Rising to the Occasion: Celebrating Reliability with Talos Energy

We require energy for most of the societal operations to become successful. Whereas society is currently adopting energy from renewable sources, the world is still heavily dependent on non-renewable sources. Since the 19th Century, the need for fossil fuels has grown tremendously. To this end, nations and companies alike have been forced to keep up with the ever increasing demand by finding better and efficient ways of gaining access to crude oil. To this end, corporations that deal with offshore oil and gas drilling have been on the rise, companies like Talos Energy. In spite of Talos Energy starting small, it has grown into a global venture worth your applause. Talos is a corporation that started off with an initial investment of $600 million but has since grown and extended its state of the art services to the rest of the world.


For more than eight decades, the Gulf of Mexico has gotten monopolized by state owned agencies that deal with gas and oil exploration. However, the introduction of Talos Energy into the oil and gas exploration industry in the Gulf of Mexico has given a company like Petroleos Mexicanos a run for its money. By partnering with formidable forces like Premier Oil Plc and Sierra Oil & Gas, Talos Energy through the watchful eye of Ash Shepherd and Tim Duncan has sunk the Zama-1 Well in the Gulf of Mexico. From its proceeds, Talos Energy recently gained possession of Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc. at a substantial cost of $620 million. However, since drilling is still ongoing, analysts project that the entire project will be a huge success in the end.


So far, Talos Energy has thrived from ingenious strategies coupled with the financial support it gets from institutions like the Apollo Global Management LLC, Talos Management, and Riverstone Holdings LLC. With Talos Energy being the second largest shareholder after Sierra Oil & Gas, it possesses much potential to cause a great impact in oil and gas exploration across the Gulf of Mexico. It is only a matter of time before Talos Energy breaks the mark and unlocks tonnes of oil and gas prospects in the region.

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