Rocketship Education Gets To The Heart of Critical Education For Students

Rocketship Education has found the secret why some students do well in school and others do not do well. Students learn at different rates and through different kinds of stimuli, but the key to learning is that the student must be interested and willing to learn.

Our current model that is used in most of our public schools still is the large classroom setting with 25 to 40 students which is really unmanageable from a discipline standpoint and not conducive at all for learning. Most of the teacher’s time is spent in discipline activities while the students have a free-for-all.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit public charter school network that specializes in the placement of schools in low-income neighborhoods where there is a vacancy of excellent schools. Rocketship has turned the ineffective model of present schools around and has created an atmosphere that is not only conducive to learning but the students thrive in this atmosphere no matter what their background.

Rocketship Education uses a model called “Blended Learning” where the best practices for the students are brought forward with a vengeance. There is some general classroom use, but for the most part it is for announcements and general overview information. The real learning takes place in smaller, more intimate groups, in sizes of 4 to 6 students. There the students have the chance to dig in, ask questions and really learn the material.

Digital learning takes place individually with a laptop and headphones. The students run through programs that are very similar to the types of applications that they are already familiar with – games. This has the format of games and puzzles all with the subject matter layered in. The digital platform is great for facts and static rote memory things. Math, history facts, science facts and other such things are perfect for the digital platform.

One-on-one mentorship or tutoring gives the students the chance to show their stuff or take care of anything that is giving them difficulty. The tutor is a great ego and confidence builder.

The proof is in the results of testing done at graduation where Rocketship students are ahead of their peers from the public schools in their area by a full year or more.

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