Doug Levitt Says Greyhound Diaries Taught Him About Despair

Journalist Doug Levitt has spend the last 10 years traveling all over the country to meet every part of American society. While crisscrossing the country by Greyhound Bus, he learned a lot of lessons about poverty and America’s forgotten underclass.

Throughout his travels, he has talked with fully-tattooed Neo Nazis, truck drivers, prostitutes, homeless people and even musicians. Over the years, what started out as an experiment morphed into a hobby. While Doug Levitt admits that transportation by Greyhound isn’t the first choice of most travelers. But this was by design for Levitt, because he knew that he would meet an eclectic group of characters.

The Greyhound Diaries was borne out of the 2004 presidential campaign. Levitt signed up as a volunteer for John Kerry to help register voters. As he traveled from town to town by bus, he met with a number of people. After the registration was over, he continued to travel around the country. He collected pictures, mementoes and songs to mark his travels.

Mr. Levitt was previously a war correspondent for CBS News. He also worked at NBC and CNN in some of the most war torn countries on the planet. The D.C. native graduated from Cornell University then went on to receive a degree in management from the London School of Economics. He has created a one-man show based on his Greyhound Diaries travels and performs it around the country. Levitt says he may continue his project for a few more years, but right now, he’s content with performances at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

The Life and Legacy of Cameron Clokie

Cameron Clokie is well regarded by his patients and colleagues as the ideal ‘oral-care’ doctor. His legacy spans across decades and his life endeavors can best be told through the motivations behind his major corporation, Induce Biologics Inc., where Clokie acts as it’s CEO.

Canada’s Good Doctor

After receiving a substantial amount of education growing up, Clokie worked tirelessly to discover the unique theory of bone regeneration, an idea that could only be proven by extensive knowledge and understanding of the physiological condition. Clokie set out to do just that.

Applying his methods for the first time in 1999, he was proven successful. On two separate occasions, Clokie had surgeries that lasted 4 and 19 hours. During these scenarios, Clokie was able to remove abnormal growing tissue in each of his patients and replace it with bones that came from different ligaments. BMP, or bone morphogenetic protein was speculated as a possible threat to Clokie’s procedure, however the savvy doctor maneuvered his way around this by carving a high amount of bone tissue to fill just mere milligrams of protein.

Though the patients were temporarily uncomfortable for a few weeks, the surgeries had lasting effects and exhibited a trustworthy and knowledgeable doctor who reached beyond the conceived limits of oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

A World Beyond Toronto

According to Wings Journals, Cameron Clokie’s devotion to the sciences knew no bounds. He was also a successful businessman and entrepreneur undergoing projects to expand his methods of bone healing to a larger scale community working with many U.S. patents while also providing presentations writing papers of his studies for a number of universities and institutions.

From an early age, Cameron Clokie understood the importance of education and the impact it had on a young person’s mind. Clokie went on to teach his methods at the University of Toronto, which has continued to push the envelope as the world’s leading college in bone healing technologies.

Cruchbase revealed that Cameron Clokie, now retired, has the opportunity of watching those under him succeed and those he formerly helped go on to treat this world with dignified benignity.

Renown Health

Renown Health is a non-profit health system that is locally governed and owned in Nevada, Lake Tahoe, and northeast California. Because they are a non-profit health care system, Renown Health prides itself in using the earnings the acquire to reinvest in itself,. The more earnings they receive, the more they can advance their technology, equipment and programs. It is a system that is designed to benefit the community while improving itself as the community uses it more often.

The health system has multiple clinics specializing in a variety of things: ranging from a general primary care clinic to more specific x-ray and imaging services. Being able to cover and expand towards a wide scale of medical needs allows Renown Health to be the primary source of a community’s health system. Combined with the non-profit aspect of Renown Health, it is a health system that is to surely grow to other locations.

In the spring, a new Renown clinic service center will be open in South Reno that will be staffed with eleven members. This 10,000 square foot clinic will be constructed by the Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC, replacing three vacant storefronts. All designs and engineering involved in the construction of the clinic will be based in Reno. When interviewing the medical director of Renown, Dr. McCormack stated that they want to focus their attention on creating a design for the clinic that feels comfortable for their clients. With regards to the other services, Dr. McCormack says they must wait before committing due to the uncertainty of the health care industry and the proposal to replace Obamacare. As more people move into the region, Dr. McCormack believes there should be a need for more primary care clinics. Currently, there are twelve primary care service clinics in the Reno-Sparks region with more to grow in the future.

Avaaz: Innovative Solutions to Social Action

What is Avaaz
Avaaz, meaning voice, is a non-profit organization aimed, “to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere” (About Avaaz, 2016). Within their 10-year period of existence, Avaaz has amassed a strong membership of over 44 million people in more than 194 countries. Avaaz relies on volunteers to help organize and empower people to take action on global issues such as poverty, war, and climate change.

