Kanye storms the stage again


Many of us tuned in to watch the Grammy performances and to see which artist took won which award. Some of the winners of the night were Sam Smith, Beyonce, and even Beck. Beck took home a Grammy for Album of the year for his album Morning Phase . While accepting his award and preparing to make his thank you speech something unexpected happened.

Beck was possibly shocked along with the rest of the crowd as Kanye walked on stage right when he was accepting his Grammy. Viewers and members of the audience possibly thought that Kanye was going to protest Beck’s win over Beyonce’s album. But instead of recreating his protest speech that was witnessed on MTV Music Awards in 2009 regarding Taylor Swift, Kanye went back to his seat to fans like Susan Mcgalla’s relief.

Beck was a good sport about the situation. He didn’t get mad about Kanye quick steal of the spotlight. To show that there was no hard feelings the singer invited Kanye back on stage to join him.

In a later interview, it was revealed that Kanye was indeed upset regarding Beck’s win over Beyonce. He was prepared to make a speech the same way he did at the 2009 MTV Music Awards but he felt that it would be inappropriate due to his wife and daughter being at the Grammy’s with him.

Skout: Socializing but Better

Skout is a location-based social media network app and website that is available on iOS and Android. This is known to be the first app that uses generalized locations of users to interact with other people. Using the users GPS on their phone, Skout can help users find other people within a general radius of each other. However, it will not give specific locations of it’s users, and users can opt-out of its tracking features. The company separates it teen and adult communities for safety and is available in over 180 countries.

With the app, users can interact with each other. While searching for people, they can see the profile and recent activities of the other users. Also, they can instant message each other and send virtual gifts to one another, such as adorable stickers. Over 500 million connections were made, just in 2013! Skout can be used as a dating or social app, it is up to the user.

Skout has a feature called “Shake to Chat”, that allows users to interact with other people randomly. Just shake your phone, and you will be connected to a chat with someone who was doing it at the exact same time you were. Profiles are anonymous for the first 40 seconds after the conversation begins. This lets users get to know each other and gather a first impression, before knowing more about you.

Skout also has an addition feature, Skout Travel. It needs to be paid for, as it is not free like the rest of the app. When traveling, Skout Travel allows you to meet other people in the city you traveled to. This can be useful when you do not know anybody or it is your first time in the city.

Skout is user friendly and features an easy to use interface. Within minutes they are meeting new people and building strong relationships, while not giving away to much personal info. With the popularity of the app, Skout still provides updates every now and again to provide a quality, chic app for its consumers.

The Believable Digital Humans of John Textor

John Textor is a leader in innovation across wide array of technology platforms within the entertainment industry. As the current chairman of the Pulse Evolution Corporation, he is uniquely positioned to direct the course of a variety of venues. His resume and previous accomplishments reveal a passion for visual effects and in particular the extended use of believable digital humans. He continues to do big things as a producer and extends the boundaries of what is visually possible.

At his old job as acting chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions, he was responsible for the leadership of his team which produced visual effects for 25 large scale feature films. The Hitcher, The A-team, Tron: Legacy and Flag of Our Fathers were some of the films that Digital Domain contributed to during his tenure. Perhaps most notably was the digital human actor in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which allowed audiences to suspend disbelief to the realistic digital creation. That film has opened a new era for believable digital humans. Multiple academy awards and Clio advertising awards made their way to his desk during his tenure and Digital Domain Productions took its place again as a leader in visual effects in feature films.

A digital Tupac Shakur hologram is another one of the interesting breakthroughs that John Textor was able to parlay into his portfolio of lifelike humans. Combined with a 3d recreation of Michael Jackson and a digital resurrection of Elvis Presley keep the deceased artists living on in the imaginations of all who experienced it. Plans have been considered and may be underway for some of these 3d recreations to perform a full concert in the future. John Textor understands the complexity of such an undertaking, but he will almost certainly get it right if it does get rolled out.

