Sergey Petrossov Envisions A Better Way To Travel The Skies

The digital age has brought with it a level of convenience that our society has never yet before experienced in its long history until now. These days, anything is just a simple click of a button away, sometimes with an almost instant result bringing that desire to the doorstep in minutes. Whether it is clothes, food, a ride, or a collector’s item, the world is at our fingertips and in our screens.


When it came to flying across the country, though, that same level of convenience was not quite a part of the entire process. In terms of scheduling private flights, the process was more suited to the Wright brothers than someone in our modern time. Well, that was until Sergey Petrossov created an idea that became a successful disruption to the way the world flies. What began as an idea after a trip aboard a private jet has now become a company that is poised to change the very way society views flying in general.


The man behind this airborne revolution, Sergey Petrossov, has found his success in creating a service that many did not think was possible, well, until he did it, of course. Now with the backing of influential investors and propelled by the level of convenience that it interjects into the process of flying, Sergey Petrossov as well as his company, JetSmarter, have taken the world by storm.


The young entrepreneur has found himself receiving accolades for his efforts in changing the way we fly having received the honor of being named one of Forbes 30 under 30. Now, years down the line from that first take off, Sergey Petrossov has found himself in a position to expand his company’s reach towards a wider market with offerings in the future that will rival commercially available options with established airlines.

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