Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Sounds Off

There are so many reasons to look at the Chainsmokers and realize that they are only at the beginning of their reign. They’ve shown the world they know what it takes to make an amazing dance record through “Closer”. This marks a departure from what they used to do and shows they have the talent to go to places that we would never associate with them. We’re used to the idea that there is going to be great music from the duo, but the recent signs have shown they are going to turn into something much greater than we thought.

Alex Pall has been a great musician since his college days and we can now see why he has gotten so far. He knows how to get crowds going and he knows that people want to hear what he has to say. He’s one of the most prominent and success DJs around because he has staying power and knows how to reinvent himself. This latest single is just another example of him taking his staying power and deciding to bump up to the next level. There is so much that they can do and they want the world to understand that for themselves. The best way to think about what the Chainsmokers are doing is to look at how they’ve been in the past. They were oriented towards the college crowd and they took that with them for as long as they can. Now, they are trying to go even further than they did in the past.

The future for this duo is amazing and it’s going to bring people into the limelight. They want to show the world what they can do and what they’re about. So many people believe that this is what they can do to make sure people better understand that. The world is going to b amazed by what they have to offer and how they are going to present their music. We just need to be able to see it for ourselves to realize that there is something there that people want to see themselves.

Equities First – Uk

Equities First was founded in 2002. Over the last 14 years, they have developed a number of branches to create a global presence. Currently, they have offices in the China, Australia, United States, Sydney, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom, and


Equities First has their headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and they have a smaller satellite office out of New York City.


Equities First focuses on an investment model set up to gain the most from the natural cycles of the investment market. In 14 years, they have managed more than $1.4 billion in investments and is looking to significantly increase the number of borrowers it has and grow its network of people who use their banking service.

Jeunesse Global for a Better Life

Jeunesse Global is a company that is breaking boundaries in the beauty industry. Founded in 2009, this brand is making huge gains in the skin care and cosmetology industry in terms of anti aging properties. They believe that all consumers deserve to look and feel their very best, and that youth should not be something you have to give up as the years pass on. Together, they have created unique products that effectively counteract the signs of aging to give you a flawless, youthful look.

One of their highly loved products are the Reserve packets! These small packets pack a hard punch and are easy to take with you on the go. Inside each delicious packet is a strong blend of super-fruits that will provide your body with the antioxidants that it needs to healthily get through the day. The completely natural ingredients in this tasty blend are very healthy for your heart and support high eye function in your body. On top of this, the formula fights daily stress and will keep you feeling great. Finally, your immune system will thank you, as these ingredients focus on strengthening your body’s immunity.

Another great product to try out from Jeunesse Global is their Finiti option. This is a convenient supplement that is easily added to your daily routine! This product is actually their most advanced supplement that they offer to date. This supplement is not only incredibly advanced, but it contains a unique blend of broth fruits and vegetables that are amazing for you and your body’s health. With this combination of powerful and sustenance filled ingredients, your body will be feeling its best. The properties of the veggies and fruits such as Astragalus Root, Pomegranate, and Turmeric will ensure that the health of your body and mind are both in tip top shape for everything that life throws your way.

If you are ready to stop feeling the effects of old age and regain the looks and feeling of your younger self, make sure you stop by Jeunesse Global for all your cosmetic and skincare needs.

The Chainsmokers’ s Sick Boy Hits the Charts

The Chainsmokers have been topping the charts for more than two years. Way back, they reached the top ten I 2015 with their song Roses, which led them to sashay their way on the top list of music billboards. Chainsmokers is a duo composed of Alex Paul and Drew Taggart who conquered the music world with their hit songs such as Closer (featuring Halsey), Don’t Let Me Down (with Daya), Something Like This and Paris.

Keeping in tune with their success, The Chainsmokers was expected to follow up with their conventional top rating tunes and songs that their fans love. However, Pall and Taggart embraced the darker side of music, which their fans have accepted and supported as well.

Recently they presented Sick Boy, which gave the duo their next career segment. Before they performed at the New York City’s Conrad Hotel where they granted a short interview regarding their latest hit Sick Boy. Drew Taggart admits that the tune for Sick Boy is more on the dark side. According to Taggart, the song is fundamentally about getting to know oneself and how this is related to being famous and hype on the social media. While Drew Taggart respects all the people business on Instagram, he would like to invite everybody to hear the lyrics of their new music and understand what the song is all about.

The Chainsmokers is a duo between Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The breakthrough in their career came in 2014 with their song #Selfie that went to the top 20 single of numerous countries. Their EP debut that came out in October 2015 – Bouquet showcased the song Roses that achieved a top ten rank on the Billboard Hot 100 of the U.S. Next came Don’t Let Me Down their primary top five single, which won the Best Dance Recording Grammy Awards given at the 59th ceremony awards. And then Closer which is their undisputed number one single on the charts.

