Susan McGalla’s Career as An Accomplished Business Executive

The 21st century has experienced much change, and the most noticeable one is the rise of women in the business world. Women throughout the world are depicting that they can make great leaders of women breaking the notion that men can do better than them. Even though most are on the spotlight others are still lagging behind reasons best known to them. Such women should do something about that by getting advice from accomplished business women to get an eye opener on how they can start to trek towards their dreams. Generally, women can make great leaders and others even outdo their male counterparts. Their success is mostly based on their personality, and this is what mainly drives them to success. Women have more than what is perceived at face value, and they are good at getting their voices heard and fueling plans of actions or ideas that they believe in.

Susan McGalla is a prosperous business woman who has pummeled the business world with full force in showing how great ladies are when it comes to leadership. She is an accomplished businesswoman as well as an expert consultant who runs her consulting firm. Her Pittsburgh-based firm, P3 Executive Consulting, LLC provides diverse products, supply chain, creative and organizational development to clients in the retail industry and outside the industry. Susan McGalla’s history is interesting, and she is a good example of women who struggled their way to success.

McGalla cut her teeth at the Joseph Horne Company where she served in various management and marketing positions. Later in 1994, McGalla found a place that shaped her career, the American Eagle Outfitters. This was her second home, and she put more effort into her tasks and worked hard to maintain a reputation. Despite being a male dominated company, McGalla did not find this challenging since she was down to earth working with any gender. Stereotyping has never affected McGalla, and this has been a primary part of her success. Besides incorporating a successful corporate culture she went a step further to establish aggressively women’s and accessory businesses. She earned much credit and respect from fellow employees and her peers for thinking outside the box and positively transforming the company. Her efforts made her climb to the top of the company to being its President and Chief Merchandising Officer. Here, she handled merchandising and marketing of the global master brand, design as well as the P&L.

Susan McGalla portrayed strong work ethics and confidence that attracted very pleasing job offers, but she turned them down and later left American Eagle Outfitters. During this time, Wet Seal Inc. was on the rocks and needed a competent CEO, who would deliver the company from the crunch. McGalla took the offer, and she was responsible for restructuring the company’s an Arden B. brands. McGalla’s extensive knowledge in leadership identified the weak points of Wet Seal and established a 3-5 year annual budget and innovative, strategic planning technique. McGalla made history since she upgraded products trends and quality through target customer research. She then went her way to establish P3 Executive Consulting, LLC.

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