Rob Kardashian Continues To Struggle With Weight And Depression

Khloe Kardashian is a strong girl, not only has she been dealing with her broken marriage, her step father’s recent transition into a woman, and the death of a close friend, but Khloe has been dealing with the ongoing drama surrounding her brother Rob Kardashian who has been living with her for over a year and seems to be battling depression. While it may seem that Khloe has it all under control, the truth is she is running out of creative ways to make Rob feel welcomed in her house without enabling his binge eating and unhealthy social anxiety.

For over a year Rob has refused to go out in public and be seen by cameras, he has even resorted to making other people run his errands for him to avoid all human contact says Ivan Ong.
Kris Jenner has resorted to hiring professionals to help the rest of the family figure out how to tackle Rob’s issues, but Khloe is left out of the discussions because she is a conflict of interest considering her hindering loyalty to her little brother. Kim Kardashian is beyond fed up with Rob’s wallowing, and feels that the best thing anyone can do is leave him alone.

Rob’s most recent sighting at an In ‘N’ Out Burger, has gone viral and everyone is wondering how he can continue to gain weight with so much access to fitness coaches, personal chefs and lipo. The obvious issue is Rob’s struggle with depression, for years he has mourned the death of his father and now it seems he is dealing with more than anyone could begin to imagine. Even while owning his own successful business Rob is going to need help pulling himself out of this hole but nobody can help him until he is ready.

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