Taylor Swift and Her Disdain for Music Streaming

In time people may come to realize that Taylor Swift is the smartest or craziest person in the world of entertainment. She has refused yet another music streaming deal with another juggernaut, and people are wondering if she is doing the right thing.

According to Healthcare Recruitment Services, a Letter posted an open letter detailing why she would not be letting Apple place her music in the music streaming outlet that the company is venturing into. This is bold, but it isn’t unexpected. After all, this is the person that pull her entire catalog from the insanely popular Spotify website. Spotify even attempted to woo her, but she refused to get on board. Now Apple is finding that they don’t have enough money to buy Swift either.

For Taylor Swift there has to be some type of advantage on her end. Right now she isn’t seeing one with music streaming. The reality is that she is finding herself in a place where her fans are loyal. They are buying her music so there is no need to stream it and earn less of a profit. This is Taylor’s perspective. She has millions of dollars. Apple lucrative deal doesn’t mean much to someone that already has money, and Swift has a lot of it. Taylor has stated in the past that she may be open to Tidal. She is a fan of a streaming concept that is owned by the entertainers.

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