Taste, Nutrition, and Variety for the Playful Pup by Beneful

Puppies require a lot of nutrition according to Wikipedia to help keep them active and healthy during their busy days. Beneful has foods created just for this growing stage that include only the best nutritional ingredients, and with the flavors that they crave.
Healthy Puppy Healthy Puppy by Beneful is packed full of the vitamins and other nutrients that the growing pup needs. From calcium to protein this one puppy food has it all. It comes in a dry form so little ones can use those newly growing teeth to chomp on the bite sized little bones and cheese shapes that make this puppy food as visually appealing as it tasty for the pup. The Healthy Puppy dry food by Beneful has been created with real chicken, peas, and carrots instead of the ground meals that other foods are known for.
Playful Life
Playful Life is another dry dog food creation on Facebook from Beneful. This protein packed food can be given to puppies or even adult dogs to help give them the energy that they need to get through their various activities of the day. Playful Life is created with real bits of eggs, beef, blueberries, and even spinach. Eggs and beef are excellent sources of protein. Blueberries are fantastic at supplying even little canine friends with powerful antioxidants to keep them healthy. Spinach is full of rich iron that even the smallest of pups requires to keep them strong.
Incredibites are small bits of bones and other shaped dry food created for smaller dogs, but will work wonderfully for puppies as well as it contains all of the daily nutrients they will need. This delicious dog food has bits of real chicken, carrots, spinach, and even sweet potatoes baked right into the tasty bite sized morsels. Sweet potatoes are a powerhouse when it comes to protein and each one contains 2.1 grams of it. These delicious potatoes also contain a very high content of Vitamin A, which is great for vision and it is an antioxidant. Sweet potatoes also boast calcium, which is excellent for growing bones, vitamin c, iron, vitamin B-6, and even magnesium. Carrots also have that giant boost of vitamin A, and they also contain the much needed calcium that little canine friends need. The addition of spinach into each little tasty morsel of Incredibites boosts the protein, Vitamin A, calcium, Vitamin C, iron, Vitamin B-6, and even the magnesium levels in this powerhouse of a food.
Chopped Blends
Chopped Blends by Beneful is for pups and adult dogs. This wet food contains all of the nutrients that any breed of canine will enjoy. Each tasty bite of Chopped Blends includes bits of real beef, tomatoes, carrots, and even wild rice.

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