Justice Department Sues Ferguson to Force Changes in Criminal Justice System

The shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown sparked national outrage and made Ferguson a national spotlight due to police brutality and racism. Almost two years later, the city continues to stay in the spotlight because of the lasting effects that this horrific case has had on the nation and the city.

The United States Federal Justice department announced on Wednesday that they were suing the city in an attempt to force changes in the local police department and the court system. Ferguson, Missouri, is a suburb of St. Louis and is mostly black city surrounded by neighborhoods and cities with mostly affluent, white populations. Jon Urbana wrote in a blog post that the police force and the court system have long behaved unfairly towards the black residents of Ferguson, and the shooting of Michael Brown was a tragedy that brought this horrific dichotomy to the attention of the rest of the United States.

Both independent reviews, and investigations by the Federal Justice Department have found that the city and its officials have shown a deep bias and predjudice towards its non-white citizens, and this lawsuit is an attempt by the Federal Justice Department to help alleviate that prejudice and fix some of the problems caused by it.

The lawsuit, which was announced by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and filed on Wednesday comes after the city council moved away from passing legislation that was intended to address the history of racial bias that is prevalent in Ferguson.

Slyce Demonstrates Their Accuracy In Visual Search Technology

Who knew that shopping could be so much fun? I’ve always enjoyed shopping online more than shopping in the stores because it is less hassle to find the things that you are searching for, and in fact, the technology used for online shopping has evolved greatly over the recent years. An article by Live Mint talks in great details about all the start up companies that have emerged in order to conquer the new field of visual search technology. This technology allows users to access the online market places that they prefer without the hassle of typing all their search keywords into a little white box. The reason we are able to do this so easily is because our phones have sophisticated cameras on them, and the visual search companies have set up the software to use them.

Some visual search companies have found funding through crowdfunding campaigns, and other visual search companies have found angel investors. Slyce is a company that specializes in visual search, and this company is particularly interesting because it evolved out of a previous technology company that specialized in automated searches for computers, so the company already has the experience of running a company in this type of industry. Slyce has demonstrated that they know what needs to be done in order to run a successful tech company that specializes in visual search technology. They have been updating their system in order to bring about the best new features for users that enjoy their platform, and their updates also help the retailers who are working hard with Slyce.

Retailers enjoy the relationship that Slyce has to offer because they are moving their products off the shelves or out of the warehouses without the need to push them by means of sales people. The users that enjoy Slyce will see the retailer that they are purchasing their items from, and they will also see if it is an online market place. The team at Slyce has been working around the clock to bring users new features, like the customer service team that is available to answer any questions that users have. The team is available via a chat box on the application, and they help check the AI’s accuracy in their search results. The new features help users generate their most accurate searches in online shopping.

Queens of Drama – Divas, Young and Old

What happens when six beautiful, talented, strong willed, seemingly classy, actresses are brought together to play themselves and produce a television series, and try to sell it to a network for on air audiences to see? Watch what happens when the series “Queens of Drama,” shows how drama naturally occurs without a script.

The show brings together six strong willed actresses who are used to be being told what their on camera characters should be, and watch the real drama and conflict that naturally occurs when they try to produce their own show as themselves.

What happens is that the vivacious Donna Mills rules the show “Queens of Drama.” Imagine Donna back in full force without the shoulder pads. Donna Mills, was on “Knots Landing” and “Melrose Place.” She introduces diva Joan Collins of “Dynasty” fame; The younger women do not disappoint either. Full of drama as promised, “Queens of Drama” brings out the inner diva in all of the women, young and old.
Donna Mills goes up against the younger actresses Crystal Hunt, Chrystee Phariss, Vanessa Marcil, Linssey Hartley, and Hunter Tylo. It’s a bit like “The Golden Girls”, meets “The Apprentice,” meets “American Idol.” “The Housewives of Beverly Hills,” meets “Who Wants to be a Millionaire-television producer;” but that is not a show yet and maybe after “Queens of Drama” it could be.

IMDb would indicate that Crystal Hunt is a very successful actress. The beautiful blue eyed blonde as her Instagram shows, Crystal Hunt is 30 years old, from Tampa Florida. She began her career at the very young age of two, as a pageant contestant then moving into commercials, and later staring in two television soup operas. She owns and operates a pet store in the Tampa, Florida area. She is working in television and movies, as an actress and producer. Her current role is one of six woman on the, “Queens of Drama.” Crystal Hunt stars as herself in her latest role on the reality show. Lately, she stars with veteran actress Donna Mills, of “Knots Landing” and “Melrose Place,” and diva Joan Collins, known for being in “Dynasty,” who also appears on the new series “Queens of Drama.”

