Paul Saunders Leading Names River Capital To Greater Heights

A company is only as good as its leader. Leadership in business sets the tone for success and how others perceive the company as a whole. When leadership falters every level of the company will falter. If leadership is stronf, competent, and ethical all other members and facets of the company will also be.


When we consider James River Captial, we see a company with a strong, intelligent leader. We see a company with a leader who cares about others, embraces a high ethical standard and loves his family. The leader of the company, Paul Saunders encourages all members of the company to volunteer in the community, help others, and focus on creation.

Paul Saunders hold a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia. He also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago. He has had a lifelong passion for the field of finance. He has prior experience in investment banking, investments and trading. His passion for philanthropy can also be seen in his wife of 39 years, Vicki.

At James River Captial the main focus of the organization is on assets. The company aids all sizes of businesses with asset development. They also aid with reinvestment, stock issues, and even collaborate with options for raising capital.

As a working professional in the finance world Paul Saunders loves to help others especially when trying to get a start up going. He states that many have ideas, but few can gain investment money to get started. To get the doors to a business open one must consider a variety of funding sources.

One of the ways to start a business is through personal financial assets. Savings acvounts, cash on hand, and even credit cards can be used. This shows initiative and faith in the idea of the business to investors. Many know about business loans from banks and the small business administration that can help to start a business.

At James River Captial they also suggest crowdfunding and Angel investors. Both are means that can be totally accessed online. Both are ways to get money that does not have to be paid back.

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