Shady Records Dropping 66 Song Mixtape?

Big things are happening for Shady Records, the label ran by none other than Marshall Mathers. The fifteenth anniversary of the company will have an album titled Shady XV, according to MTV News. Shady XV will have a number of tracks on this album. This compilation will include some of the greatest tracks from Eminem, Slaughterhouse, and Yelawolf, 50 Cent, and D12, along with newcomers to the label.

In addition to Shady XV, there will also be a mixtape with over 60 songs! In an interview with MTV News, DJ Whoo Kid had this to say;

“You guys gave me 130 records,” he began, adding; “Physically, you can’t fit all of them on 80-minute CDs, so we had to do a double disc.”

The mixtape will have 66 tracks total, and also be three hours worth of tunes to listen to, which is what has Brad Reifler pretty excited.

Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s co-founder of Shady Records, said;

“Just as a fan, you go back and you listen to some of the posse records, and the freestyles, and the remixes, crazy sh–”, adding; “I forgot about all that stuff. And going back and listening to it, it brings back memories. So we did a two-CD thing.”

It sounds like November will now be called Shadember for rap fans!

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