Steve Lesnard Joins North Face As The Company Introduces Futurelight

Before the first European explorers landed in the Americas residents of present-day South America treated fabric with the sap from rubber trees to make rainwear. In the 19th Century, Thomas Burberry and Charles Macintosh developed more effective raincoats that were still more water-resistant than waterproof and seafarers began treating their clothes with oil to ward off moisture. Still, a perfectly waterproof garment that adequately vents perspiration remained elusive.

Introducing Futurelight

Futurelight is the latest fabric introduced by the maker of extreme weather clothing North Face. The company touts Futurelight as “breathable waterproof protection“. Made through a process called nanospinning the injecting of polymers into the shell of the jacket Futurelight could supplant Gore-Tex for use in inclement weather clothing. North Face describes Futurelight as “microscopic webbing”.

Futurelight vs Gore-Tex

Unlike Futurelight clothing, Gore-Tex clothing is made in multiple layers. Multi-layer construction doesn’t offer the wearer adequate ventilation. During physical exertion, it may be necessary to open a Gore-Tex coat to cool down creating the risk of hypothermia in extreme cold. Futurelight provides 100% ventilation of body heat

Other Applications For Nanospinning

Futurelight garments currently on the market are made for the most extreme weather conditions like those encountered by mountain climbers. North Face plans on introducing Futurelight clothing for a variety of markets and applications. According to North Face’s Steve Lesnard nanospinning technology can be applied to any type of clothing like tee shirts.

About Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard recently joined North Face as the company’s Global Vice President of Marketing. Lesnard has worked in the clothing industry throughout his 20-year career. He has experience in global marketing, launching new brands, and forming strategic partnerships. North Face brought Steve Lesnard on board as part of its efforts to increase the company’s global presence.

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