Relationship between Game of Throne and CyberSecurity

Game of Thrones season seven brings the dead and the living closer. Jon Snows and his friends prepare for the upcoming war. Their defense resembles that of cybersecurity firms in the real world.

The unsung heroes are sworn to protect the Seven Kingdoms from unknown enemies of Westeros’ northern border. The Night’s Watch has the role of defending The Wall from attacking forces of weights, white walkers, and wildlings from all over. This act is similar to the functions of current cybersecurity entities of safeguarding corporate data from cyber attackers.

Lessons Learnt

In the first season, the missing Night’s Watchmen bodies are found near The Wall. They are brought to Castle Black, and one of them reawakened as a wright and attacked Jon Snow. Jon sets it on fire, and it puts to rest for good. From the incident, it is clear that an ex-worker can access information and applications of a company if they still have their accounts. The cybersecurity experts should deactivate their accounts to protect the business data.

CSO of Westeros is the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and CEO is the King of the Seven Kingdoms. Westeros families were busy disagreeing amongst themselves while the White Walkers were growing strong. The Night’s Watch leaders ignored their requests for more resources during the war. The southern residents never believed that White Walkers were real they underestimated their potentials.In an actual setting, it is essential for managers to allocateinfrastructure to overcome the many security threats immediately they occur. Risks exist even when they cannot see them. They must add cybersecurity in their priorities and address them just like any other threat.

At the beginning of GoT, the untrained boys are to watch over The Wall instead of deploying thousands of skilled knights. Food, weapons, and resources are scarce for the team. When Jon Snow becomes the King of the North, he orders training of both boys and girls to build an arm for The Wall. For a cyber-security policy to be functional in any company, the leader should educate the employees.

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