Social Media Advertisement Tips by Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal shares different ways on how to advertise effectively. According to her, a company is supposed to achieve three primary results when it comes to marketing campaigns. For starters, Lori notes that the message should be well targeted, the message should be understandable to the audience, and it should inspire the audience to act. In modern marketing, this can be achieved through a mixture of visual images and social media marketing. Lori gives her contribution on how Facebook can be used for advertisement to attain the marketing goals. She views that besides marketing firms focusing on the picture trending in the ad, they should also consider how they advertise on Facebook. She has the view that the companies need to grow their likes, obtain more exposure on the news feed of users and optimize reach.


For advertisers to maximize advertising platforms like Facebook, they need to come up with an organized marketing approach. Advertisers can achieve this by ensuring that the approach is unified. According to Senecal, small businesses have an advantage on this strategy as they are flexible. According to the research, video posts on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook receive three times more attention as compared to regular posts. Thus, it is good for companies to establish their video presence when it comes to an advertisement on social media.


Lori Senecal, she is the CEO for CP+B. As the CEO, she oversees the global growth and expansion, manages the firm and growth of the agency globally. Lori Senecal joined the organization in 2015, and she has been able to make a tremendous impact on both business and culture of the agency. Her leadership and intense focus have helped the organization to develop and grow to international levels. CP+B was recognized as creative innovators of the year 2016. They said that companies should be keen on Senecal together with four other companies.


Lori Senecal had managed to boost the revenue of CP+B by 21% from the time she became the CEO in 2015. She says that creativity is not just only a talent but a behavior. Recently, she came up with approaches that personify her efforts, which include Kraft Mac & Cheese, Letgo, and NBA2k.



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