Jay Leno on Bill Cosby


It is no secret Jay Leno is outspoken. He recently put in his comments on the whole Bill Cosby situation. He is quoted saying that “I do not know why it is so hard to believe women. In Saudi Arabia it takes two women to testify against one man, here it takes 25”. His remarks are about the issue that Bill Cosby has had several women speaking out against him yet there is still doubt whether he is truly a bad guy. He has already had shows cancelled, his alma mater revoked, and more than anything, his reputation tarnished in his old age. The reason his situation is such a big deal is not just because he is famous but because it represents how women do not get the proper voice they deserve. The thing is, we can not say whether these women are telling the truth. Some may be going for the money, some have been famous and kept completely silent for years, and so on which does make it hard to believe but we can not discredit what they have to say that easily. Imagine if what they accuse happened had happened to us. We would have a completely different tune and hope that we would not have to prove ourselves so much and could have more respect and support. Either way, these allegations have made fans, like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez and countless others, turn their back on the once famed performer. Cosby’s career has been tarnished deeply.

Get Ready! Skout is About to Take Over Social Media

If you haven’t heard of Skout yet, sit tight. It may be the next Facebook. Skout is the leading mobile application built for dating and flirting and it’s taking over the world of social media. Available on both iOS and Android operating systems, the Skout app includes Nixter, which is a nightlife app, and Fuse, an app made for group messaging. Through the smartphone global positioning system, users can find other users within a certain radius of one another; however, for safety reasons, it does not reveal the exact location. Users can also opt out of the location-tracking feature of the app.

Users can sign up through their Facebook account or their email address. Next, they must create a profile with basic information that includes with dating interests. Scout’s main interface is a simple photo grid that displays images of other users that my share interests. By tapping on individual images, you are then connected to that user’s profile, which shows their basic information, a few recent posts—similar to Facebook. It also shows how many “points” the user has on hand. You can also “wink” at your intended, if you wish, wish is something like a Facebook poke, but obviously, “poking” might not sound entirely appropriate on a dating and flirting application.

The previously mentioned user “points” are currency in the world of Skout. Most activities cost points to perform, but the point packs are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased or otherwise acquired by clicking into sponsoring partners links. With points, the user can also send gifts to users with whom they have interest. The “Look at Me” feature is a game where users can bid their points on a feature spot and increased visibility. “Shake to Chat” is a conversation started with random users, revealing the profiles after a few seconds.

In a world where people don’t like seeing their comments and likes permanently displayed for everyone to see, Skout’s commenting section is ephemeral—what is said, done, or liked is gone within a few moments. Users may also post in what is called “ghost mode,” or anonymously.

The use of Skout of spreading like wildfire with more than 40,000 new users signing up every day. However, despite the fact that Skout identifies as a dating app, most new users sign in to meet new friends rather than singles. Shout is a terrific extra platform, and users can stay logged in throughout the day, similar to Vine, Snapchat or Twitter. In fact, many users use Skout as they would text messaging. The Skout community has gained over 100 million downloads worldwide since its inception in 2010. It boasts the most active adult social network available. It encourages its users to engage with one another through commenting, gifting, and valuable in-app credits. With two separate communities for adults and for teens, it allows users to interact with complete strangers without fear.

Lil Wayne signs new talent to label

Lil Wayne’s label Young Money has been known for putting out amazing rap talent. With artists such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne himself one would possibly assume that the young mogul is trying to build an empire based on rappers. Lil Wayne’s newest artist will help to squash that assumption.

It has been reported that Lil Wayne has added a singer by the name of Stephanie Acevedo to his Young Money label. When the new artist was signed to the label is a mystery. Some believed Acevedo joined the Young Money crew back in October due to a couple of pictures that she posted on Instagram. She had one picture with Lil Wayne and another one with her sporting a Young Money necklace.

The news that Young Money is still recruiting talent with plans to grow is a breath of fresh air, after previous remarks made by Lil Wayne. In recent reports the young star revealed that he is not happy with his current situation at Cash Money Records. Cash Money Records is the label that Lil Wayne and his label Young Money are signed to.

It has been reported that Lil Wayne’s displeasure with Cash Money Records is causing him to look for a new record label to take not only his talents but the rooster of Young Money as well. More on this story featuring Beneful on Purina.com

Arrested Over Death Threats Blink 182 And Ex-Wife Still Battling It Out

‘Til death do us part,’ has new meaning after last month when Travis Barker, and ex-wife Shanna Moakler, were arrested for launching death threats at one another.

