Stephen Hicks Gets Another Big Deal For Southridge Investments

Not too long ago, Southridge Capital – the brainchild of Mr. Stephen Hicks, the exclusive founder of the investment management and advice-giving firm – poured five million dollars into the proverbial gas tank of Elite Data Services, Inc., as an investment to grow Southridge Capital’s ever-growing portfolio.


The deal was initiated with Elite Data Services through the Southridge Capital subsidiary Southridge Partners II LLP, though both are practically the same company – they only differ in paperwork filed, bank accounts used, and other like-kind differences.


Southridge Capital founder Mr. Stephen Hicks felt he couldn’t pass up on Elite Data Services in the name of raking in greater returns – thus far, return from the equity purchase agreement has increased significantly.


Elite Data Services, Inc., operates in the technology sector as an alternative marketer and advertiser. Rather than simply paying an advertising firm to spread ads for them, a sign company to construct billboards, or television networks to distribute commercials to big-name channels, Elite Data Services maintains its staunch competitive advantage by analyzing the performance of advertisements, marketing emails, and other ad- and marketing-related content using advanced, proprietary software. Check out for more.



Further, Elite Data Services also purchases various assets – ranging from small trademarks to fully-fledged businesses – to maximize return on investments made in the form of advertising expenses.


Who is Southridge Capital LLC?


Over 20 years ago – way back in 1996 – Southridge Capital was created by Stephen Hicks, an entrepreneur who had then worked for financial services companies for longer than a decade’s worth of consecutive months spent in the workplace.


Southridge Capital works primarily with businesses, organizations, and other entities rather than individual or private investors. Southridge Capital is able to make better returns on investments by gearing its services to corporations; the company offers both advisory help on issues like mergers and acquisitions, mixing around line items on companies’ balance sheets so they look much better to investors, and settling with others – be it private individuals or public businesses – in courts of law.


Stephen Hicks will soon celebrate his 23rd year with Southridge.



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