is known for its encouraging environment, and transparent way of doing business. He goes out of the way to ensure that every team member feels valued and like they are part of something greater than themselves, alone, and this attitude has allowed him to grow Ascendant from just two employees to over thirty in only five years and more information click here.

Jeffry Schneider believes that without good health, you don’t have anything, and outside of his work he takes place in half ironman challenges regularly. These challenges take place around the world, and he has been to locations, such as, New Zealand, Croatia, Texas, Florida, California, Chile, and Saint Croix. While in these various locations, he loves to get out and experience the culture of the area for himself. Jeffry loves people, and he always looks for ways to understand them better. Two of his favorite places to travel to, outside of his ironman challenges, are rural Thailand and Budapest. He loves the people, food and environment of those places, and especially appreciates the lifestyle they live there in which they appreciate the simple things in life.

Jeffry Schneider takes a lot of the money he earns and donates it to charitable causes. While there is a long list of organizations that have Jeffry to thank, some of these include Wonders and Worries, Cherokee Home for Children, Gods Love We Deliver, the Gazelle Foundation, and Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program. Many of these organizations help children who suffer neglect and abuse, and Jeffry hopes to help these kids have a much brighter future by getting them out of these unhealthy situations and into loving, supportive, nurturing homes and shelters. Jeffry lives in Austin, Texas and many of the charities he supports are to be found near his home.

Yanni Hufnagel Succeeds Where Others Have Stumbled

I truly believe that passion is what drives successful people. It seems that most people take jobs in order to make money to survive. While that makes sense, most people are not passionate about their jobs. Yanni Hufnagel is the personification of passion. The 33-year-old college basketball coach is tenacious in his quest for coaching stardom.


Yanni Hufnagel loves basketball so much that he made it his life’s work despite the fact that he cannot play the game. “I can make a shot, like most Jewish guys,” the young coach jokes about his own abilities, “But I just couldn’t play at a high level.” Yanni Hufnagel was cut from his high school varsity basketball team.


Wanting to stay close to the game, he became the teams television announcer. It is here where he began to display his superior knowledge of the game’s strategies.


Yanni Hufnagel was quite a lacrosse player growing up. He was even able to play a season of lacrosse in college before he quit and transferred schools to Cornell. During his college days, he took an internship with the New Jersey Nets. He had to do the teams laundry.


His passion for the game quickly garnered him attention from some of the biggest head coaches in the country. Soon enough, in 2009, he became the assistant coach at Harvard University. Under his leadership, the Crimson Tide won its first Ivy League championship. The team’s success during his four-year tenure can be attributed to Yanni Hufnagel’s ability to recruit.


Yanni Hufnagel assembled one of the best teams in college basketball despite the fact that Harvard has a policy of not giving out athletic scholarships. The players he recruited also had to meet the school’s high academic standards. He was still able to land a few top-100 recruits and the rest is history.