Queens of Drama – Divas, Young and Old

What happens when six beautiful, talented, strong willed, seemingly classy, actresses are brought together to play themselves and produce a television series, and try to sell it to a network for on air audiences to see? Watch what happens when the series “Queens of Drama,” shows how drama naturally occurs without a script.

The show brings together six strong willed actresses who are used to be being told what their on camera characters should be, and watch the real drama and conflict that naturally occurs when they try to produce their own show as themselves.

What happens is that the vivacious Donna Mills rules the show “Queens of Drama.” Imagine Donna back in full force without the shoulder pads. Donna Mills, was on “Knots Landing” and “Melrose Place.” She introduces diva Joan Collins of “Dynasty” fame; The younger women do not disappoint either. Full of drama as promised, “Queens of Drama” brings out the inner diva in all of the women, young and old.
Donna Mills goes up against the younger actresses Crystal Hunt, Chrystee Phariss, Vanessa Marcil, Linssey Hartley, and Hunter Tylo. It’s a bit like “The Golden Girls”, meets “The Apprentice,” meets “American Idol.” “The Housewives of Beverly Hills,” meets “Who Wants to be a Millionaire-television producer;” but that is not a show yet and maybe after “Queens of Drama” it could be.

IMDb would indicate that Crystal Hunt is a very successful actress. The beautiful blue eyed blonde as her Instagram shows, Crystal Hunt is 30 years old, from Tampa Florida. She began her career at the very young age of two, as a pageant contestant then moving into commercials, and later staring in two television soup operas. She owns and operates a pet store in the Tampa, Florida area. She is working in television and movies, as an actress and producer. Her current role is one of six woman on the, “Queens of Drama.” Crystal Hunt stars as herself in her latest role on the reality show. Lately, she stars with veteran actress Donna Mills, of “Knots Landing” and “Melrose Place,” and diva Joan Collins, known for being in “Dynasty,” who also appears on the new series “Queens of Drama.”

From 2003 until 20016, Crystal Hunt had parts in the following productions:
Guiding Light, The Derby Stallion, CMT The Greatest, Sydney White, NYC Underground,
One Life to Live, 23 Blast, Magic Mike XXL, Queens of Drama, and Talbot County (as an Executive Producer).  Crystal is well known for her soap opera history.  You can even see a cool acting reel of Crystal Hunt’s work on YouTube.  Other than that, she’s busy producing and working on directing her first feature.  In addition to interacting with the fans on Crystal’s Facebook page.

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