How Avaaz Works
Utilizing technology Avaaz has created a strong online presence and system of supporting networks to promote varying causes. Instead of focusing on one sole concern as their core mission, Avaaz polls members of their community on issues that matter to them the most to determine where to focus their efforts. Global issues are constantly evolving and through community polling, Avaaz is able to determine what concerns are at the forefront and where they will have the most impact at this time. In addition, by keeping members engaged in determining campaign missions, members feel valued, that their voices are heard, and that they can make a difference. To ensure members’ voices stay the focus of Avaaz, they only accept funds from members and never take donations from corporations who may want to shift the Avaaz platform.

Avaaz in Action
A recent example of the power of the community of Avaaz members was in Paris during the Climate Accords. Due to the extensive online networks and supports, Avaaz members organized large marches quickly showing politicians that their constituents care about climate change and want action now.

Become an Avaaz Member
Becoming a member of the Avaaz community is easy. Just go to the Avaaz website and click on About then Our Community and fill in the information to become an Avaaz member.

Find more information on Avaaz on Twitter @avaaz

How Andrew Rolfe Has Been Setting a Positive Example For People From All Around The World To Follow

Andrew Rolfe is someone who has been setting a strong example of what one should do to not only help themselves, but others as well. People from all around the world have begun to proceed with taking steps in their careers and lives to achieve success. In several different areas of the world, basic instances of access to capital funds have become limited. Many people have become excited about the many changes that have begun to take place in this certain area. If you’re striving to accumulate wealth over specific periods of time, it may be valuable for you to know that this is the best way to do it.

Andrew Rolfe has been known to be a member of the Ubuntu Fund. The Ubuntu Fund is a group that is looking to see where they may be able to provide good work all around the world. In several different areas of the world, people of the Ubuntu Fund have been having positive influences in people’s lives. Over certain periods of time, Andrew Rolfe has been proving that he’s someone who is wanting to always assist others with getting ahead in life.

In several different areas of the world, Andrew Rolfe has become known as being someone who will help others as a part of the work that he provides. There are many people from all across the world who have admired the work that he has been providing. He wants to have assurance of knowing that others are given an example to follow his footsteps without having to worry about whether they’re making the right decision or not. If you’re prepared to build wealth so that you can have an opportunity of assisting others, there’s some steps recommended for you to take so that you can join the Ubuntu Fund. This certain group of individuals are primarily strategically planning about projects that are long term and may be able to add the most amounts of value to individuals over certain periods of time.

It is recommended for you to begin thinking of different ways that you may be able to make positive impacts on people’s lives over certain periods of time also. As an investment fund charity, you will have to have financial plans for how you may be able to achieve success over longer periods of time.

Bruno Fagali – Leading New/Sb to Great Heights

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer at Fagali Advocacy based in São Paulo. Bruno is a rising lawyer in Brazil who has years of legal experience and administrative law. Since 2006, he has been practicing in different law firms and earned his unprecedented reputation. He is the Corporate Integrity Manager at New/sb, which is an advertising agency.

Bruno Fagali is an independent practitioner at his firm, Fagali Law firm which he co-founded in July 2016. His partner is Bob Vieira da Costa. Bruno holds a master’s degree in State Law from the University of São Paulo, faculty of law. He also specialized in administrative law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Initially, he had done a first degree in Law from the same University. In his career, Bruno focuses on Public Administration Control.

The New/sb is a Company specializing in Communication of public interest. Under the leadership of Bruno, New/sb created a code of conduct that was in line with the Anti-Corruption Law of Brazil. The Company also consulted the General Controller of Union (CGU) on its corporate rules as the only one. They were also invited to participate in competitions for advertising international organizations.

The Integrity Manager at New/sb says that the Company joined the CGU to refer their integrity program since they did not want to be associated with corruption especially for a company dealing with public communication. New/sb has government related accounts in Brazil such as Caixa, Central Bank among others. Bob Vieira da Costa implemented a good business practices system in New/sb.

Bruno Fagali has expertise in Compliance both at academic and professional level. He is also an expert in public law where he deals with Administrative, Constitutional and urban issues. His other areas of specialization are Anti-corruption Law, Electoral Law, advertising and parliamentary law. He has been effective in the coordination of Ethics and Advertising Agencies of the Institutes of Law and Ethics in Brazil. He is a member of Corporate Compliance &Ethics Society.

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Visit Osaka’s Main Tourist Sites With Kim Dao

Are you interested in visiting Osaka some time in the future? If so, then you need to watch Kim Dao’s brand new YouTube vlog called “Exploring Osaka | Shinsaibashi, Tennoji & Umeda Sky Building.” As you can tell from the title, Kim Dao takes you all around the popular Japanese city in this amazing vlog.


At the start of the video, Kim Dao shows a montage of the busy streets in the Shinsaibashi district. A few moments later, Kim Dao decides to grab a bite to eat at a sushi restaurant. Kim Dao gets corn and tofu sushi dishes with green tea.


After lunch, Kim Dao visits the Harukas 300 Observatory. She gets some great shots of various views from the top of this incredibly popular tourist destination.


Kim Dao then takes a trip around Tennoji. She says that it’s extremely windy today and that she’s not even sure if she can use this footage.