From 2003 until 20016, Crystal Hunt had parts in the following productions:
Guiding Light, The Derby Stallion, CMT The Greatest, Sydney White, NYC Underground,
One Life to Live, 23 Blast, Magic Mike XXL, Queens of Drama, and Talbot County (as an Executive Producer).  Crystal is well known for her soap opera history.  You can even see a cool acting reel of Crystal Hunt’s work on YouTube.  Other than that, she’s busy producing and working on directing her first feature.  In addition to interacting with the fans on Crystal’s Facebook page.

Billionaire George Soros Is Buying Gold; US Money Reserve President Explains Why


As more and more reputable economists forewarn of a large market correction that will greatly shrink the values of stocks and commodities this year, it has become vital for investors and ordinary people who will be adversely affected by this forewarned crash to protect themselves and their money. Fortunately, US Money Reserve president Philip Diehl graciously sat down with Enterprise Radio to impart some advise on those with an eye towards the near future.

For some background, Mr. Diehl is the former Director of US Mint which has given him large amounts of experience with bullion and legal tender – the US Mint producing more bullion than any other institution in the world. While at the US Mint, Mr. Diehl expanded its operations to trade on every continent in the world, including Antarctica. It is this knowledge which informs him on current investment strategies people should pursue.

As discussed in the podcast, Mr. Diehl recommends to invest in gold coins, which is produced by the US Mint and is legal tender of the United States and thus backed not only by their inherent value but by the strongest economy in the world. At the US Money Reserve specifically, customers can use a precious metal IRA which acts as a wealth insurance that – due to being backed by precious metals – is strong enough to withstand a large, negative market correction. Likewise, customers will be able to gain from steadily rising gold prices.

Some may suggest owning gold and silver bars instead of coins, but Mr. Diehl explains in the podcast that those bars do not serve as legal tender. Moreover, they are not guaranteed by a major mint or backed by the United States – which, again, is the strongest economy in the world. As these are not guaranteed by a major mint, there is no guarantee that those bars and bullion are not counterfeit. Thus, Mr. Diehl advises to own minted gold that is guaranteed by the US Mint.

While a market correction on the level of the financial crisis in 2008 may deal major damage on stocks, pensions and other funds, one can be buttressed from that fallout with gold coins produced by the US Mint.

Top Texas Cosmetic Surgeons

As time goes on cosmetic surgery seems to increase more and more thanks to positive results that people are experiencing from a number of different procedures. Most commonly, people are turning towards facelifts, breast augmentations and liposuction to make them look and feel better about themselves. No matter what cosmetic surgery procedure is chosen, they are all designed to increase a person’s self esteem and improve how a person looks. Choosing one of the top Texas doctors in the area can ensure great results and a safe procedure.

There are always risks associated with cosmetic surgery which is why a top Texas doctor such as Dr. Jennifer Walden will help with alleviating these risks and putting a patient’s mind at ease. There is always a thorough physical exam and blood work completed prior to a procedure in order to rule out any pre-existing concerns. Dr. Walden has been in the business of cosmetic surgery for many years now and is also certified with accreditation from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. As the mother of two beautiful children, Dr. Walden knows how important it is to look and feel good about yourself so you can better serve others.

Some people are looking to improve upon their look after years of the normal aging process, and some people have issues that need to be corrected after an accident or medical issue. The best Texas cosmetic surgeons can provide patients with natural options that will make a huge difference in the overall appearance of a patient. Having worked in the New York City are as well as the greater Texas area, Dr. Walden has gained much experience from a myriad of different patients. Additional experience has been achieved through her experience with the Plastic Surgery Center at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat. She has also worked in the Lenox Hill Hospital system providing emergency care.

Kevin Seawright at Newark CEDC

Kevin Seawright is a lucky man who is privileged to have a career life in both the public and private sectors. He started working in a public job in Baltimore, Maryland, where he moved to various positions and receiving several awards. After working for more than ten years in the public sector, Seawright decided it’s the right time to move to the private sector and offer his financial management expertise in this ever growing sector. Over a year ago, Kevin was appointed to join Newark CEDC as its new Executive Vice President and also Chief Financial Officer.

