Stratford Shields is one with vast expertise in the public finance industry.

Stratford Shields is one with vast expertise in the public finance industry.

Stratford Shields is one with experience for over two decades in the field of municipal finance. Stratford Shields has held several leadership positions during his time working in the industry of municipal finance. Some of the roles he has played include serving as the chairman, vice chairman and treasurer for Securities Industry Financial Markets. Stratford Shields has also been involved in the areas of investment banking and privatization. One of the most significant transactions that he oversaw was the 50-year concession of Ohio State University parking system that was valued at $483 million. This transaction that Stratford Shields oversaw received the Deal of the Year award from Bond Buyer.

During his time serving in the municipal finance department, Stratford Shields served as the lead investment banker overseeing transactions valued at over $30 billion. Some of the clients that Stratford Shields managed their operations include airports, cities, universities, entities that deal with water and sewers, agencies for student loans, toll roads among others. Stratford Shields holds an MBA and a masters in Political Science from the University of Columbia. Also, he attended Ohio State University where he obtained his bachelors in history.

Stratford Shields is scaling the waters of public finance.

Stratford Shields is one who pays attention to the little details and this is a habit that has enabled him to be more productive as an entrepreneur. Stratford also brings ideas to life by thoroughly discussing the merits and demerits of each approach with his clients before executing any transaction. Stratford is excited by the trend of privatization by major healthcare systems and universities. Stratford is hopeful about this trend because most of these institutions are looking to innovate and find new ways of financing and delivering services. Stratford Shields advises young entrepreneurs to believe in the capabilities of what they can accomplish and shun the naysayers.

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