Seth Rogen Gets a Special First Listen to Kayne’s Album, In his Limo

It’s no secret that Kanye West has friends all over and Seth Rogen is one of those friends, he loves Kanye so much that he and his pal James Franco remade the famous music video for Bound 2 that featured a naked Kim Kardashian riding backwards on a motorcycle with West as the driver, however in Seth’s version he was Kim.

Well it looks like Kanye takes Rogen’s opinion very seriously because shortly after the release of the Bound 2 spoof Kanye approached Seth and insisted the he listen to his new album in his limo. Of course Seth wasn’t going to turn down that opportunity, and so he spent two whole hours in a limo with West listening to Kanye’s album.

The most amusing part about this listening party is that the album hadn’t been recorded yet so Seth was only listening to beats and instrumentals of the songs for the album. However, Kanye being the showmen that he is left nothing to be desired as he rapped each song live for Seth seeking his approval after each song. This experience is something that Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez can only dream of.

It seems that Rogen’s hollywood tales just seems to keep getting better and this one is certainly one of the best yet. How does one listen to an exclusive never before heard version of a Yeezus album while he looks you in the face and insists on your honest opinion? Yikes.

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