Rick Ross Has Complete Faith in Meek Mill’s Upcoming Album


Rick Ross attended the Grammy’s looking quite fly in his blue velvet tuxedo, and he wanted to discuss nothing other than his record label MMG and everything they are up to.

Ross announced that Wale’s new album, “The Album About Nothing” will be released very soon and it is supposed to blow people’s minds. But what the conversation was really targeting was Meek Mill’s new upcoming album “Dream Worth More Than Money”, which has been under preparation for quite a while now, especially with Meek Mill being in prison.

Ross says that Mill has been recording non-stop and has a lot to show for it, but the process of finalizing which tracks to put in the album always seems to be the hardest. When artists make music, they want to share all of it with the world all at once, but the right thing to do is to pace yourself and wait for the perfect moment to release the album, when the fans are ready for it.

While Rick Ross is busy preparing for two of his star’s albums, he also mentioned that he may release an album this year, even maybe two like last year. His comment was “You never know”, and with the amount of time he’s been spending in the studio recording, he may just come out with a couple of albums. Rick Ross cannot wait to share his artist’s new albums with the fans, especially long time guru’s like Marcio Alaor since he is sure they will be blown away.

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