“Seinfeld” Spawned Numerous Careers

Seinfeld is one of the most famous sitcoms ever created. It dominated the TV ratings through the 1990’s in any time slot it was placed and made stars of the cast. What many do not realize is how many current big name celebrities got their start on this show about nothing. The roster is fairly impressive for those that it gave a career boost in the ultra competitive town that is Hollywood.

Guimarães said that before starring in “Gilmore Girls,” Lauren Graham was a girlfriend of Jerry’s on this iconic show. Patton Oswalt was and is a stand-up comedian who got his break in his first ever TV role as a video store clerk in a Seinfeld episode. He has since gone on to other movies and TV shows including a long run as Kevin James’ lead character’s friend in “King of Queens.” Jane Leeves of “Frasier” fame, on which she played Daphne Moon, first played a love interest of Jerry’s in a 1992 episode. Debra Messing, who went on to TV stardom in “Will & Grace” first guest starred in the now legendary Seinfeld episode entitled “The Yada Yada.” She also appeared in another one. Perhaps the biggest breakout star after appearing in Seinfeld, and one that broke the mold by not playing a love interest of Jerry’s, is Bryan Cranston. He is, of course, famous for his starring role in “Breaking Bad,” but he got his start as Jerry’s dentist. For more examples, check out the article on mentalfloss.com.

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