Stephen Murray: Excellent Leader and Philanthropist

Stephen Murray had a reputation for excellence. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital‘s former President and chief executive officer impacted many lives for the better. During the course of his life, Murray scaled to the heights of a great business leader and helped create positive change through giving back to the community and causes that were close to his heart.

Education was paramount to Murray. He obtained a degree in economics from Boston College in 1984. Afterwards, Murray enrolled in the highly acclaimed Columbia Business School and graduated in 1989 with a masters in business administration.

Over the course of his career, Murray experienced great success and made a significant impact. He showed much initiative and climbed the career ladder at fast pace. Murray started his career in the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He worked tirelessly to scale the corporate ladder, but his hard work paid off. Eventually, Murray was at the forefront of heading the buyout at JP Morgan Partners. This lead his venture to co-found the corporation of CCMP Capital. As the CEO of CCMP Capital, Murray held a place of great importance in the financial business community.

Throughout his career, Murray was often in a position of power and served on a vast number of boards for large corporations including Aramark and AMC Entertainment. He was a born leader and people gravitated to him because of his ability to solve problems and command respect.

When men reach a desired station in life, they sometimes forget to give back to the community. Murray was extraordinary in that he did not forget to give back to the community and the institutions that primed him for success. In addition to demonstrating much talent in his role as a private equity investor, Murray was called to philanthropic efforts. He was an ardent supporter and member of the chairman’s council for the New York chapter of the Make-a-Wish foundation. Murray had much empathy for terminally ill children. The Make-a Wish foundation believes that children should not be robbed of the opportunity to dream. It was important to Murray that terminally ill children experience joy. He often marveled at the children’s bravery and the resilience they exhibited towards life.

Stephen Murray was a dynamic figure that possessed much charisma and strong leadership ability. If a man’s life in measured by the amount of impact that he makes in other’s lives, Murray lead a truly great and meaningful life.

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