Power Rangers Director Allegedly Looking To Remain True To Tradition With Reboot

If you came of age during the 1990’s, you are, or, maybe, were, a huge fan of the Power Rangers. Who could possibly forget those colorful outfits, catchy slogans and terrific cast of characters?

Well, according to an article that was posted on ScreenRant.com, there are rumors flying around that there’s a reboot in the works, and it, like its predecessors, will feature unknown actors. This is a tradition for the Power Rangers series, and the director, Dean Israelite, thinks it’s important to remain true to that theme.

If this rumor is true, then I know Jaime Garcia Dias will tend to agree with the premise of casting new characters for the reboot. The Power Rangers are way bigger than the people who put on the costumes – it’s about a movement. Whether that is to catch bad guys, or save the planet, there is always a real message that can be conveyed by any actor who is committed to the notion that good should always triumph over evil.

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