The Mini Gold Mine called EOS Lip Balm

This amazing product EOS Lip Balm has hit tremendous goals in the cosmetic industry. Firstly, the company decided to enhance the overall appearance of their product which in turn knocked out the majority of their competition. After the appearance, and effectiveness of EOS Lip Balm has been perfected and put out on the market the great reviews came flooding in. Once the company had seen the reviews they decided to step up their marketing in a number of ways!

The positive feedback from EOS Lip Balm inspired the company to expose their product to the market with the full intent of getting more sells and more positive feedback. The company began to team up with high profile celebrities, high-end YouTubers and social media influencers and even big brands such as KEDS shoes.

The amount of research the company has done in order to reach the proper audience and to team up with the correct brands has done them great justice. The EOS Lip Balm company is the perfect example of how to conduct and execute in the marketing process. The company has managed to reach the top of their niche while standing within its boundaries and that reason alone has lead EOS Lip Balm straight to success. This company is the perfect example for anyone going into business and looking for a case study!

Remove Distractions From Your Life like Michael Nierenberg

As a finance individual, Michael Nierenberg is aware that time does have significant value. Michael Nierenberg has seen this in his life and in the lives of his peers as well. As such, Michael Nierenberg is prone to take time seriously and in his activities as the leader of New Residential Investment. On time Management It is quite an established fact that in order to be more productive, you need to have your head in the game and your eyes set on the prize. You need to be focused on your short term tasks in order to get to the big picture goals, and you need to ensure that this level of focus doesn’t waver in the process for even a second. For if you fail to maintain the desired level of focus, then it could have detrimental effects on your overall goals – and as a result, also affect your personal and professional development. Yet, many of us fall prey to distraction during work, school or other important routines all the time. It is such a frequent phenomenon that it could be noticed in almost everyone – even you. As Michael Nierenberg has realized time and time again, the patterns present within life dictate results. Original source to learn more

Why Entrepreneurs Need To Be Perfect And Dedicated In Their Businesses

Flavia Maluf is a phenomenal individual who was born into a wealthy and political family. However, through his vast business networks and hard work, he established a great empire in his country. Thus, the entrepreneur motivated other people to work hard in their business ventures.

Flavio’s Education

Flavio Maluf studied at the famous Armando Alvares Foundation where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical engineering. However, he initially wanted to be an entrepreneur. Thus he performed it most of the time. Eventually, in 1997, he became the leader of his family business. For more information about Maluf, view his crunchbase profile.

His Activities

Flavio Maluf was appointed as the executive officer of Grand food. Thus, he encourages aspiring people in business to be cautious in all their movements. For example, he considers it a myth for those people believing that they would work less if they owned a business. Hence, he encourages all business owners to dedicate a lot of time to their business for them to grow. Moreover, he encourages most people to commence their business irrespective of their finances. For instance, few require less capital hence they do not need to worry a lot about their funds.

Furthermore, Flavio advises entrepreneurs to use creative endeavors in their businesses. He says that working smart enables a company to grow and attract more customers. Through the identification of rare opportunities, entrepreneurs can improve their dynamics and grow their businesses well.

Emergence of Eucatex

Through the inspiration of the most peerless Sawmills owned by his great grandfather, Flavio Maluf developed Eucatex that combined Eucalyptus wood. Thus, the company supplies wood to the civil construction and furniture industry in his country. Despite an individual being a market leader, Flavio believes that it is possible to expand the business at expressive rates. Through dedication and being passionate in their activities, Flavio thinks that they can make a significant impact on their business. Read more:

International Businessman Bhanu Choudhrie

British and Indian mixed businessman Bhanu Choudhrie was born in New Delhi, India. He attended the University of Boston where he studied international business and marketing. He completed an internship at JP Morgan after graduation, then he worked at C and C Alpha Group in London.

