Sanjay Shah Is Helping With Autism Awareness

Sanjay Shah Denmark is the creator of Solo Capital. Sanjay Shah was born in Kenya, and later he decided to immigrate to London. Sanjay Shah had originally moved to London from Kenya because he wanted to study at Kings College. Kings College is a very prestigious college in London, and Sanjay Shah believed that he wanted to be a doctor. While he was in college, he realized that medicine was not actually his calling. Sanjay Shah had a passion for numbers, and he decided to study in the financial sector.

After college, Sanjay Shah was able to work in many of the well-known investment banks such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse. In 2009, there was a huge financial crisis in London, and it became very evident to Shah that he was going to have do something else to support him and his family. Shah was able to hire some very professional business partners, and they started up the process of forming Solo Capital. Solo Capital was able to become a multimillion dollar company within just five years. After working as the founder and CEO of Solo capital, Shah was able to retire from business. .

Sanjay Shah is not only a successful businessman, but he is also a family man that deeply cares about the welfare of his family. When his son was four years old he was diagnosed with autism. Sanjay Shah and his wife did not know much about the diagnosis, so they wanted to find out more information. They were surprised to find that there was not that much information available about autism. They wanted to do something to help out not only their son, but also they wanted to help other individuals that may suffer with autism and their families. Sanjay Shah started Autism Rocks after having an evening with Snoop Dogg. He said that he was going to start up this fund in order to raise money to help out with autism awareness. did an interview with Sanjay Shah and his family. Sanjay Shah and his family live in Dubai, and for Autism Awareness month they are putting on a festival. This festival will charge an entrance fee, and the money that is raised will go to help support autism awareness. The festival is one that is for the entire family, and they will have fun events like crazy golf, a zip line, a bouncy castle, and horse rides.


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