Privinvest More Than Just A Shipbuilder

The company Privinvest is a shipbuilding group that works in the naval and commercial fields. Privinvest was founded in 1990 and has over twenty years of service. Brothers Iskandar Safa and Akram Safa founded the company to build ships that are highly technological and groundbreaking. The company has an international reach with headquarters in the Middle East. They also have locations in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the Mediterranean. Privinvest is a larger supporter of local areas employing over two thousand five hundred employees.

Privinvest has been very successful with engineering and building over two thousand vessels. Privinvest works with over forty navies including both NATO and non-NATO. Additional ships that are created are Maga Yachts, such as the Sailing Yacht A. Besides shipbuilding Privinvest also is invested in Marine Renewable Energies helping to renew the environment. They use two processes to accomplish this task, the Hydrokinetic and Turbine methods.

Many services and products are likewise offered by Privinvest. Some of the services offered help retain and maintain ship conditions. They extend maintenance to all customers to help keep their ships in good condition, as well they present repair and refit. Clients requesting the newest technological ships will find that training is available. Additional services obtainable are integrated logistics support, transfer of technology, integration of combat systems, and facilities management. The product line consists of naval vessels available with new and integrated combat systems. They also offer commercial vessels such as multipurpose platform, barge 42, and barge 30-40 which can be used for cargo transportation. Larger commercial fishing boats are also obtainable. Privinvest similarly manufactures Super Yachts for private use, these Yachts are larger than most, making them a luxury vessel. Ships are not the only objects that Privinvest manufacture, they are also creators of integrated surveillance and protection systems.

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