Prevagen as a Health Supplement for Cognitive Functions

A 90-year-old running in a marathon is probably rare to find on a typical day. However, there are a number of these elderly folks who have defied stereotypes.

They engage in active exercises and remind all who notice them the importance of taking care of one’s body and mind; self-care pays off in the long-term. Research shows that with regular physical workout and proper dieting, it is possible to remain active even in old age.

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In an attempt to boost mental activities, a health supplement known as Prevagen has been available in the market. Prevagen is a pill that is taken orally and has gone through all the necessary tests to deem it fit.

It is a product that is full of promise for the elderly who struggle with memory loss. There are about three different scenarios where Prevagen has been proven to work.

In the first scenario, a clinical trial took place where elements were assessed through a computer, and the two study groups involved were unaware of what treatment they were receiving. Placebo was administered to one of the study groups.

In about 30 days, the health supplement had increased certain factors related to cognitive activities. In yet another scenario, a clinical trial took place where a part of the study team involved adults who experienced mild cognitive disorders that were associated with getting old.

Each subject was administered with a single pill every day for around 90 days. After the study, it was evident that there was an improvement in memory in adults. Scientists have pointed out Prevagen as a pill that enhances memory and increases mental abilities.

Apoaequorin is an ingredient used in the making of Prevagen and is acquired from jellyfish. The health supplement facilitates mental processes and typical brain related to growing old. Some researchers have studied the relationship between the mind and the body.

Mental and physical wellness are interconnected and have been a source of motivation for many individuals to work out regularly.

According to the studies, physical exercises were a great way to get ready for interviews, tests, and innovative programs. It also aids the brain from adjustments in cognitive abilities. The part of the brain that reacts to physical workout is referred to as the hippocampus.

An adequately managed study with adults, children, and older persons showed that with an increase in physical activity, the hippocampus grew larger. Given that the hippocampus is a section of the brain that deals with learning and remembrance, it could be the relation between physical fitness and cognitive abilities.

Background Details

Quincy Bioscience is a biotech firm that centers on the creation, growth, and marketing of technology-based innovation to aid in mental abilities and other issues arising from old age. The firm’s products are aimed at finding solutions for memory and cognitive problems.

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Quincy Bioscience is notable for its next-gen use of the permitted ingredient apoaequorin that boosts brain cells. Prevagen is the firm’s leading product and was rated the number one selling memory supplement in pharmacists all over the United States.

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