At C and C Alpha Group he oversees investment strategy. The company was founded by Bhanu Choudhrie and he works with other members of his family. They provide consultations and advice to venture capital investors. He is the company’s executive director. He remains involved in the United States by serving on the board of several banks including Atlantic Coast Bank and is also the co-founder of Megalith Capital Management. The company has investments in luxury hotels in India and care homes in the United Kingdom. Choudhrie is also in involved in several charities where he donates all over the world. Path to Success is a charity organization directed by Bhanu Choudhrie and was founded by his mother. They work to help less fortunate people receive an education and offers accommodations for the disabled. Join for more info about Bhanu Choudhrie.

Bhanu Choudhrie and his company are now focused on building accommodations in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. There is an opportunity to expand to this market with health inns. He feels it would be a good extension for his company. The Shanti Hospitality Group is the division of his company that offers hotels, resorts and health inns. He has been examining making this investment because he feels that this area of the globe will see growth in their travel industry.

There is also interest in the aviation industry in the United Arab Emirates. The company has an aviation school in Sharjah; The Alpha Aviation Academy. Pilots complete a 22-month program; currently they currently have around 120 students enrolled. Bhanu Choudhrie expects growth in this area because aviation accounts for around 15% of the country’s gross domestic product. They would like to expand their aviation program to other countries as well, including Vietnam and the United States. He also realizes that not many women are in the airlines industry and would like to recruit more women.

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Stratford Shields is one with vast expertise in the public finance industry.

Stratford Shields is one with vast expertise in the public finance industry.

Stratford Shields is one with experience for over two decades in the field of municipal finance. Stratford Shields has held several leadership positions during his time working in the industry of municipal finance. Some of the roles he has played include serving as the chairman, vice chairman and treasurer for Securities Industry Financial Markets. Stratford Shields has also been involved in the areas of investment banking and privatization. One of the most significant transactions that he oversaw was the 50-year concession of Ohio State University parking system that was valued at $483 million. This transaction that Stratford Shields oversaw received the Deal of the Year award from Bond Buyer.

During his time serving in the municipal finance department, Stratford Shields served as the lead investment banker overseeing transactions valued at over $30 billion. Some of the clients that Stratford Shields managed their operations include airports, cities, universities, entities that deal with water and sewers, agencies for student loans, toll roads among others. Stratford Shields holds an MBA and a masters in Political Science from the University of Columbia. Also, he attended Ohio State University where he obtained his bachelors in history.

Stratford Shields is scaling the waters of public finance.

Stratford Shields is one who pays attention to the little details and this is a habit that has enabled him to be more productive as an entrepreneur. Stratford also brings ideas to life by thoroughly discussing the merits and demerits of each approach with his clients before executing any transaction. Stratford is excited by the trend of privatization by major healthcare systems and universities. Stratford is hopeful about this trend because most of these institutions are looking to innovate and find new ways of financing and delivering services. Stratford Shields advises young entrepreneurs to believe in the capabilities of what they can accomplish and shun the naysayers.

Chris Burch Architectural Digest Recap

There was a specific hotel that was transformed into a family home made for Chris Burch. While Chris Burch visited Paris, there was a hotel that had caught his eye almost immediately. The 1608 Hotel was for sale, and he fell in love almost immediately. Chris Burch has 6 children, and this hotel was large enough to house his whole family in. All together, this house is 10,000 square feet, and has a beautiful interior and exterior. He remodeled the whole house to make things look more fit as a family home, and appreciates all the history that is involved in this hotel. This building took him three years to remodel, and he is extremely happy with how things look now. He had always wanted a home in Paris, and the moment his friend mentioned about this hotel that was for sale, he immediately fell in love with the design once he laid his eyes on it.

