Thor Halvorssen: A Classical Liberal

One thing that can’t be done to Thor Halvorssen is having a label attached to him that he does not choose. Thor Halvorssen has been speculated about by many people. Some people have thought of him as a right-winger because of his criticism of left-wing dictatorships in Latin America.

He has also received funding from conservative foundations. While he does believe that he is doing good for the oppressed, there are people who take offense to the fact that he is receiving funding from conservative sources. However, Thor Halvorssen is not one who subscribes to a political party or accepts labels. He is someone what is all about human rights. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

If Thor was to choose a party, then he would consider himself a classical liberal. He is someone that is willing to take a stand against government corruption. This is a fight that he is willing to take on at all costs. He is also someone that uses wisdom when it comes to dealing with each and every circumstance that involves human rights violations.

Therefore, he is one of the more trusted activists when it comes to fighting oppression. Thor stands out from among the other activists in that he is willing to educate and make things right among people. Read more: Trouble Maker for Tyrants | Weekly Standard

One thing that makes Thor Halvorssen so effective as an activist is that he does not operate from hate, fear, or any other form of negativity. He operates from love. As a matter of fact, he has made a statement that he loves people. He also makes sure that he takes on the issue with an energy and intensity that can rival that of the tyrants.

Thor Halvorssen is someone that can be counted on when it comes to the fight for human rights. While the fight is far from over, Thor is sure to put a huge dent in the battle.

The Accomplishments of Seattle Genetics under Dr. Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 by a great team of scientists including its current president and chief executive officer, Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D. It’s known for its extensive research on developing clinical and preclinical products which target various forms of cancer and auto immune diseases. The company, through the leadership of Dr.Siegell has managed to lead in the development of antibody-drug conjugates which have proven very effective in the treatment of cancer. The company’s headquarters are in Bothel, Washington.

The Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Clay Siegall was among the founding fathers of Seattle Genetics and is currently serving as the company president and chief executive officer. Together with that, the doctor is in the board of directors of two private pharmaceutical companies. His capital-raising skills came to play when he managed to secure Seattle Genetics an impressive funding of more than $600 million from both public and private sources.

Educational Background and Previous Work

Dr. Siegall has a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University and graduated with a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. his passion in cancer research have become the backbone of his career as he strives to spearhead development of effective ADC’s, 7 of which are under advanced clinical-stage programs. Dr. Siegall previously worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for 6 years and the National Cancer Institute for 3 years. Throughout his life, Dr.Clay managed to author 70 publications and currently holds 15 patents.


Seattle Genetics has close to 650 employees all across America. Besides leading in development of antibody technologies, the company has entered into numerous strategic partnerships. The partnerships include an exclusive collaboration with Genentech for SGN-40 prized at almost $860. Some other ADC collaborations with MedImmune, CuraGen, Bayer and Progenics have generated more an income of approximately $70 million.

The company developed ADCETRIS, a first in a new class of ADCs that has successfully treated over 15,000 cancer patients all over the world. The drug got approved way back in 2011 by the Food and Drug Administration Board (FDA).

The company’s technology also empowers more than 20 ADC’s which are currently still in clinical development.

Seattle Genetics is currently working on two new ADC’s that will go a long way in treating acute myeloid leukemia to ensure survival of patients’ diagnosed with it.

Norka Luque: The Power of Being Different

When Norka Luque was growing up, her family encouraged her to follow her dreams. She wanted a career in music, and they were extremely supportive. At an early age, she took voice and piano lessons. These lessons were of great inspiration for Luque. Her family always believed that she had a star’s destiny. Luque started making demo tapes and sending them out to producers in her native Venezuela. She was a great success in her homeland. Later, she decided to come to America to see how her talents would serve her.

Emilio Estefan, Jr. saw Luque in a musical production and was amazed with her natural ability. He felt that she had a special singing talent that could be used in his upcoming musical. Estefan signed Luque to sing backup with Shakira. Luque had the talent for which he had been searching, so Estefan became her mentor. He wanted to take her talent to a higher level of excellence. Estefan did not want Luque be just a one-hit wonder. Since working with Estefan and Shakira, Norka Luque has won several awards and has done a lot of work in the music industry. These two stars had a positive effect on Luque. She takes what she learns and adds it to her powerful music.

