Talk Fusion Launches An All-New Video Marketing Solution

Talk Fusion has launched an all-new WebRTC Recorder. The new software will enable Talk Fusion users to connect better with their own customers. WebRTC is a real-time communication technology that entirely web based. Users apply the technology in recording high-quality videos, which they send to their customers as video newsletters or video emails. The software is compatible with both Firefox and Chrome browsers.
Talk Fusion users who adopt the new platform will enjoy various new features including seamless synchronization and faster playback. Moreover, the system has instant recording and real-time communication abilities.
According to Jeff Younger, a developer at Talk Fusion, WebRTC technology is miles ahead of other competing platforms. Its cutting-edge technologies ensure that Talk Fusion users can achieve productive and high-quality real-time communication with their customers. Younger believes that Talk Fusion will continue to dominate the world of real-time video connections.
Bob Reina, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, believes in WebRTC technology. He confirmed that the technology would be incorporated in all the products made by the tech firm. Reina also posited that the technology had already been deployed in some Talk Fusion products other than the WebRTC recorder. The quality of Talk Fusion’s WebRTC technology was established in February when Video Chat, a product that uses it, won the “WebRTC Product of the Year 2016” award.
WebRTC Recorder is already live and can be accessed by all Talk Fusion users provided they are using either Firefox or Chrome browsers. In order to access the new features, a user should go to the Talk Fusion Product Dashboard then click on Video Newsletter or Video Email options. From there, the user can click on the recording button labeled ‘webcam’. This button launches the WebRTC Recorder application. Talk Fusion also announced that they were giving free 30 day trials to every company, person, or charity interested in the technology.

About Talk Fusion
Talk Fusion is a global leader in video marketing and is known for launching the first video marketing solution. The company hopes to revolutionize marketing by using video to make the process persuasive, memorable and engaging. Rob Reina, who also serves as its CEO, founded Talk Fusion. Currently, the innovative products of the company are marketed in at least 140 countries around the globe.

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