Dr Ira Kirschenbaum Contributions to the Orthopedic Industry

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum MD. is a distinguished orthopedic surgeon who has contributed significantly to the orthopedic industry. Dr. Kirschenbaum serves at the helm of the orthopedic department at Bronxcare Health System as Chairman. He received his training in medicine from Brown University, the prestigious Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Rotham Institute. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is also a businessman who has helped establish several firms in the healthcare industry. He co-founded Medscape that was later acquired by GQ and WebMD respectively.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has achieved a lot in the orthopedic industry. Some of Dr. Kirschenbaum accomplishment in the sector includes helping design multiple joint replacements systems that have significantly contributed to increasing efficiency, reduce pain and save on the cost of joint replacement surgeries. Dr. Kirschenbaum besides has traveled far and wide to deliver lectures at top world universities on topics related to joint replacement surgeries. Dr. Ira Kirshchenabaum other contribution to the industry is that he has authored and published many publications on joint replacement, orthopedic surgery and technological advancements in the industry among other things.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is an experienced orthopedic surgeon with decades of expertise in the industry has successfully performed thousands of joint replacement surgeries to patients not only in the US but globally. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum area of specialization is knee, shoulder and hip joints including adult reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum work and contributions to the industry have not gone unnoticed. In recognition of his efforts in the sector, Dr. Ira has received numerous awards for innovation, ethics and providing quality care.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has previously served at Kaiser Permanente System and is still serving at senior positions at both Swiftpath Program and DTC Healthcom. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum in an interview said that one habit that makes him more productive is by continuously focusing on building work relationships with his colleagues in the department he serves in and frequently conducting focused meetings with the management.

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Business Consulting Done Right with Luke Lazarus

As a business consultant, Luke Lazarus has managed to create an astonishing record of success in the past two decades. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Luke Lazarus has worked with a variety of CEOs and executives to not only formulate a successful business plan but also demonstrate how to execute it. Luke Lazarus earned his MBA from the Melbourne Business school at the age of only 24. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

According to Luke Lazarus, the education he received at the university inspired him to seek the entrepreneurial life. At the age of only 33, Luke Lazarus was not only able to form multiple successful companies but sell them at a profit as well. We recently sat down with Luke Lazarus to hopefully go a little more in-depth about his career, life as well as share any advice for the younger generation of entrepreneurs.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Luke Lazarus states that most of his mornings consist of meditating for around 10 to 15 minutes, a practice that allows him to alleviate any stress that may be lingering around. Afterward, Luke Lazarus goes full throttle, walking the dog, answering emails and phone calls and everything in between.

He further adds that one of his key components of having a productive day is making sure to write everything down. This habit allows him to not only remember every little detail about his day but also aid him in reflecting on the day’s decisions and how he can improve on it the following day.

How do you bring ideas to life?

Creating a story and making it synonymous with your product is key, says Luke Lazarus. Providing a story to a product or brand is one of the first things a company at any stage of their business life should concentrate on. Providing consumers a story that makes them feel a certain way will also be that one thing that helps them connect your product to their lives.

What is one strategy that you always implement within your work?

Lazarus states that his number one strategy when working with a new client is centering the business around a story. Luke Lazarus truly believes that a business must first understand who they are before any growth models can be formulated. Hiring the best people for the job is another strategy that Luke Lazarus utilizes with every client. He states that getting clients in contact with other partners and clients allow them to set up a strong foundation.

What is one business failure you’ve had?

Luke Lazarus recalls a time when he and his childhood friend decided to create their own business. Although the ideas and product were there, Lazarus states that it was the conflicting ideas of the business plan or lack thereof that ultimately ended the company. He advised that although partnerships are not a bad thing, one should always iron out the details before any funds or resources are entered into the mix.

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Jeremy Goldstein the Most Sought After Executive Compensation Lawyer

Jeremy Goldstein is a renowned experienced executive compensation lawyer with over twenty years of expertise in the industry. Goldstein an alma mater of New York, Cornell and Chicago Universities is the managing partner Jeremy L. Goldstein Associates. JLG Associate is a law firm that focuses on providing corporate governance and executive compensation services including advising firms on mergers and acquisitions.

