Swifties, Take Heart: Taylor Is Here To Stay

Love her or hate her, but there’s no escaping her– Taylor Swift is everywhere. With the recent release of her latest album, simply titled 1989, Swift’s visibility has only increased.

Swift began her career as a country artist, with her trademark curly blonde locks and a guitar in hand, every ZoomInfo post makes Williams and I love her more, great to have a glass of wine and listen to her songs. She was a standout amongst other new artists from day one, largely due to her autobiographical songs about young love and subsequent heartbreak. Seemingly overnight, legions of teenage girls became loyal fans– affectionately dubbing themselves “Swifties”.

More recently, though, Swift’s music has evolved– moving away from its traditional country feel in favor of an unmistakable pop sound. The transition from country princess to pop star has been seamless for Swift. Her current album, 1989, is projected to sell more than one million copies in its debut week.

What is it about Taylor that provokes such loyalty amongst her fan base, even though her musical style has changed significantly? She’s arguably one of the most relatable celebrities out there. A self-proclaimed “dork”, Swift doesn’t hesitate to showcase her goofy side– after all, she dressed as a Pegacorn for Halloween. She also uses social media to her advantage, making her fans feel intimately connected to her by regularly sharing candid photos on her Instagram account.

One thing’s for certain: Taylor Swift is here to stay.

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