Alexander “Alex” Pall is 32 is from New York, and Andrew “Drew” Taggart is 28 from Freeport, Maine. The genre of their music is EDM, electro pop, and pop.

School of the art fashion week

The school of fashion at the Academy of Art University has its 21st runway showcase on September 9 at Skylight Clarkson square. In the audience was Ms.J Alexander from Top model and many big name in fashion. Designers the show came from many diversebackgrounds so the pieces were quite interestung to say the least. A lot of the pieces were created by current and ex students. Picture of the pieces can be viewed in the original article in Bigfuture Post.

The Academy of Art is a for profit art school in Sanfransico, California. The school has about 12,600 full-time students. They claim to be the largest privately owned art school in the United States. The school main campus is located on New Montgomery street in the south of Market district. The school was founded in 1929 as a school for advertising art. They have been participating in the New York fashion week since 2005. The school helps students with low income housing. The school is accredited by Western association of schools and colleges. The school also owns and operate a 200 cars mesuem. The Art University is a very great school. Some of the Alumni include Raven Symone and Rick Baker. Fashion is a special form of study. These guys know fashion and they have a great program catering to students from all around the globe. The school tries to maintain a teacher student ratio of about 1:15. Therefore every student can have access to special attention. Academy of Art specializes in fashion and design, therefore to you won’t be too list when it come to course selection. Your courses are develop along with the program. This is a great institution and they are one of the best in world. As their motto state “build by artists for artists”. The school is a great support system for artist looking to get a high quality education.

Learn How E-cigarettes Can Be A Great Residual Income

Starting a small business online or at home is as simple as marketing e-cigarettes and O2Pur is there to help you make a smart investment. If you currently use e-cigarettes, you can share all the benefits of actual user advice on the latest flavors and accessories. Choose from a large selection of products at wholesale prices that allows you to pass the savings to your friends and loyal customers. Earn a residual income enjoying what you do and sharing cool flavors with your friends. Get extra income from something you already enjoy doing.

O2Pur Promotes Trendy E-cigarette Flavors

Many people that have decided to use e-cigarettes do so because of the flavor. Many people enjoy the aroma of their favorite e-liquid. You can choose sophisticated flavors or something fruity, if you like to have fun with your e-cigarettes. Online e-commerce stores like Spotify makes it easy to market your products and offer hard to find flavors directly from you and shipped discreetly to their door. E-cigarettes have become popular among users of all ages. Your customers will mostly buy from a friend that is a regular user with honest reviews.

More Reasons To Invest In E-cigarettes

E-cigarette users need accessories and if this is your residual income, it’s good to have durable products. Every great business starts out with giving your customers the facts about your products and services. Tell your customers what to expect from e-cigarette accessories. For example, how often they must replace their vaporizer, how it works, and how often they’ll have to buy e-juices. You may be able to draw more customers by providing a unique blend of minuet nicotine. Now, is a great time to invest in e-cigarettes as a extra income and get support from the leading e-cigarette partners, O2Pur. In fact, starting an e-cigarette store doesn’t take a lot of experience, but take a second to see how you will put the time into your business to make it a success. Make money from a easy investment plan from the O2Pur e-cigarette affiliates.

Why You Need to Consider Southridge Capital

Financial problems can sprout up at virtually any time in a person’s life. You might have had a savings account or a lot of money in the bank only for an emergency situation to wipe it all out. This might be due to repair costs, medical bills, other expenses or credit card debt. Because of the problems that come with debt, it’s important to try to rectify the issue as soon as possible so that it does not become a lifelong thing. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to make right any wrongs on your own, it can be a lot more difficult than you think and even impossible in certain instances.

Now is a good time to consider the benefits of choosing to hire Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital a financial solutions firm based in Connecticut. They work with individuals and businesses all over the country, so there is no situation they are not able or capable of handling. Because of this skill and experience, it’s no wonder that a lot of people have chosen Southridge Capital and are finding this company to be one of the very best out there. They also offer their services at reasonable fees, so you’re not spending a ton of money on this type of situation without the knowledge of how much it is going to cost you.

Southridge Capital has made it so that you’re able to quickly get this type of situation under control. There are lots of people using the services provided by Southridge, and this is why it is important to consider using the company yourself and seeing if they can help you like they have a lot of other people. There are tons of reasons to consider this company, but the fact that they have the skills, knowledge and experience behind them is why thousands of people have already made use of their services and found them to be a great choice for when they are experiencing lots of debt and financial problems and when they are unable to handle the situation on their own without the help of a professional. You can visit their website

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The Busy Plastic Surgery Life of Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich is an internationally revered Dallas, Texas-based plastic surgeon and Professor of Plastic Surgery at UT Medical Center. He is almost universally recognized as one of the top plastic surgeons in the U.S. His acclaim as a world-class plastic surgeon has put him on national T.V. To date, he has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, and Good Morning America. This year he will take a heavy hand in three different conferences.