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is a financial institution that focuses on development of the city of Newark by providing affordable financial solutions to businesspersons and entrepreneurs in the area. Kevin felt it’s a great honor to be part of an organization that works closely with people, supporting them financially in order to bring positive change. Newark CEDC has partnered with local authorities in Newark, where the city has developed an economic system that provides capital for development of small entities, providing Wi-Fi access and also a program that hired 3,000 students of Newark to empower them economically.

For many years in his private and career life, WorldClass Magazines shows that Kevin Seawright has devoted himself in supporting urban towns to develop in order to change the lives of residents. Kevin gives credit to his parents who introduced him to financial industry when he was still a young boy. In fact, at 12 years, Kevin worked in youth initiatives in the city of Philadelphia, helping people to change and improve their lives. He explains that due to his diligence and dedication, he was able to bring positive impact to the lives of both children and grown-ups in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and now he is doing it Newark.

The contribution Kevin Seawright has made to the society is as a result of good upbringing by his parents. Seawright believes that formal collage training is very important especially to young people who just completed high school. Kevin said that he benefited from formal college programs as well as e-learning programs. According to him, online education program has gained popularity recently where about 32 percent of all students at higher education level were taking some form of online course in 2013.

For the many years he has been working, Kevin has been associating with institutions that have capacity to empower and strengthen communities. He believes that those who contribute to the community in a meaningful manner are successful. At Newark CEDC, their aim is to help entrepreneurs who want to grow realize their dreams. The firm provides loan facilities to small and mid-sized enterprises, especially those who are turned away by commercial banks because of lack of qualification.  Follow Kevin through his Twitter for more current updates.

TOWN Offers Analysis of Manhattan Real Estate Market

Each year, many people decide to move to New York City. New York is one of world’s largest cities and one of the most desired. People from around the world want to live here because they know that doing so enables them to enjoy easy access to many kinds of important amenities and other important activities as well as the opportunity to take a job in the region. Those at TOWN Residential Real Estate have observed the market closely, especially the upper end of the market where they are happy to help buyers find the right property for them.

In the recent report, The Aggregate, staffers at TOWN talk to buyers and sellers alike about the residential real estate market in this part of the world. The report is released every quarter in an effort to help assess the local real estate market and provide guidance to buyers and sellers alike. Both parties will find that the market here in the last quarter of the previous year has seen a jump in prices in all categories of real estate in Manhattan. Buyers will find that any apartment they wish to purchase will be one where prices have started to rise in recent years. This trend of rising prices has continued into the final quarter of the previous year.

As staffers report, prices for the high end of the market continued to rise as buyers sought specific apartments including those at the very top end. Here, a three or four bedroom apartment or condo could easily cost the buyer well into the six figures. However, buyers are prepared to pay such prices because they know the value of a NYC apartment for rent and want to live here in luxury. Sellers were pleased to note this trend as it allowed many sellers to easily sell the property they own for the highest possible price. The result of this last quarter has been many buyers looking for properties in many parts of Manhattan and finding that such apartments exist if they are willing to pay the price the buyer is asking for the space.

Insight on Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG

Ricardo Guimarães is a privileged individual who was born in a very powerful and richest family in Brazil. His grandfather Pentagma Guimarães founded Banco BMG, as Land Credit bank more than 80 years ago, and today, the bank is one of the largest financial institutions across Brazil. Ricardo Guimarães serves as the president of BMG since 1998 and has played a critical role of transforming and restructuring it in order to meet the demands of clients in the market. Ricardo is recognized as an individual with great talents, hardworking and an innovator.
Under the leadership of Ricardo Guimarães, BMG adopted a new strategy that made it to emerge as a leader in payroll loans in Brazil. The bank relies on its small but highly efficient team of professionals with consultants all over Brazil, to reach to employees working for the government as well as those working in the private sector. The strategy of BMG is to provide loans at low interest rates to clients whose rate of default is very low. As such, the bank is almost 100 percent certain that all their clients will repay their full loans on schedule.
This strategy of the bank initiated by Ricardo Guimarães made the bank the leader in the financial industry. In addition, the entrepreneur has been sponsoring sports activities, especially football, where BMG has been sponsoring a number of football teams in Brazil. Today, BMG is one of the largest sponsors of football, especially teams playing in the league. Ricardo Guimarães is a fanatic supporter of Clube Atletico Mineiro, although he stressed that BMG as an entity does not root for any team. Indeed, BMG offer sponsorship to other teams that compete with Atletico, revealing that the company doesn’t root for the club.
Through these sponsorship activities initiated by Ricardo Guimarães, BMG is able to receive excellent returns from the investment. The objective of the bank through these sponsorship is to market its products and also for advertisement. The three letters of BMG are printed on players’ shirts in a visible color to make fans know that BMG is sponsoring their teams. Besides sponsoring teams, Ricardo Guimarães once served as the president of Atletico club for five years, and even today he is highly respected for the role he played at the club during his tenure.
When Ricardo Guimarães was serving as the president of the club, he was very committed to his responsibilities to an extent sponsoring the team from his own pocket money. For this reason, the board and the fans respect Ricardo Guimarães for what he did for the club. In fact, he served as the president of the club for a term of five years. Info was found on Noticias R7.

