Skout: Socializing but Better

Skout is a location-based social media network app and website that is available on iOS and Android. This is known to be the first app that uses generalized locations of users to interact with other people. Using the users GPS on their phone, Skout can help users find other people within a general radius of each other. However, it will not give specific locations of it’s users, and users can opt-out of its tracking features. The company separates it teen and adult communities for safety and is available in over 180 countries.

With the app, users can interact with each other. While searching for people, they can see the profile and recent activities of the other users. Also, they can instant message each other and send virtual gifts to one another, such as adorable stickers. Over 500 million connections were made, just in 2013! Skout can be used as a dating or social app, it is up to the user.

Skout has a feature called “Shake to Chat”, that allows users to interact with other people randomly. Just shake your phone, and you will be connected to a chat with someone who was doing it at the exact same time you were. Profiles are anonymous for the first 40 seconds after the conversation begins. This lets users get to know each other and gather a first impression, before knowing more about you.

Skout also has an addition feature, Skout Travel. It needs to be paid for, as it is not free like the rest of the app. When traveling, Skout Travel allows you to meet other people in the city you traveled to. This can be useful when you do not know anybody or it is your first time in the city.

Skout is user friendly and features an easy to use interface. Within minutes they are meeting new people and building strong relationships, while not giving away to much personal info. With the popularity of the app, Skout still provides updates every now and again to provide a quality, chic app for its consumers.

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