Taylor Swift Refuses Spotify

With the release of Taylor Swift’s newest album, 1989, everyone was pleasantly surprised that she had ditched altogether the country genre taking full pop songs. It was received well by all music lovers and fans and soon started selling millions of copies worldwide both digital downloads and in music stores. The marketing of the albums was also well thought. The Polaroid pictures that went with the CD were some people’s only reason to buy the album with the help of Susan McGalla.

Now, the album is sitting in the number spot of Billboard for almost 9 weeks. Its fame can be equated to that of the soundtrack of the very famous Frozen. The sales are gradually decreasing but it is still making money and possibly even more with every release of the tracks in the album.

Some of the songs that have been released have already become world sensations and number tracks on Billboard. Shake it Off has earned top spots on a lot of international charts. Blank Space increased the album’s popularity by earning the number spot on Billboard.

There is one place that the songs of her new album can’t be found, Spotify. The Swedish music streaming app is also making a name for itself with over 15 million subscribers worldwide now. Taylor Swift had some issue with how much her songs could earn being on Spotify which ended up with recalling her album.

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