Sergio Cortes Is Keeping The Michael Jackson Experience Alive

Michael Jackson, also known as the King of Pop, passed away tragically on June 25, 2009. With his death, fans around the world mourned the loss of an R&B legend. While no one will ever replace the man who created the Moonwalk, a great impersonator allows us to still enjoy the Michael Jackson experience. When it comes to finding the very best MJ impersonator, you have to travel to Barcelona, Spain, to see Sergio Cortes, or Sergio Jackson, his stage name.

Sergio Cortes – Best Michael Jackson Impersonator on the Planet

For those that want to see MJ perform again but can’t travel to Barcelona, you will be glad to know the work of this nearly identical impersonator is available to watch on YouTube and social media sites. Fans of Cortes unanimously agree he is the best MJ impersonator on the planet. Cortes notoriety as the best impersonator on the planet is credited to his dedication to the craft.

Cortes has Made Impersonation a Full-Time Career

Sergio Cortes began impersonating Michael Jackson as a teenager and has mastered the way the soulful singer walked, talked, and acted on stage. In fact, if you weren’t well aware of the fact that Jackson died in 2009, you may not immediately realize you weren’t watching the real deal when Cortes in on stage.

In 2012, people around the world began to take notice of the impersonator after he performed at the 2012 Michael Jackson Tribute Show, in Madrid Spain. Cortes’ physical appearance is very similar to the King of Pop, and his voice is nearly identical. It’s also obvious that Cortes loves his job. After all, who wouldn’t want to pretend he was the best-known R&B singer in the world for at least a day.

Michael Jackson Impersonator Recreates any MJ Hit

If you have a favorite MJ song, you’ll be glad to know Sergio Cortes can handle it. The skilled impersonator can recreate any hit including everything from Smooth Criminal to the infamous Thriller. Not only can Cortes perfectly emulate the late singer’s voice but he has also mastered his moves too, including the gravity defying Moonwalk.

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