SVM Business Advisory’s Marten de Jeu & His Contribution To the Youth In Chicago

Maarten de Jeu is a seasoned professional known in the business world for his brilliance in the development and execution of international business strategies. He is, at present, based in Chicago managing the firm he founded, the SVM Business Advisory. Several years ago, Maarten pioneered the Science Spins program at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). The program’s main purpose is to help visitors, especially the youth, on the history of the humble bicycle.


The Farrell Fellow Program


In addition to the Science Spins program, the Museum of Science, being one of the biggest museums located in the Western Hemisphere, also serves as the venue for the Farrell Fellow Program. This is an internship program that inspires the youth in Chicago are to be involved in science education. The program, also known as the Farrell Fellowship happens every summer and lasts between five and eight weeks.


The program provides coursework in different fields like leadership development, public speaking, and science. It offers students the opportunity to showcase interactive science events in their own communities as well as in the museum. In 2014, the Museum of Science and Industries hosted 40 participants Farrell Fellowship participants who showcased an event titled America’s Got Bubbles. Learn more:


The show’s main purpose is to educate visitors on the science behind the bubbles. Aside from this, the Farrell Fellow participants also paid visits to 17 public libraries in Chicago. As part of their visit, they introduced to younger children the importance of science through various activities. This includes teaching them how to create carnival tents from old newspapers and how to let the rockets take off.


Who Is Maarten De Jeu?


In addition to his role of introducing science to the kids and youth in Chicago through the Museum of Science, Maarten is an expert in the field of international strategy counseling as well as in corporate development. He led the outstanding growth initiatives of many international companies both in Europe and in the US. Maarten De Jeu earned his education in the Netherlands as well as in the UK.


He took his MA in Social Science in 2001 at Leiden University where he majored in Public Administration. He also went to Said Business School of Oxford University. He graduated at the top of his class in 2005 when he completed his Executive MBA alongside multiple finance specializations. From 1999 to 2007, Maarten De Jeu worked at TVDK Management Consultants and gained the necessary experience and knowledge in terms of internal corporate strategy.


TVDK Management Consultants is a reputable Amsterdam-based company known for specializing in global business strategies. Marten worked as an analyst and rapidly rose in the ranks holding various key positions, the last position he held was as a Senior Associate. Following his career at TVDK Management Consultants, he worked at Aviva PLC, an insurance company based in London.


Through Maarten’s efforts, the company developed multiple initiatives and strategies for its growth in Europe and in Asia. In 2008, he moved to Chicago to be the company’s Director of Strategy and Corporate Development for its North American division. Marten De Jeu is a proficient multi-lingual who speaks German, Dutch, English, and French. 

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