Even though her first album was released in her homeland of Venezuela, her life and career were changed when she moved to Miami. Many of her Venezuelan hits have been expertly remixed into different tunes. Fans love that all of Luque’s music has a positive tone. While other singers highlight their pain and woe, Luque tends to dance on the silver lining in the clouds. This style truly works for her. Many of her songs have made it on the Venezuelan music billboards. With Estefan as a mentor, Luque is destined to go far in her career.

Norka Luque is a young star who is still learning the art of music. However, fans love her voice and feel like dancing when they hear her sing. When it comes to the world of music, being different is a good thing.

Goettl’s Online Reviews Show A successful HVAC Service Is In Place

The success of the Goettl HVAC service has been backed up by a number of excellent reviews that can be found on the Angie’s List Website where the public given honest reviews about the tradespeople they work with. Reading the reviews gives us a glimpse into the time and effort the technicians at Goettl are now putting into the work they complete for each and every client; not only does each technician care for the clients they are working with, but they do their utmost to make sure appointment times are kept when possible.

Reading the reviews provides an insight into the pride that now forms the basis of the work of each and every Goettl technician who are now seeking the best ways of making sure the work they complete is the best at all times. A good example of the way Goettl technicians look to go above and beyond the expectations of their clients, including an anecdote about a technician who repaired an HVAC system and made sure every part was working before declaring the hardware repaired.

The Goettl brand has always been a high quality option for those who are looking for the best in HVAC repair and servicing, which began in 1926 with the Goettl brothers bringing their skills to Arizona and Nevada. In recent years Goettl had departed the state of Nevada, but a drive to bring the company back to the attention of the public has resulted in the return of Goettl to Las Vegas, Nevada.

The expansion of the Goettl brand across the south has seen the company purchase the Moore HVAC repair company to make sure the highest quality service is available to all residents of Arizona and Nevada. The arrival of new owner Ken Goodrich has seen the Goettl brand undergo some major changes to the company, including HVAC expert Goodrich giving each completed job his own seal of approval that makes sure each and every technician is having their work checked on a regular basis.

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Kabbalah Centres Worldwide are the Centers of Ancient Spirituality

Many people think that Kabbalah is a religion, but it is an ancient wisdom and supernatural study of spirituality. Kabbalah has existed since the beginning of civilization and before the Jewish nation was formed. They do not worship or recite formal prayers. Kabbalah believes that all humans have a Divine purpose on Earth, so they are to continue learning the wisdom, and all things spiritual, while they are here.
The Kabbalahists believe that there is a higher power that is all light and that humans are to try to get closer to that light throughout their lifetimes. The word “Kabbalah” literally means “to receive,” and those who follow this wisdom are to receive the light and the principles that make it up. Students of Kabbalah do not study this ancient belief like a discipline, but rather they use principles of the wisdom to reveal the spiritual beliefs.

Kabbalah Centres

Kabbalah was brought to America in the 1980s by Kav and Karen Berg who studied at the original Centre in Israel in 1922. After 10 years of study, they founded the first Centre in New York where they held classes and translated the original teachings into many languages.

Kabbalah Centres are centralized locations where followers can come together to learn the principles of Kabbalah. Today, there are over 40 Centres worldwide where students learn from an experienced instructor how to focus on their spiritual life. Kabbalahists say they learn spirituality that allows them to make better decisions about their lives and reveal the joy that is inherently inside of everyone.

In 2016, Kabbalah Centres are not the only place Kabbalah is taught. The Centre in Los Angeles daily broadcasts courses, daily meditations, and related information online and on the radio. This allows people, where ever they may live, to be involved and learn Kabbalah.

Centres provide more fellowship with volunteering events and monthly dinners, but today, anyone who wants to learn the spiritual principles of Kabbalah and find happiness and joy has the opportunity in Kabbalah Centres or online.

How To Learn Stock Trading For Investment Success

If you are looking to learn stock trading, it’s imperative to choose a reputable and experienced mentor or coach. When it comes to choosing the right professional to learn from, consider Jim Hunt  of VTA Publications.

Jim Hunt is well known as the master of stock trading and investment strategies. Jim has been trading for years and has developed the skills required to make successful trades any time. He has many customers who have purchased his courses and books and are doing will in the industry.

Jim has announced his desire to make his mom a millionaire in just 10 trades. He has done challenges before in the past and had always delivered on his promise, and he aims to accomplish this goal as well. The entire trading tutorial will be presented on YouTube so that people can learn how it’s done.

Books are inexpensive and they provide a wealth of information. Training courses, seminars, and educational DVDs are also available from reputable sources like VTA Publications. This company has been publishing expertly created information products and is well known around the world. Experts like Jim promote their quality materials to their audience by using the services of this renowned company.