The first of these will take place February 8-10. It will be the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium located in Miami. The symposium is designed to celebrate and investigate that latest innovations in plastic surgery technology and techniques. Having started over fifty years ago, today this is the largest annual live surgery symposium in the U.S. As a leading member of the symposium faculty, Dr. Rohrich will be moderating a number of discussions and lectures. He will also be one of the participants in the panel discussion, Techniques to Preserve the Dorsal Aesthetic Lines in Primary Rhinoplasty.

The second and third conferences are the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting and the 35th Annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, which will be taking place in the same location one right after the other. The first will take place February 28-March 1, while the second will be held March 2-3. Rohrich will also play an instrumental role in each. The first will feature the world top surgeons taking a close look at the latest innovations in lasers, IPL, vaginal rejuvenation, noninvasive fat removal, skin tightening, dermal fillers, advances in skin care, ethical social marketing and patient safety. The second of these two conferences will bring together the top worldwide rhinoplasty experts to look at current problems in rhinoplasty and discuss ways to resolve these problems.

Vijay Eswaran’s Spiritualism Books And His Thoughts From Them

Vijay Eswaran believes it’s important to live a life guided by principle and a commitment to help others, and spiritual practices also have an importance both in personal life and in the workplace. Eswaran is an entrepreneur and an author who wrote a 2005 book titled “In The Sphere Of Silence” which details his rituals in meditation and silence. Even though the book may be over 10 years old, Eswaran says that the world is growing in distractions especially with increased mobile phone usage, and sometimes breaking from these distractions and finding inner peace can do a lot for your health and well-being.

Vijay Eswaran is from Malaysia and also has connections to India where his parents came from. He looked up to his father growing up who worked hard as an ambassador for the Malaysian Ministry of Labor and also taught Eswaran and his siblings about generosity towards others and the value of spiritual practices. Eswaran’s educational achievements include a bachelor’s degree in socioeconomics from the London School of Economics, and a master’s degree from Southern Illinois University.

Vijay Eswaran tried various gigs until he discovered multilevel marketing, and when he saw how he could sell products and allow independent business owners to sell them to their customers, he decided to start his own company. He and Joseph Bismark began QI Group Ltd. in 1998, and under that started an e-commerce company known as QNET where most of QI’s direct selling takes place. They also offer funding resources to small businesses at QI Asset Management, logistics operations at Quex Courier and a university partnership with the Malaysian government at QI University which is now building its QI City campus. Eswaran is also the founding partner of Raise Yourself To Help Humanity (RYTHM) Foundation.

Vijay Eswaran had to go through several setbacks on the way to building QI Group Ltd. into the successful company it is now, but he always focused on how his work there could help others and eventually people understood just what the company was about. His work in business and philanthropy was honored in 2012 when he was given the New Global Indian award at the Global Indian Meet. He’s also given several speeches at the World Economic Forum when he’s attended it.

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The OSI Industries Food Group Acquires New Plant

Who Is OSI Industries Inc. Food Group

The OSI Industries Inc. Food Group is one of the largest food processing groups in North America. They’ve long since offered their food services to help many families and food service professionals put a nutritious meal on the table. They’re known for their nutritional value and the quality of their food products. OSI was able to respond to a stabilized food industry with the strict guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Administration. Their competitors were only ready to reply through sanctions and fees. Get a great diet from OSI today.

Major Food Group Acquires Chicago Plant

A key OSI executive is the recent honorees of the Global Visionary Award for his employee initiatives around the world. They have been able secure 2,000+ jobs around the world. They recently made a successful bid for a Chicago food plant and will now operate their food processing facility. Their effort was also able to retain the jobs of several of their previous workers. OSI will process their frozen poultry under the Tyson name with some of their own signature food products. Learn more about their Tyson food plant deal from the OSI website.

OSI Industries: Now Hiring

You can land the career of your dreams from the OSI Industries job listings on their website. They offer skilled labor, executive positions, and commission. You’ll have an opportunity to put a good meal on the table with the leaders in the food service community. They process hot dogs, poultry, pie fillings, sandwich fillings, frozen meat, dessert, and vegetables. You can be a part of their daily effort to produce the safest meal in the industry. Millions of families are currently being a fed an OSI Industries diet worldwide.

Go directly to their website portal for your job opportunity, disclosure details, ingredients, recent acquisitions, and more with OSI. Their CEO, Sheldon Lavin says, their priority will continue to be putting the needs of their customer first with a smart diet, they can afford. Join the superior OSI Industries Inc. family today.

OSI Group acquires Baho Food