Pulse Evolution Company Announces its 2nd Quarter Results to The World

News that were originally reported on PR Web indicate that the Pulse Evolution Corporation today reported its results for its 2nd fiscal quarter that ended in December 31, 2014. Apart from today’s filing, the organization has announced its intention to file, in addition to the remaining 2015 important financials, an S-1 registration statement. This is in connection with the underwritten public offering and the listing to the national stock exchange.

Pulse Evolution company is a recognized pioneer and the leading developer of the hyper- realistic digital humans. The company is recognized for producing animated digital human likeness of Michael Jackson, the late famous musician. The animation appeared in a live performance in the Billboards Music Awards in May 18, 2014. It was seen by millions of television fans and it actually generated over 2400 articles for news and very many internet impressions. The company was founded by the world’s top leading executives and the producers of photorealistic digital humans.

While commenting about the reporting periods, John Textor, the company’s executive chairman told the press that he was pleased by the business and the technology outcome in the initial stages. The company has actually established itself as the one of those that is leading in the early market. The corporation has invested a lot in order to become the leading developer.

The Company does not only perform for their fans on stage or in film, but they also try representing individual consumers such as digital likeness avatars. in realistic and in fantasy form, they appear and interact on behalf of the consumer, either in electronic ,social media,mobile communication, video games and sometimes virtual reality.

The Total operating costs for the 3 and 6 months that ended in December 31, 2014 were $3,452,673 and $7, 024, 76. The Net loss attributable to the shareholders, for the three months and six months, the same year, were $3,292,373and $6,511,536 respectively. The proceeds emerging from the sale of stock during the three and six months, same year, were$2,096,588 and $4,253,309. Proceeds realized from the selling of the preferred and common stock that was sold from two separate strategic partnerships was$5,020,000.

Some significant amounts of the corporation’s expenses are channeled to the development of the digital likeness assets. The company has also devoted some resources to the improvement of software, relationships and strategies.

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