The Ambitious Road of Sanjay Shah

Many people dream of pursing ambitious goals, the kind of goals that bring money, power, success or even fame. However, these types of dreams aren’t built overnight. Reaching goals requires stepping into the unknown, struggling, and persevering. A successful business man in London, Sanjay Shah,` knows all about the rocky road to success.
Shah’s road to success began when he had an opportunity to go to medical school, but shortly decided it was not for him, and quit. Then, he took part in the business world, but found himself in crisis when he lost his job around 2008 due to the recession. Despite his adversity, Shah decided to start his own financial business called Solo Capital in a tiny rented room. With perseverance, Shah was able to hire a few employees, and then his business was in a bigger place and growing larger. In 2011, Solo Capital was officially founded and began to employ thousands of people.

Sanjay Shah has an ambitious nature that didn’t stop after the founding of Solo Capital. Internet users can easily access Solo Capital’s Facebook page and make a heartfelt discovery. Facebook reveals that in addition to being involved with financial matters, Solo Capital and it’s founder have also made a worldwide effort to promote autism awareness.

Clearly, Shah is more than a businessman, he’s a loving father. When his son was diagnosed with autism disorder, he was disappointed that most people were uneducated about autism, so he started a charity. The Charity was founded not only to spread awareness about autism, but to also give money to the Autism Research Center which strives to discover the causes of autism disorder. Shah was pleased to tell interviewers that popular music artists preformed for the charity, such as Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello, and many more. The charity is well known today around the world, and respect for Shah’s heartfelt efforts continue to grow.

Shah is a businessman, a billionaire, and a loving father, furthermore it is not surprising that he is retired at 43 years old. From struggle to success, he inspires.


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