Slyce Demonstrates Their Accuracy In Visual Search Technology

Who knew that shopping could be so much fun? I’ve always enjoyed shopping online more than shopping in the stores because it is less hassle to find the things that you are searching for, and in fact, the technology used for online shopping has evolved greatly over the recent years. An article by Live Mint talks in great details about all the start up companies that have emerged in order to conquer the new field of visual search technology. This technology allows users to access the online market places that they prefer without the hassle of typing all their search keywords into a little white box. The reason we are able to do this so easily is because our phones have sophisticated cameras on them, and the visual search companies have set up the software to use them.

Some visual search companies have found funding through crowdfunding campaigns, and other visual search companies have found angel investors. Slyce is a company that specializes in visual search, and this company is particularly interesting because it evolved out of a previous technology company that specialized in automated searches for computers, so the company already has the experience of running a company in this type of industry. Slyce has demonstrated that they know what needs to be done in order to run a successful tech company that specializes in visual search technology. They have been updating their system in order to bring about the best new features for users that enjoy their platform, and their updates also help the retailers who are working hard with Slyce.

Retailers enjoy the relationship that Slyce has to offer because they are moving their products off the shelves or out of the warehouses without the need to push them by means of sales people. The users that enjoy Slyce will see the retailer that they are purchasing their items from, and they will also see if it is an online market place. The team at Slyce has been working around the clock to bring users new features, like the customer service team that is available to answer any questions that users have. The team is available via a chat box on the application, and they help check the AI’s accuracy in their search results. The new features help users generate their most accurate searches in online shopping.

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