Robert Ivy- Winner Of The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement

Robert Ivy is a long-serving professional in the architectural industry. He has been in practice for a number of decades. He has established a good name in the industry through the positions he has held. In all the positions he has been appointed to, he has made a good decision of leading the way for the professionals in the field towards prosperity. Ivy has always been on the side of architects and interior designers. He has always advocated for their welfare. He is not relenting on this cause and even now, he is still pushing for the welfare of architects.

His commitment to this industry has seen him win the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, a prestigious award given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and letters. The award is given to extraordinary talents in the field of arts. Robert Ivy becomes the first architect in history to win this award. His contribution to the industry has set him apart from the rest. He is on a league of his own in the architectural industry. He has set the bar of leadership too high that anyone who will come after him will have to work extra hard.

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Robert Ivy has held positions in various organizations in this industry which have made him become a notable figure due to his record of performance. He has worked with McGraw Hill’s Architectural Record. This is the most prominent architectural journal in the world. When he was the senior editor of the journals, it was awarded the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. It is clear that Robert Ivy is a man who has had his act together when it comes to the leadership of this company. He has shown commitment and dedication serving in the positions he has been given.

The prominent position which he has held is that of the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. This is the oldest and the largest organization of architects in the United States. As head of this organization, he is responsible for the welfare of the architects in the country. He is also responsible for all the matters regarding this organization.

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