Jim always does a great job of making the read easy to follow and easy to understand for all investors. He really breaks down his tutorials and courses into small sections, which makes it easy to follow. His strategies and techniques are used by investors who have learned from him and are some of the best around.

VTA Publications has a list of great stock trading courses, books and guides for investors to consider. Some of the all-time favorites are created by Jim, a master at stock trading techniques and tactics that work perfectly to generate a huge fortune. Thousands of people have found it to be a reputable resource of stock trading courses and business books for both beginners and experienced individuals. There are tons of excellent business and wealth building information products that are available from this company.  Follow Jim personally on Twitter, as well as Tumblr.

Laundry Works Going Green in Austin, Texas

There is a wave of change sweeping through the marketplace as businesses all over Austin, Texas begin remodeling themselves and start going Green.

Laundromats are the newest business to give the Green strategy a try and the effort has met with considerable success.

The phrase going Green suggests and increased focus on enviromentalism but this does not have to be deterimental to profits. In fact for many businesses the best way to go Green is simply to locate and correct energy waste in their daily operations. The machines at laundromats throughout Austin typically use a significant amount of water, electricity and gas to power through a cycle of laundry. This in turn requires the laundromat to incur high electric, water and gas bills from the city of Austin. In reducing the amount of water, gas and electricity the washers and dryers use in the laundromat, owners of these businesses would benefits from a significant reduction in their water, electric and gas bills each month.

Austin and its local businesses are proud of the city wide Green initiatives and one of the Laundromat companies that is truly ahead of the curve is Laundry Works. This revolutionary Austin based laundromat was started in 2013.  Since then, Laundry Works quickly rose to the top of the charts in the area, servicing the University of Texas, Austin’s West Campus region. They were one of the first companies to take a risk and invest in new, energy efficient washing machines. While there is an upfront cost involved the purchase of new equipment, the hope was that the money saved in lower electricity bills will quickly make up for the price of a one time purchase. These new machines also cut down on water waste by automatically weighing each individual load and calculating exactly how much water is really necessary. Their machines are also specifically designed to be user friendly, easy to operate, and run with a low noise level.

Laundry Works also offers pickup and drop-off laundry service in Austin.  This is especially convenient for the college students living in the area. Additionally, by having one car pickup and drop-off all the laundry (instead of multiple customers driving in themselves) this significantly cuts back on traffic and pollution in Austin.

Use Talk Fusion to Add Videos Directly to your Email Messaging

Small business owners and entrepreneurs must constantly think about how to use all of the new technology in communication and marketing that is available in order to keep ahead of the competition.

Most people recognize that video is fast becoming a significant part of the online experience. Words alone are no longer enough to draw and keep potential customers’ attention. More and more small companies are searching to help to introduce video into their marketing strategy.

One of the leaders in the video communication business is Talk Fusion. This company makes video conferencing systems and broadcasting and social networking products designed to aid small companies in broadening their market reach and impact through the use of videos.

Talk Fusion has developed the world’s very first all-inclusive video marketing solution. The system was designed to help businesses increase their profits while maintaining customer loyalty and repeat business.

Talk Fusion won the 2016 Communications Solution Product of the Year Award recently from the Technology Marketing Corporation. The award honors and recognizes outstanding services in the field of voice, video, and data communications solutions.

Simple to Use

Talk Fusion is simple. When John Smith wants to send a video message to someone, he simply records it on his built-in computer Web cam or on a Flip camera. Smith then opens the Talk Fusion portal on his computer, finds the saved-video file and uploads it.

When Smith is ready to send that video out, he goes to the saved file, downloads it to a video email, and he’s ready to launch. He can use his company logo to brand the message and he can also use a pre-made template from a library of forms provided by Talk Fusion.

Once he’s combined the video and added the text, Smith has the option of sending the email to an individual or as a bulk send to thousands of individuals in his address file.

Because the videos are stored Talk Fusion’s site, then can re-used over and over. Talk Fusion can also provide hundreds of pre-made videos with generic messages in case you decide not to make your own.

Thirty Day Free Trial

This past April, Talk Fusion launched a 30 day Free Trail program in nine different languages to over 140 countries. Prospective customers anywhere in the world now have the opportunity to try the Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution completely risk-free for 30 days.

It took the team at Talk Fusion more than a year to bring this free trail to the market place. They strongly feel that prospective customers should be given the opportunity to fully understand all of the benefits that Talk Fusion’s video marketing system offers before purchasing their product.

