Susan McGalla: What You Should Know About Her

Susan McGalla started her work at Joseph Horne Company and held various managerial and marketing positions until 1994. She worked at this company for almost eight years. Later in 1994, she joined American Eagle Outfitters where she held various managerial positions until she climbed the ladder to become the president and chief merchandising officer. She had worked as a departmental head before she was promoted to the position of chief executive. While she was still the president of American Eagle Inc, Susan McGalla launched the organization’s aerie as well as the 77kids brand. was in charge of design, marketing and merchandising of brands liked by teens everywhere in America.

When she joined American Eagle Outfitters, it was dominated by male and there was no single woman in executive position or on the board. Through hard work, Susan McGalla was successful and she excelled in her career that later turned to a lifetime experience according to her. While she was president and CMO at American Eagle Outfitters, she was responsible of revenues of $3B, the P&L statements, e-commerce site and four brands.

In the year 2009, McGalla left American Eagle Inc. and joined financial investment industries as a private consultant. She became a member of Board of Directors at HFF Inc. Later on, she joined Wet Seal Inc. and appointed as Chief Executive Officer to succeed Ed Thomas in the year 2011 on McGalla later founded P3 Executive Consulting Firm where she is the Director in charge of Strategic Planning and growth for Pittsburgh Steelers.

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McGalla has transformed her career to become a top financial consultant. She can advice people who need an inside perspective concerning world of retail and finance on She has managed to achieve great things in her career due to her hard work, flexibility and passionate to pursue something she desired. According to her, McGalla says gender never prevented her desire to achieve her goals. Women should emulate her in order to achieve their goals regardless of male dominance in every industry.

She is hopeful that more women are ready to take similar approach and attitude in their careers in order to be successful. She has been comfortable while working with both men and women. The confidence was very critical to her success. About her personal life, she was raised was raised with two elder brothers in East Liverpool, Ohio. Their father was a football coach with a local team. Her parents encouraged her to work very hard and present her ideas with a lot of confidence regardless of her audience. She attended Mount Union College where she pursued a BA in business and marketing. Her husband is called Stephen McGalla and is a wealth manager.

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