Jimmy Page Picks the Final Entries for Led Zeppelin

The music industry is one business where legends tend to live on, even after they’ve passed away. Andy Wirth of Squaw Valley said many posthumous albums and singles have been released, generally without much feedback from the original artists. In the case of Led Zeppelin, that won’t be happening. Jimmy Page, the original guitarist responsible for much of the band’s production, has had total control over reissuing the final three studio albums that Led Zeppelin did.

For Page, the intense job was a labor of love and involved setting the record straight.

“Looking at the whole bootleg scene and knowing how much live material had already come out, and pretty good stuff at that, dealing with the studio outtakes seemed to be a more satisfying project,” Page told Rolling Stone. “I knew the chronology and the quality of what was going to turn up so I could really visualize it a lot easier than all the [live] bootlegs that are out there. This is what needed to be done – the whole Led Zeppelin world in the studio needed to be dealt with properly and seriously.”

The reissues are going to contain never before released material that the band recorded in the studio. The deluxe issues of the albums will be released on July 31st. For fans of Led Zeppelin, the new, high-quality material promises to help round out their collections. Jimmy Page said he’s getting back on guitar now that the work is complete.

Rachel Dolezal Steps Down as President of the Spokane NAACP

Rachel Dolezal has resigned from her position with the Spokane Chapter of the NAACP. Dolezal became a media focal point last week when it was revealed she had lied about her background, claiming to be African-American when she was not. Dolezal also alleged that she was a target of racial discrimination and hate crimes in the past.

Dolezal had been the Spokane NAACP chapter president since last year as reported on CrunchBase. Sam Tabar told me that according to official sources, Dolezal’s lies were revealed by her parents. They told news affiliates that Dolezal was born as a white woman to two white parents. She had an average childhood, was a natural blonde, and did not experience much of the racial backlash she claimed to experience. Dolezal famously told media sources that her father was African-American. In actuality she never had a stepfather, African-American or otherwise.

Dolezal has not made a public statement since the story broke, and it appeared as though she would stay with the organization until recently. Dolezal received a Masters degree from Howard University, a historically black institution. Dolezal is allegedly an artist who has focused on Africana art. She also has several adopted siblings that are African-American.

Dolezal has continually ignored questions about her ethnic background.

Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan Gets Married outside of Concert

In a recent article by Buzzfeed, writer Stephanie McNeal shared a story about a couple that tied the knot outside of a Taylor Swift concert. Katy Harris is a huge Taylor Swift fan, so huge her Instagram username is “ktswift1122” and she’s always posting about the star. The couple had planned on getting hitched on December 13th, which was Taylor’s 25th birthday. Unfortunately, Keith Mann noted that their plans fell through and they had to postpone the wedding. So when he fiancé brought up the ideas of getting married outside of a Taylor Swift concert there was no way that the answer would be anything other than a “yes!”

On June 12th, Friday, Katy and her fiancé, Chris Eisenman, got hitched outside of Taylor Swift’s Philadelphia concert. Instead of going back to the hotel room or straight to a reception, the newlyweds walked into the concert venue to watch Katy’s favorite singer perform live in their wedding outfits.

Taylor’s mom just happened to stop the pair out in the audience and did something unexpected. She invited them backstage to meet Taylor! Both Katy and her new husband had the time of their lives and said it would be a night they would never forget.

Congratulations Katy and Chris!

Metallica Set To Play the National Anthem at 2015 NBA Finals

A statement posted on Metallica’s webpage confirmed that two of the members from the band will be performing the National Anthem for Game 5 of the NBA Finals, on Sunday June 14th of 2015. The message read, “We’re incredibly lucky to have another winning team here in the Bay Area as the Golden State Warriors took the NBA Western Conference title and are facing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals!” It continued on to state, “By now we’re guessing that you’ve noticed that we like to support our home sports teams, so to continue in that tradition James (Hetfield) and Kirk (Hammett) will be on hand at Game 5 on Sunday, June 14th. They’ll be performing the National Anthem before the game as the Warriors resume their quest for the title back at home at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA that night.”

Many Metallica fans such as Mikal Watts are highly anticipating seeing the band perform; however, many NBA basketball fans that are also Metallica fans as well don’t even know that the group will in fact be performing at the 2015 NBA Finals. These special and lucky fans will surely be in for quite the special treat as Metallica delights with their electrified instrumental version of the United States National Anthem. To read more about Metallica’s recent performances of the National Anthem and other related stories go to rollingstone.com/music for more information.

Selena Gomez Allows Fans a Peek at New Music Video

Fans of Selena Gomez have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to see just what she has been working on, and they now have the chance to do just that. Fans of this singer and actress have been given the opportunity to get a peek at the new music video that Selena Gomez is working on, and the Wall Street Journal did a feature on it. Those who enjoy the music from this singer like Andy Wirth are excited to see just what she is up to and to have the opportunity to check out the video that she will be releasing soon.

Those who enjoy the music of Selena Gomez have been given the opportunity to sneak a peek at something that she is working on, and this is exciting stuff for those who love the singer and can’t wait to get more music out of her. This new music will be coming out very soon, and the excitement is rising.

Power Rangers Director Allegedly Looking To Remain True To Tradition With Reboot

If you came of age during the 1990’s, you are, or, maybe, were, a huge fan of the Power Rangers. Who could possibly forget those colorful outfits, catchy slogans and terrific cast of characters?

