Raffael Riva Transcontinental Entrepreneur

Raffaele Riva likes to split his time between London, England and New York, N.Y. , as an investor for Angel Company. Riva’s portfolio boasts 10 years of startup missions all over the globe.

Raffaele Riva completed many multiple degrees in the London, England area before earning his MBA from the Saïd Business School at University of Oxford. Saïd inspired Riva to start his own business in 2006 with much success. Watford Football Club grew capital quickly and founded elements. He is currently an Angel Investor.

Raffaele Riva wakes up at sunrise every day. Before starting work, Riva walks down to his local coffee shop for coffee. He answers his email to begin his workday. By 5a.m., CEOs in London have already begun their day and had their first meetings. At 7 a.m, the behold household is up and running. Mrs. Riva gets their two daughters up and ready for school.

Some of the things Raffaele Riva does to enhance his creativity is finding time for a quick run and some meditation. Meditation can keep a person’s mind from being consumed by work and aggrevation. One can’t be creative when he’s over-stressed from meeting agendas and to-do lists. The Rivas find time to spend lunch with their daughters.

If Raffaele Riva could give his younger self some advice, he would tell his younger self to slow down. Riva spent 15 years in a constant race to be perfect at his job. The founder is more important than the ideas themselves.

Raffaele Riva is pursuing new business investments. Riva is driven to help others to make their dreams a reality. Business is about the people involved. Riva wants to take mediocre people with great ideas and work with the people if they are willing to work hard to achieve their business goals.

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