One executive compensation and corporate governance trend that has excited Jeremy Goldstein attorney is the milestones and medications that have been made on governance since the turn of the last millennium. As a result of the modifications the governance and the executive, compensation field is now in a stable place. It, therefore, means that compensation committees, companies including business executives are now in an excellent position to only focus on their forms performance and not to worry of getting distracted by new rules on best business practices.

One habit or quality that qualifies Jeremy Goldstein to be a good and competent lawyer is developing a relationship with clients, knowing them and understanding them. Goldstein says once you get to know your client well then, you will be in an excellent position to give them better advice. Goldstein every day strives to build relationships with clients and contacts them regularly even when they don’t have active cases. Goldstein sometimes goes out of the way and develops both personal and professional relationships with his clients.

One advice that Jeremy Goldstein lawyer wants to share with the youths is that they should view things like setbacks as opportunities and should never give up trying. Goldstein says in his personal and career life he has received so many setbacks that turned out to be the best things that happened in his life as they molded him as a person and drove him to his career path. One thing that Goldstein does repeatedly and recommends to others is advancing with technology. Goldstein says that it is a piece of advice that he received from his clients and ever since he has practiced it to the later. Goldstein is always up to date with the latest technologies and has made it a habit of buying new technology once they are released into the market. Goldstein does not wait until technological equipment he uses such as a computer to crash so that he can purchase a new one.

One business strategy that Jeremy Goldstein has employed over time is and has worked for him is taking an interest in people. Jeremy all the time stays in touch with his client by writing them emails, calling them and making follow-ups. When clients’ get to notice that you are concerned about them and that you care they will always turn to you for advice says Goldstein.


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Smita Shah: the Revered Female Engineer who Mentors Women through SPAAN Tech

From a tender age, Smita Shah aspired to pursue a career in science or math. She had a natural strength in those subjects. She also loved how they had clear-cut answers. However, Shah didn’t realize that her passion for arithmetic would also lead her to start a career in engineering or launch a firm in the same sector. In 1998, SPAAN Tech was born out of that penchant. The award-winning engineering, as well as a construction management company has been providing sustainable solutions not only in transportation and water but technology. The company’s strength is in its ability to address various challenges in infrastructure in order to assist customers in demystifying complex problems.


The management of the firm is proud of the work it has done to impact on waterways, runways, states, and interstates. With the assistance of Smita Shah, the company has developed power through its exceptional team of professionals. It has also been providing solutions through incorporating engineering and technology. While growing up, Shah was trying to figure her interests out. Her dad encouraged her to pursue engineering because she was good at mathematics. Learn more:


Also, being an engineer, his father was her role model. Shah would, therefore, attend the Northwestern University for civil engineering. She proceeded to MIT for environmental engineering. Over the years, Shah served as a junior associate in renowned organizations such as Owings, Merrill, in addition to Skidmore. She then joined her father in business where they oversaw the negotiation of one of India’s power projects with Japanese financial analysts.


In 1990, Smita Shah identified an emerging market to cater to. It was a problem that needed a solution. She realized that several companies required individuals who understood technology, engineering, as well as infrastructure. Having garnered extensive experience from the named industries, Shah is currently in a position to furnish emerging professionals with advice. Here is what she says about what it takes to be successful in the engineering sector. Follow Smita Shah on Twitter


When it comes to establishing a business, Shah reiterates that it’s vital to take up a challenge that you’re comfortable handling. This element had stayed with her from her youthful years when she sought a career. Even when you don’t have the answer to a challenge, it’s crucial to take viable steps towards finding a solution.


When it comes to attracting talent in business, you should have additional infrastructural components. In this case, you may find that renting office space is pretty straightforward. Gaining access to phones is also easy. However, you need to hire talented individuals to help you achieve your objectives.


When she’s not working at SPAAN, Shah involves herself in philanthropy. She works hard to give back to the community. She’s an executive leader at the Museum of Science. Shah is also on various boards including Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital.