School of the art fashion week

The school of fashion at the Academy of Art University has its 21st runway showcase on September 9 at Skylight Clarkson square. In the audience was Ms.J Alexander from Top model and many big name in fashion. Designers the show came from many diversebackgrounds so the pieces were quite interestung to say the least. A lot of the pieces were created by current and ex students. Picture of the pieces can be viewed in the original article in Bigfuture Post.

The Academy of Art is a for profit art school in Sanfransico, California. The school has about 12,600 full-time students. They claim to be the largest privately owned art school in the United States. The school main campus is located on New Montgomery street in the south of Market district. The school was founded in 1929 as a school for advertising art. They have been participating in the New York fashion week since 2005. The school helps students with low income housing. The school is accredited by Western association of schools and colleges. The school also owns and operate a 200 cars mesuem. The Art University is a very great school. Some of the Alumni include Raven Symone and Rick Baker. Fashion is a special form of study. These guys know fashion and they have a great program catering to students from all around the globe. The school tries to maintain a teacher student ratio of about 1:15. Therefore every student can have access to special attention. Academy of Art specializes in fashion and design, therefore to you won’t be too list when it come to course selection. Your courses are develop along with the program. This is a great institution and they are one of the best in world. As their motto state “build by artists for artists”. The school is a great support system for artist looking to get a high quality education.

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