The Overwhelmingly Generous Spirit of Dick DeVos

In all of my years of watching celebrities and athletes give back I have never someone give back as much as Dick DeVos has given back. He has become one of the most generous philanthropists, but he isn’t a celebrity or an athlete. Devos is a businessman that has been able to make good on a business that his father started. He has went on to build a foundation that promotes giving back to children, and I was deeply inspired by his contributions to society. 

I believe that people get out of life what they put into it. I also believe that people that give will also receive. It’s not written down like the law of gravity or anything, but it is a concept that is certain. DeVos is one that has made this evident. He has given so much over the years, and I believe this his ability to thrive is a direct result of his tremendous giving. This is the only way to explain how he could continue to go on giving large amounts over and over again. It is like Yin and Yang, day and night or highs and lows. You cannot have one without the other. Dick DeVos gives because he receives, and he receives because he gives. 

The children that benefit from the foundation that he has with his wife will also see the benefits of giving. In this way I believe that Dick DeVos will also inspire others to gives just as he has given. There is a spirit of generosity that transcends through the entire DeVos family. He has the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation with this wife, but the DeVos family has not stopped there. I have even seen how he has inspired their children to continue the legacy of giving. This is something that is powerful. Dick and his family could have done as many other rich families do and made the decision to keep the money to themselves. He has not chosen to be this selfish though. To the contrary, DeVos has built a legacy by giving away more than a billion in charitable contributions. 

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

I have found this incredibly interesting because he is still reaping the benefits of a business – Amway -that was founded by his father. His father gave him the torch for the business, and DeVos made good on what was given to him by blazing a new path.

The Wikipedia Writers from Get Your Wiki Will Get Your Page Noticed

Wikipedia is a major source of information for many people. If you are the owner of a business or are otherwise looking to promote yourself, wikipedia can be a great place to start. You can post whatever information you wish within the site’s guidelines to share about yourself or your business on the page. This information will be visible to anyone who searches online for you or your business. Additionally, while browsing through wikipedia pages, you or your business could come up as a suggested page to check out. This will cause more people to be aware of you or your business in the first place. There are services available that will professionally design wikipedia pages for you. The quality service that are done by these services will help attract further interest in you or your business. Luckily, getting these services is as simple as going on the internet. 

One place where you can quickly get quotes for professional wikipedia writing services is Get Your Wiki. On this website, you can punch in your name, email address, and what you are requesting. Within 24 hours, Get Your Wiki responds to your request. You will get quotes for professional writers to do your Wikipedia business page creation. You can pick and choose from these quotes to find the writer that best suits your needs. 

There are also additional features offered by Get Your Wiki. Wikipedia pages can be changed by people. You certainly wouldn’t want a disgruntled customer editing your wikipedia page! Luckily, Get Your Wiki can protect you from this type of damage. When you use the services of Get Your Wiki, someone will look to make sure that your wikipedia page still looks as good as when it was first created. Additionally, you can have your page translated. This will make it possible for people to read your page in a variety of different languages. Get Your Wiki also offers a guarantee. Get Your Wiki says that they guarantee you will be pleased with their services, or you can get your money back. The writers you will get from Get Your Wiki have SEO knowledge that they will use to make sure numerous people see the page. If you would like to learn more about Get Your Wiki, you can check out their website. Here is the link to their page: http://www.getyourwiki.com/