Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan Gets Married outside of Concert

In a recent article by Buzzfeed, writer Stephanie McNeal shared a story about a couple that tied the knot outside of a Taylor Swift concert. Katy Harris is a huge Taylor Swift fan, so huge her Instagram username is “ktswift1122” and she’s always posting about the star. The couple had planned on getting hitched on December 13th, which was Taylor’s 25th birthday. Unfortunately, Keith Mann noted that their plans fell through and they had to postpone the wedding. So when he fiancĂ© brought up the ideas of getting married outside of a Taylor Swift concert there was no way that the answer would be anything other than a “yes!”

On June 12th, Friday, Katy and her fiancĂ©, Chris Eisenman, got hitched outside of Taylor Swift’s Philadelphia concert. Instead of going back to the hotel room or straight to a reception, the newlyweds walked into the concert venue to watch Katy’s favorite singer perform live in their wedding outfits.

Taylor’s mom just happened to stop the pair out in the audience and did something unexpected. She invited them backstage to meet Taylor! Both Katy and her new husband had the time of their lives and said it would be a night they would never forget.

Congratulations Katy and Chris!

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