Russell Gimelstob, Ambition is Key

From an extremely young age, Russell Gimelstob has always been ambitious. As an athlete, he has continuously worked hard, been disciplined, and trained to achieve his athletic goals. Gimelstob’s attributes from his youth have propelled him into his adult life. Thanks to his ambition, commitment, and execution Gimelstob is Head of Acquisitions, Partner, Managing Director and Member of the Investment Committee of Dune Real Estate Partners. After an extensive amount of time with Dune Real Estate, Gimelstob structured and administered complicated real estate transactions. With his primary focus on the West Coast, Gimelstob has invested in hospitality multifamily and retail assets across the country. His vast expertise has guided him as a borrower, lender, and joint venture partner.

Russell Gimelstob has had various positions of occupation in his life. Before Dune Real Estate, he was affiliated with Goldman Sachs. From 2003 to 2005 Gimelstob was employed as an Analyst for the Goldman Sachs’ Real Estate Investment Banking Division. While working, he stayed focused on commercial real estate lending. Although Gimelstob is immersed in the real estate world, this is not the only thing he does. He is also philanthropically engaged. Russell Gimelstob wholeheartedly supports The Valerie Fund; whose primary purpose is to assist children with cancer and blood disorders. Gimelstob also goes out of his way to aid the children’s families.

Over the years, Gimelstob has accomplished so much. His talents stretch from his athletic side and his business mind. After graduating from Newark Academy, Russell Gimelstob was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame. This award is typically distributed to coaches, students, teams, and athletic directors who have recognized themselves in athletics through their achievements. Gimelstob is a phenomenal tennis player being the first in history to be captain as a sophomore. From 1995-1997, Gimelstob continuously led his team to the state championships. He has proven himself time and time again by working hard not only in tennis but in business affairs as well. His reparations have guided individuals in both sports and real estate. Russell Gimelstob’s ambition has allowed him to excel in all aspects of his life.

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