QNET Continues It’s Platform Of Service To Others

QNET, one of India’s most successful MLM-based direct-selling companies, is continuing its efforts to provide humanitarian relief for citizens in distress. Operating under the “We Care” Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform, QNET has partnered with the Lion’s Club to provide clean drinking water for the Government Primary School. The company has pledged to provide sanitized water to the students in an effort to support better hygiene practices.

The government has adopted an initiative to promote hygiene awareness. The program is ongoing, and it is the hope of QNET and the Lion’s Club that all areas of India will eventually adopt the same sanitation practices. QNET philosophies are based on Ghandi’s teachings of helping your neighbor. The Raise Your Hands to Help Mankind (RYTHM) platform encourages helping others through selfless service.

QNET’s parent company QI Group operates with a strong sense of corporate responsibility environmental sustainability. A member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), QNET is working to correct many social ills taking place not only in India but internationally. A health check drive was recently implemented to provide healthy foods and medical care to the homeless and destitute. QNET’s own Nutriplus Protein Powder was provided as part of the nutrition regimen.

A spokesperson for QNET says they are pleased with what they have been able to accomplish thus far. “We have received a great deal of positive feedback.” QNET is encouraging other corporations to adopt their service-oriented platform by giving back to the community. The programs are doing a great deal towards the betterment of society.
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