Rocketship Education Strives To Bridge The Country’s Achievement Gap

The less privileged children across the country get to enjoy great learning experiences at Rocketship Education. The charter school system aptly combines technology and teacher-led activities to offer nothing short of the best to its students. Its contemporary teaching methods have gone a long way in helping them bridge the achievement gap witnessed in different parts of the nation.

Aside from ensuring that students achieve success in their academic endeavors, the chain of elementary schools works to develop their character. Rocketship Education has a growing presence in a host of states including Washington D.C., Milwaukee, Nashville, and San Jose.

As is typical with most charter schools, Rocketship Education was a brainchild of parents, teachers and members of the community. Entrepreneurs also played a role in its establishment, albeit mild. Charter management organizations are at the heart of the leadership team. The funding of such institutions is based on the total number of students. Private funding is also allowed as long as the CMOs deem it fit.

Rocketship Education has made a name for adequately preparing students for the next level in great effect. They have set up their own set of core values and policies with the students’ interests at the heart of all their activities.

Rocketship Education was up and running in 2006 and has grown exponentially in the subsequent years. They leverage on the right rapport with parents to offer the best services to students who seek their indulgence. The members of the community are also stirred to add value to their young ones. Ultimately, the development of students is the joint responsibility of teachers, parents and the community.

In spite of the great success over the years, Rocketship Education has also been on the receiving end of criticism. Some stakeholders in the education system do not appreciate their teaching methods. The criticism has however not deterred their impressive efforts. The charter school has kept on making the most of technology to improve the lives of the underprivileged children.

The school also works round the clock to tailor its services around the needs of their students. Though the task is daunting, they desire to ensure that students can exploit the right to explore the world around them and be imaginative. Given the great success they have achieved before, the future holds a lot of promise for Rocketship Education.

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