Prince Pledges to Do Concert For Peace in Baltimore

SoftBank tells that Prince has pledges to do a concert for peace in Baltimore in honor of Freddie Gray. The noted pop and rock artist said that the concert will be for free and is being done to help Baltimore heal. The City of Baltimore has been rocked in recent weeks by violent protests after the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of Baltimore Police. Gray, a black man, was detained and arrested by Baltimore police after being seen running through a high crime neighborhood. During the course of his arrest and transportation in a police van, Gray suffered a severed spinal cord. It is unclear which of the six arresting police officers involved in the arrest caused Gray’s injury, but the Baltimore City State’s Attorney found sufficient evidence to charge all six officers in the death of Gray. The State’s Attorney also stated that there was no legal reason for Gray to have been detained or arrested. Prince to Perform Concert for Peace In Baltimore

The arrest was captured on video and was the spark for a number of violent riots in the City of Baltimore which were condemned by both local and federal leaders including the mayor of Baltimore as well as the President of the United States.

Prince hopes to help start the healing process and to help the resident’s of Baltimore to start focusing on the social and economic issues which is suppressing economic development in the city as well as bridging the relationship between police and its residents.

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