Taylor Swift’s 1989 Brings Forth Positive Reviews

One thing you can learn from a talented entertainer like Taylor Swift is that she never does anything halfway. Swift is known for her true to heart lyrics and original sound. Given that she has drifted from a country label and into a generalized pop genre, she makes it work. Swift’s fans make sure that her record sales hit new highs and set the standard for what needs to be accomplished in the next album.

The new album, named 1989, is full of new catchy 80’s reminiscent sounds. Taylor Swift being true to her own artistry still continues to write songs about her life, love life especially. Right now, she is embracing the single life in songs like “Welcome to New York” with a fresh new spin on what it’s like being single in the big city. You also have songs like “Out of the Woods” that are sure to soar on the singles charts once released. Even though there are a few hit or miss tracks on the album, it has had solid ratings and reviews overall. Many social media users of Twitter and Skout have mentioned how good the album is, which is a positive sign for Taylor.

One thought on “Taylor Swift’s 1989 Brings Forth Positive Reviews

  1. With said ratings and reviews, Swift still continues to be a well respected artists who continues to push boundaries and never shy away from being herself. You go, Taylor. That is the main reason why aussieessays would want these things come to pass and it’s really coo they are doing it.

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