In the next shot, Kim Dao is sitting down in a local Krispy Kreme Donut shop. She says she’s been walking around all day and that she really needed a break. She hopes to use up her subway pass and plans on visiting Den Den Town after she finishes her donut. Kim and her friends then eat a fewblueberrydonuts. Learn more:


At nighttime, Kim Dao takes us on a trip up the incredible Umeda Sky Building. She says it costs 1,000¥ to get to the top, but it’s totally worth the price of admission. As she is leaving the Umeda Sky Building, Kim Dao shows us various products available at the souvenir shop. Learn more:



Honey Birdette: They’re So Much More Than Toys

Many people in Australia are familiar with the brand of Honey Birdette. It is the country’s first sensual boutique. It’s where individuals and couples can go to buy toys for him and her, lubricants and even bondage items.

A new campaign has launched to show a more sensual side of Honey Birdette. The brand has a New York Collection for lingerie. It’s turning heads and exciting men and women alike. There are bras, thongs, and suspender sets that are showcasing women in an all new light.

The campaign uses New York City as the backdrop to show off women wearing the lingerie. Women atop of skyscrapers and on the streets hailing taxis show a global appeal for the lingerie. Of course, it’s all designed to get a rise out of people as the women are wearing the lingerie from the New York Collection.

Brittney, Miss D, Luna and Alex are the collections within the New York campaign. Each one features a different look, including sheer lace, revealing satin, suspender sets and much more.

Honey Birdette has come a long way over the years. They began in 2006 when two friends got the idea to start a sensual boutique as they were sipping champagne. The company is now known for offering beautiful lingerie, high=end toys and a wide array of other items to help deliver pleasure.

Many people know Honey Birdette for the toys that are offered on the site. With the introduction of the New York campaign, the world can now learn about the stunning lingerie.

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Karl Heideck Shares His Wealth Of Knowledge

Karl Heideck is an attorney based in Philadelphia. He specializes in litigation, compliance, and risk management. He recently wrote an insightful article about litigation.

In this article, he emphasizes that 90% of cases do not make it to trial.
Litigation attorneys represent a variety of individuals, including criminal clients and employees filing personal injury claims. An attorney does a lot of investigative work. Some of this involves the collection of documents that contain evidence. If the attorney is able to collect sufficient evidence, they could force a settlement by the other party. This would be the best route, as it saves a lot of time and money for both parties by preventing a lawsuit. If the attorney is not able to gather enough information, a law suit must be filed. The case then goes into pretrial, where in most cases the dispute can be settled. If not, then a trial occurs. This is almost never in the best interest of anyone, as it is expensive and stressful.

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All of this is simply a part of the process, and several steps of it were not even mentioned in this mere summary. It is a process that Karl Heideck is all too familiar with. In fact, he has over a decade of experience in his field. There is very little that he has not seen. Karl Heideck is a litigator, as well as an advisor and consultant. He is also a writer and enjoys spending his time composing articles for his blog. His passion is law. Heideck writes about legal news here.

Karl Heideck is a hardworking and qualified individual. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in 2003, and received his law degree in 2009. Since then, Heideck has been working in Philadelphia. He has worked closely with Conrad O’Brien. Through this, he has picked up a lot of his expertise in law. He has also worked with Pepper Hamilton LLP. All of this experience is what helps him solve complicated cases with clients.

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Mexican Oil Reforms Favors Talos Energy LLC

Mexican oil reforms have continually advanced, this as a result, has enabled the private sector to acquire wells after 80 years of monopoly. For the record, this move will pave way for both local and foreign competitors to find their way into the Mexican energy markets. Premier Oil Plc., a London-based company, Sierra Oil and Gas from Mexico together with Talos Energy have already embarked on their first well drilling. This is the first private offshore exploration in Mexico besides Petroleos Mexicanos, a state monopoly.

The drilling process will last for a period of three months, at an average cost of $16 million. Zama-1 well in the Sureste Basin is rich with crude oil, approximated between 100 and 500 million barrels. The three companies were collectively awarded the rights to undertake the drilling in 2015. This followed the move of Mexican government to engage private industries in crude oil drilling.

The London premier and analysts collectively said the structure of the basin guarantees high chances of success in this geological project. Charlie Sharp who works as a professional analyst further said that Zama is a phenomenon when that seek high technological investments. Talos energy owns a stake of 35% in the venture. On the other hand, Sierra own 40% while Premier owns 25%. Talos Energy LLC is an oil and Gas Company, it is among the most successful companies focused in exploration, acquisition as well as exploitation of natural occurring crude oil and gas.

Talos Energy is particularly interested in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. In its operation, Talos Energy is closely backed up with other companies that include Apollo Global Management, LLC and Riverstone Holdings LLC among others. Ash Shepherd is the commercial manager at Talos Energy, following the reformations at Mexican Constitutional energy reforms, Ash Shepherd signed the first two production sharing contracts in 2013. This saw Talos Energy LLC, become the first foreign company to run in Mexico. Important to note also is that Talos acquired Energy Resource Technology, GOM, Inc. an oil and gas subsidiary of helix energy solutions Group Inc. for $620 million.

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