Securus Aims To Bring Integrity Back To Inmate Communications

Inmates have a right to privacy, and they deserve to be able to communicate with friends and loved ones on a regular basis. This is the fundamental and guiding principle behind Securus Technologies. They have worked hard to bring integrity to the industry. It is for this precise reason that the company has felt it their duty to highlight recent breaches in professional decorum relating to the manner by which Global Tel Link has been conducting their business, full report on PR newswire. The very sanctity of inmate communications is as stake, and Securus aims to be an industry leader in providing enhanced technology and security systems to both inmate and correctional institutions.

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The actions undertaken by GTL are particularly troubling in light of recent advances in inmate communication technology. Securus is able to provide inmates with video conferencing capability, for example, the enables to keep up with out of town family and acquaintances. They are able to receive regular updates from their legal team. Those who are approaching their release date are even able to line up possible job interviews and make plans for life after incarceration. All of this technology, however, must be guarded and delivered with integrity.

Not only does the system insist that such communication by inmates be conducted in a way that follows basic rules of incarceration, inmates also deserve to talk freely about approved topics without worrying that others are listening in. Securus America provides products and services that live up to these ideals on both accounts. They are even able to provide messaging and email capability, along with affordable traditional calling capability as well. That is why Securus takes in the integrity of the business seriously. While they encourage competition from other inmate communications providers, they insist that it be fair and live up to the code of conduct that they have worked so hard to instill in the field.

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