Well, according to an article that was posted on ScreenRant.com, there are rumors flying around that there’s a reboot in the works, and it, like its predecessors, will feature unknown actors. This is a tradition for the Power Rangers series, and the director, Dean Israelite, thinks it’s important to remain true to that theme.

If this rumor is true, then I know Jaime Garcia Dias will tend to agree with the premise of casting new characters for the reboot. The Power Rangers are way bigger than the people who put on the costumes – it’s about a movement. Whether that is to catch bad guys, or save the planet, there is always a real message that can be conveyed by any actor who is committed to the notion that good should always triumph over evil.

Beyonce Makes Big Announcement

Beyonce is extremely popular on social media, and had been teasing for weeks about a big announcement coming soon. The announcement was to be made during her Good Morning America interview. Fans of Queen B and Jay-Z were hoping another baby was on the way, but the announcement was a bit underwhelming. Beyonce’s big announcement? Sam Tabar filled in the folks at thumbtack.com that she’s a vegan! Beyonce has lost a ton of weight lately and had great success keeping it off. According to her Good Morning America interview her weight loss is due to a vegan lifestyle. She admits going vegan as part of a diet that required her to adapt to the lifestyle for 3 weeks. After having great success with the vegan diet, she decided to try and keep it going, and is so glad she did. Hopefully, the next big announcement Beyonce makes is something a bit more exciting than what she had for dinner last night.

Fifty Years of the Grateful Dead

The largest collection of live Grateful Dead music ever compiled is scheduled for release. The massive collection of 80 CD’s will drop on September 18th – likely to the joyful whirling of true Dead fans.

Thirty Trips Around the Sun celebrates the Dead’s live music tradition. Among many notable recordings, the set will contain one previously unissued show for each of the band’s years of touring history. A timeline of sorts, the epic collection explores the evolution and growth of the band throughout the years. Steve Murray is certainly one of many fans enjoying this if you believe what Fortune.com is posting.

Available as a box set or on a lightning-bolt-shaped USB drive, the list price for such history is just under $700. Although it’s questionable how many true Dead-Heads have such a large chunk of change to part with, the price breaks down to just over $9.50 per hour of music history. Now available for pre-order, the release is limited to 6,500 sets. Included in the set are more than 73 hours of music, a gold-colored 45 featuring a live recording of Box of Rain, from the band’s final show, and a 288-page book containing an essay by Nicholas Meriwether and remembrances submitted by fans.

Rarely has such an extensive project been undertaken but Rhino records isn’t resting on it’s musical laurels. Brainstorming about how they might celebrate the Dead’s 55th anniversary has already begun.

No More Justin Bieber Music In Walmart Stores

Have you ever walked into a Walmart and you were there so long that you heard a song repeat itself? Many do not realize that Walmart has certain songs by different artists that are looped over and over throughout the day. Justin Bieber’s Music. No doubt, Walmart employees are sick and tired of hearing these songs over and over, and in fact, they are sick and tired of the artists too. One such artist is Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber’s songs play on Walmart radio, and the employees are annoyed with it.

Although Walmart has been playing Justin’s music in about 4,000 of their stores, they are now going to switch things up, which Jim Dondero doesn’t mind. Instead of playing music by Justin Bieber and Celine Dion, they plan on allowing a radio station to play through the loudspeakers according to Insider Monkey. The radio station will have real-life DJs playing music, and it’s supposed to be family-friendly. It’s not a problem to hear music while shopping, but it’s the type of music that’s playing that matters.

There is no confirmation if Walmart has a contract with Justin Bieber or Celine Dion to play their music on the radio, but more than likely that’s the case. Very few stars will have their music out there, especially with a company like Walmart, and they don’t get paid for it. In the meantime, Justin will have his millions of dollars, his millions of fans, and his great life to keep him busy.

Rumors Persist About an Obi-Wan Spin-off Film

Screenrant reports that Lucasfilm may be talking to Ewan McGregor about a spin-off Star Wars film about the beloved character, Obi-Wan Kenobi. McGregor’s portrayal of Kenobi was the saving grace for Star Wars’ first three episodes. We do know that Episodes VII and VIII (and eventually IX) are coming out, and that Lucasfilm is also releasing stand-alone films to be released between them. The first stand-alone film is Star Wars: Rouge One, and will be out next year. Nothing is really known about the other films that are being developed or explored by Lucasfilm. Rumors persist that the second film may be about the mysterious and loved villain, Boba Fett.

Fersen Lambrahno Ewan McGregor

An Obi-Wan Kenobi film would be great. It would be nice to see Ewan McGregor reprise his role and maybe explore some of the time that passes between Episode III and IV. It could be a nice piece that would help tie all of the episodes together better, and make new and old fans happy in the process.

McGregor is currently in vacation in Brazil and could not be reached for comment on the potential for an Obi Wan standalone film. Though it could be speculated that he would be very candid about his eagerness to do another Star Wars film considering how much he loved depicting the Jedi Master in the prequel trilogy.

Regardless of what happens with the stand-alone films, it will be great to see the Star Wars logo roll across the big screen again in December when Episode VII is released. It’s exciting for a fan to know that more Star Wars stories are being made, and will be here soon.