Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

Many believe that traveling via private jet is a luxury that is reserved for only the richest and most famous people in the world. Sergey Petrossov had the vision to bring luxury travel to a broader range of people with his travel app JetSmarter. Referred to by some as the Uber of private air travel, JetSmarter is a company that simplifies the process of private air travel and brings it into the 21st century. Petrossov realized that the current method of booking passage in this manner was cumbersome and outdated. The JetSmarter app not only cuts down the general cost of booking a private plane but also reduces the time it takes to book the passage to about three minutes total.

While the JetSmarter app clearly has upgraded the process of booking private travel, flying via private jet is still a specialized market that only a select number of people can afford. This is where Sergey Petrossov thinks JetSmarter has its greatest growth opportunity. The first set towards creating a more affordable private jet market option is the app’s “empty leg” deal. This deal allows users to book a seat on a private jet at the last minute and at a fraction of the cost than a typical private flight. Petrossov envisions a world where private flights can mimic the ride-sharing experience and allow people to interact and network with like-minded individuals. Ultimately, he hopes to fulfill his vision of creating luxury air travel that is affordable and accessible to anyone. Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter will no doubt serve as a pioneer for this monumental shift in luxury air travel.

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