Low Cost Program

The cost of the Talk Fusion video marketing system is extremely low.

The basic service is priced at a one-time fee of $175. The ongoing fee is only $20 per month. This basic service account user gets one account, storage for 1,000 emails and the ability to make unlimited videos lasting up to five minutes each.

There is an old adage that says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Talk Fusion now makes it possible for you to cash in on that truism.

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John Goullet and the Success of Diversant LLC

Diversant LLC is among the leaders in the IT staffing sector. Diversant if a fully-fledged Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and one of the biggest firms offering IT staffing solutions throughout the United States. The institution has the sole responsibility of providing IT staff solutions, which are needed by the major Fortune 500 organizations across the United States.

This IT staffing firm emerged when their two founding fathers John Goullet and Gene Waddy merged their two individual companies together. Before the creation of today’s Diversant LLC, Gene was serving at the Spherion Technology as the Director of infrastructure services. He was successful in leading the provision of IT staffing services in the United States of America.

On the other hand, the successful Goullet started his professional career as an IT consultant. He later, on his own will and passion, switched his area of interest to IT staffing. Then in 1994, with a substantial, extensive background experience in staffing and IT, John Goullet started his own venture, Info Technologies. Info Technologies was a provider of IT staffing solutions, which was designed to cater to the unique and versatile needs of well-known Fortune 500 firms. With his determination, expertise, experience, and extensive knowledge in the IT and staffing sectors, it only took John Goullet only five years of hard work to turn his enterprise into a multibillion-dollar firm.

On assessment, Info Technologies had a worth of $30 Million. The company was honored to be named as one of the privately owned businesses experiencing fast growth in the USA. This is a clear demonstration of entrepreneurship skills that John is endowed with, which enabled him to create a multibillion-dollar firm from scratch.

In 2010, a merger between John’s and Gene’s companies saw the creation of Diversant LLC. The company became among the largest IT staffing companies, which are African-American owned in the United States. Diversant has through providing practical, reliable and efficient IT staffing solutions been able to earn itself a significant reputation in the IT staffing industry. The firm utilizes numerous proprietary methods to outsource only the best, well trained and qualified IT personnel. The company is reputed for prioritizing its clients’ needs. John Goullet is the current Principal and Chairman of the firm.

Susan McGalla: What You Should Know About Her

Susan McGalla started her work at Joseph Horne Company and held various managerial and marketing positions until 1994. She worked at this company for almost eight years. Later in 1994, she joined American Eagle Outfitters where she held various managerial positions until she climbed the ladder to become the president and chief merchandising officer. She had worked as a departmental head before she was promoted to the position of chief executive. While she was still the president of American Eagle Inc, Susan McGalla launched the organization’s aerie as well as the 77kids brand. was in charge of design, marketing and merchandising of brands liked by teens everywhere in America.

When she joined American Eagle Outfitters, it was dominated by male and there was no single woman in executive position or on the board. Through hard work, Susan McGalla was successful and she excelled in her career that later turned to a lifetime experience according to her. While she was president and CMO at American Eagle Outfitters, she was responsible of revenues of $3B, the P&L statements, e-commerce site and four brands.

In the year 2009, McGalla left American Eagle Inc. and joined financial investment industries as a private consultant. She became a member of Board of Directors at HFF Inc. Later on, she joined Wet Seal Inc. and appointed as Chief Executive Officer to succeed Ed Thomas in the year 2011 on McGalla later founded P3 Executive Consulting Firm where she is the Director in charge of Strategic Planning and growth for Pittsburgh Steelers.

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McGalla has transformed her career to become a top financial consultant. She can advice people who need an inside perspective concerning world of retail and finance on She has managed to achieve great things in her career due to her hard work, flexibility and passionate to pursue something she desired. According to her, McGalla says gender never prevented her desire to achieve her goals. Women should emulate her in order to achieve their goals regardless of male dominance in every industry.

She is hopeful that more women are ready to take similar approach and attitude in their careers in order to be successful. She has been comfortable while working with both men and women. The confidence was very critical to her success. About her personal life, she was raised was raised with two elder brothers in East Liverpool, Ohio. Their father was a football coach with a local team. Her parents encouraged her to work very hard and present her ideas with a lot of confidence regardless of her audience. She attended Mount Union College where she pursued a BA in business and marketing. Her husband is called Stephen McGalla and is a wealth manager.

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