Sergey Petrossov Is Changing The Game For Business Travelers In The US

Have you ever attempted to fly on a private jet before? The process is probably arduous in nature, isn’t it? That’s why Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter are stepping up to the plate and changing the game once and for all. Thanks to Sergey’s efforts, the manner in which we fly is going to be forever changed.


Private aviation should offer more convenience than public aviation but that has not always been the case. Sergey Petrossov aims to pinpoint the inefficiencies that keep private aviation from being able to achieve its full potential. Ever since his first experience with private flights a decade ago, he has been working tirelessly to foster the necessary improvements.

He is not someone who is wowed by the mere idea of flying privately. Instead, he spent the flight wondering how the experience could still be so archaic. Those who utilize this form of air travel are not always able to enjoy the ease of use that they should have access to. The process was still analog and now, Sergey Petrossov is making the proper advancements for the digital age. 

Can you believe that there were no apps or websites to make the booking process easier? Sergey was flabbergasted. He also discovered that the private planes that were normally used in these scenarios were also under booked, leading to unnecessary waste. Many of the airplanes are left to sit around when they are not being used.

There is no reason for an industry of this magnitude to be run this way. A billion-dollar running at 10 percent efficiency is certainly not sustainable. With the help of Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter, these inefficiencies are finally going to be corrected. At long last, private aviation is making its way to the general public.


If he is able to achieve his true objectives, the costs of flying privately will one day become comparable to the costs of flying commercially. Thanks to Sergey, private air travel is on the path to becoming easier and more affordable for a wider range of travelers. 

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