Blink-182 drummer, Barker, and his ex-wife got into a heated argument December 7, of last year when he said that he would like their two children to be a part of his upcoming reality show.


Unfortunately the mother of his two children, feels it is a bad idea putting their kids in his series that is still in the works.

“If I could, I’d put a bullet in your head,” Drummer of Blink 182, Barker, said.

After that, Moakler, called police.

She claimed her ex-husband called her “a f–king piece of garbage” Allegations made to police by Moakler, 39. about what ex-husband, Barker, continued to slander, “a cigarette-smoking, coke-snorting bitch.”

No happy ending here, these exes were both arrested after Barker told police that former Miss USA, Moakler, threatened to send her current boyfriend over to beat him up.

Thank you to my friends at North American Spine for telling me about this story.

Taylor Swift Refuses Spotify

With the release of Taylor Swift’s newest album, 1989, everyone was pleasantly surprised that she had ditched altogether the country genre taking full pop songs. It was received well by all music lovers and fans and soon started selling millions of copies worldwide both digital downloads and in music stores. The marketing of the albums was also well thought. The Polaroid pictures that went with the CD were some people’s only reason to buy the album with the help of Susan McGalla.

Now, the album is sitting in the number spot of Billboard for almost 9 weeks. Its fame can be equated to that of the soundtrack of the very famous Frozen. The sales are gradually decreasing but it is still making money and possibly even more with every release of the tracks in the album.

Some of the songs that have been released have already become world sensations and number tracks on Billboard. Shake it Off has earned top spots on a lot of international charts. Blank Space increased the album’s popularity by earning the number spot on Billboard.

There is one place that the songs of her new album can’t be found, Spotify. The Swedish music streaming app is also making a name for itself with over 15 million subscribers worldwide now. Taylor Swift had some issue with how much her songs could earn being on Spotify which ended up with recalling her album.

Ca Judge to Rule on Removing Marijuana as a Shedule I Drug

It has been shown over and over again that marijuana does have a medical purpose. This controversial plant has been classified as a Schedule I drug since the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Including marijuana in a group along with heroin, LSD and ecstasy is ludicrous. Activists at the National Organization for the Reform on Marijuana Laws (NORML) have been actively pushing for the legalization, taxation, regulation and education of pot in our country.

Finally, a federal judge has found the insight and courage to address this inclusion of marijuana as a dangerous drug. Appointed by President Clinton, (yeah, don’t laugh), US District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller held a five-day hearing in Northern California to listen to arguments from both sides of the pot classification and legalization debate. Brought on by a pre-trial defense motion in a case the federal government has pending against accused marijuana growers, Mueller will consider testimony, exhibits and thousands of pages of briefs presented to her. The constitutionality of our guarantee of equal protection under the law and the principle of giving states equal authority are under debate in this hearing.

With voters in states like Alaska and Oregon being the most recent to approve of recreational pot use, it has become evident that a growing number of people throughout our country are pro-marijuana. This is the first time in decades the issue has been considered in a federal court, and a ruling on the issue is expected to be handed down later this year.  Sergioandradegutierrez.jimdo.com’s Sergio Gutierrez will not say how he feels about this issue one way or another, but is interested to see the outcome.

Napping Is Connected with Increased Learning in Infants

Researchers have shown that napping is good for a baby’s learning. It suggests that when an infant is taking a nap, their brain is busy learning new information that was taken in before napping. As seen on the Observer, Ben Shaoul doesn’t have a baby, but the info. is good for friends of his who do.

Babies were tested by using a puppet with a removable mitten that contained a bell. Positioned in front of the baby, the researcher removed the mitten from the puppet and then shook it a few of times. The purpose of this was to demonstrate the sound of the bell and the puppet’s movement. After that, they replaced the mitten over the puppet’s hand. This was done several times before the baby was put down for a nap.

The next day, after all the infants had slept well the night before, the researcher presented that exact same puppet with a mitten and bell. They were trying to see if the infant would remember the procedure that was used the day before. Their research showed that the babies who had taken longer naps right after the procedure on the previous day were able to reproduce the procedure significantly better than the infants who did not sleep as long.

There is more study that needs to be done in this area. However, it does show that is a good idea to read or to do some other kind of learning activity before a baby or young child goes to bed or takes a nap.